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Chapter 10: Tabooed

Finn's POV

It was nearing 1:00. All the Griffindors were either sleeping or playing wizard's chess in the common room. Ron and Hermione sat on a couch in front of the fireplace, too stressed to play board games.

Finn burst into the room.

"Finn?" Hermione said.

"No, it's the bleeding tooth fairy, Hermione." Ron mumbled.

Hermione ignored him, "What happened?"

"They took her!" Finn exclaimed.



"You're making no sense, Finn." Hermione said, crossing over to him. "What happened?"

"I was being chased by Joy…"

"Joy?" Hermione said dubiously.

Finn started from when he left Hogwarts. He told Hermione about Neville talking to a snow globe, Joy being an OT, Bellatrix, and an execution. He also included something about a rabid barbaloot and a couple humming fish, but Hermione thought he had been hallucinating.

"… Then she vanished along with Amanda."

The room was silent. Everyone had been listening to Finn's tale. All except Seamus, who had been moving his opponent's knight back a few squares while he wasn't looking.

"Anything else happen?" Hermione asked.

"Bellatrix mentioned something else… It was right after the part about the execution… Voldemort!" Finn said, remembering.

"Finn, no!" Ron exclaimed. "The name, it's Tabooed!"

But it was too late.