Experiment Bandicoot 1

Chapter 1 prologue

It's been a while since Jimmy soon realize that N. Brio is a member of Cortex Commandos. During that time Crash is 17, while in that event he battled Brio, people thought Crash and Brio were killed. A month later Crunch and Crunch teamed up and found Crash alive and they stopped Jimmy Brio from killing Crash. Now, Crash is 18 and is going to Cortex Castle to mess with Cortex's machines with Crunch and that Cortex who is in the castle studying his latest discovery and suddenly a bandicoot comes out of a portal and tells Cortex that he's Demonic Crash (crash's clone). They formed an alliance to kill Crash. Then Crash and the others arrive and suddenly Demonic C. sends them to the 10th Dimension thanks to Cortex's Psycotron. When they got there Crash was fighting his clone while Coco fought her 10th dimensional self Evil Coco. When they defeated them they got back to their Dimension and Demonic C. vanished saying he will be back. After that was Crash Twinsanity then after that Cortex (Crash's father) became good and joined the bandicoots.

Chapter 2 The N Legacy

Crash and Cortex were walking and suddenly Lord N comes and says to them that he was responsible for Jimmy's brief evil behavior, death of Crash's original parent's death and making Madame Cortex from one of their relatives. He leaves and they go after him to Tokyo and at his base. When they got there N tried to convince Crash to join him since he's his grandson but he refuses and N reveals himself to be Cortex's grandfather and fights them. After they defeat him Madame Cortex comes and is revealed to be Nina who a year ago Lord N gives Nina a job as an assassin and second in command in the Cortex Commandos. They win after fighting her and as they got home Cortex vowed to kill his father and bring Nina to justice. Crash agrees and helps Cortex with his plans of good.