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Chapter 1:


I sighed angrily as I checked yet another loud, crowded library. Where can a girl just work on her stupid math homework? I walked away, frustrated, and did my best to not trip in my fury. I hate math, algebra, geometry, you get the idea.

I should introduce myself. My name is Hikari Miyamoto, and I am the eldest daughter of my immediate family. I have shoulder length blonde hair, with dyed black streaks in it, I am five foot three, I wear glasses (contacts irritate me) and I despise my uniform. I am a first year in class 1-A of the high school part of Ouran Academy. I have been going to school at the academy since 6th grade, when my parents decided that I had had enough of "commoner's school." Since I transferred, I have been basically invisible. No one really knows I'm there in class. Even the teacher's seem to think I don't exist. Most can't even remember my last name, let alone my first name. Only a few people notice me, and those are just a random student in the halls, or those who sit next to me in class. I don't have any friends here, so I stay solitary. I talk often with my "commoner" friends and that's why I never really get lonely.

Enough about me, let's continue.

So I angrily stomped down the hallway, hating anything that has to do with numbers or variables or many other math-things. I started to calm down once I realized that I didn't know where I am. Then instead of being angry, I got curious- and frightened by the fact I didn't know how to get to the entrance. I looked out a window, and soon figured out that I was on the third floor. I felt my eyes widen. I had never been on the third floor before. Mostly because I was avoiding someone who was here a lot.

Kyoya Ohtori.

I was avoiding him for a very good reason. I lost a bet and owed him twenty bucks. The only problem was that, my parents didn't give me any allowance or money at all for that matter. See, our family's business is still growing, and it only got money off it about twelve years ago, and it became a big company five years ago- just before my sixth grade year, the year I came to Ouran. My parents are avoiding the loss of money threw me by being strict about my spending. After all, when a girl's got to shop, nothing can stop her except an empty wallet.

So I wandered around the vacant hallways, checking each door as I went by. I found a music room, music room three, and as I opened the door, a surprising thing happened.

I was attacked by roses.

I hope you liked it! This isn't as long as I make it normally, But this is the first chapter, so I'm keeping it short.