Hello! This is a drabble story, which means all of the story content within the chapters is a set number of words, in this case 250. Each chapter will be a snippet from the lives and the growing relationship between the Phantom and Christine Daae and will be represented by a flower theme with a meaning behind it. Enjoy!

A number of wonderfully creative people are responsible for the making of this musical/book/movie...but I unfortunately do not own it in any way.

Chapter One: Admiration

The first time Christine Daae set foot in the Opera Populaire, her Papa was holding on tightly to her hand and her world was filled with nothing but smiles and sunshine and music. The Opera House was nothing less than a playground for a child such as her. She would scurry about the catwalks, she would play dress up with Meg Giry in the costume room, but, perhaps most importantly, she would plop herself down in the very center of the stage and sing.

Even as a small child, her sweet soprano voice turned heads. The women would sigh, the men would smile, and her Papa would beam with unmistakable pride. It was the perfect prologue for the woman who would one day decide the fate of the Opera House.

She didn't understand the whispers back then, the rumors and hushed stories. Her Papa protected her from frightening things like ghosts and phantoms.

For now, though, this was not yet her home, not yet her time. As Papa called to his petite diva, Christine reluctantly stood from her seat on the stage to follow him. However, when she turned to go, a flash of color caught her eye. A few seconds later, the most perfect light pink rose touched the ground at her feet.

Christine looked up, straining her eyes against the shadows of backstage, but saw nothing but black.


Lightly cradling her new treasure, Christine followed her beckoning Papa, ignorant of the new admirer who watched her go.

Light pink rose: Admiration, Sympathy, Gentleness, Grace, Gladness, Joy, and Sweetness.