Chapter 41: Anticipation

After the disaster in the cemetery, Christine was sure that she had been added to the Phantom's growing list of enemies, which caused her to wander around the opera house with a sense of impending doom.

Christine was not the only one on edge. Everyone in the opera house seemed to realize that something was coming, something that would change the game forever, or end it completely.

Everyone knew that this would be brought out by the Phantom's new opera, Don Juan Triumphant.

When Christine first received her copy of the score, she was unsurprised to find that hers was the largest part. Flipping through the booklet, she was startled when a single piece of parchment fluttered to the floor.

Hesitantly, Christine reached down to pick it up with quaking fingers. The sheet was not covered with notes and bars of music, but rather an elegantly-done watercolor that she didn't doubt was made by the Phantom's hand.

Her mouth ran dry when she laid eyes on the drawing of a forsythia branch.

Swallowing hard, she slid it back in its place between songs and began sight reading the final song in the book.

"Past the point of no return…"

Later, she was called down to the costume department, only to be told that her wardrobe was already completed. Regardless, the head seamstress requested that she try on the costumes to be sure of their fit.

She found herself dumbfounded when Christine paled at the sight of a simple, yellow skirt.

Forsythia: Anticipation