Waking Dream

Danny shuddered in his sleep as a cool vapor escaped his lips. A tall shadow loomed over the teen's bed its blood red gaze pouring over Danny's sleeping form.

Where to begin, where to begin

The dark figure leaned down until his face was only inches away from the boy's. He smiled to himself in the darkness, a sort of Cheshire grin. Danny's face was so peaceful when he was asleep. He looked even younger than what he was, more like 10 then 15.

The light of the full moon drifted in from the nearby window covering the boy's angelic face making it shine with pure innocence. The figure sighed, his breath ghosting over Danny's lips.

The boy really was something to behold, ghost powers or not. His soft midnight black hair always seemed to fall perfectly across his forehead contrasting with his smooth milk white skin and gorgeous baby blue eyes.

The dark presence brushed Danny's choppy bangs out of his eyes before caressing the teen's soft cheek with the back of his hand.

Danny truly was a cute boy, especially one of 15 years. The boy's face was not sharp or fine featured in the least but rather gentle and soft featured. In a very adorable boyish kind of way.

Danny sighed quietly in his sleep nudging his face into the gentle hand.

Yet still irrevocably beautiful. There was something pure and innocent about Danny's face. The kind of face he would've wanted his own son to have…

The figure backed away shaking his head fiercely. Now was not the time to be thinking about that. It was much too late to turn back now and if he got lost in his thoughts now it would be sunrise before he knew it and he would miss his chance.

He would, Not, Let, That, Happen. He had waited for this moment far too long, before the boy was even born. Twenty years was a long time. Longer still when you had no one to share them with. To have no one know you beyond what you pretended to be on the surface, no one to share in your affliction and truly understand what you're going through.

Even with every small victory of learning and mastering his powers there was no one beside him to rejoice in the success of achieving each new skill, and worse yet no one to teach them too. No one he could even show them too…

That's all about to change

The very first time they had met he was drawn to the boy, similar to that of a magnet meeting its polar opposite. And he couldn't understand why until he found out that Danny, the unfortunate offspring of that oaf Jack Fenton, was the ghost boy.

It all made sense. How else could there be another hybrid unless it had a connection to Jack, the idiot that had accidently turned him into this creature caught between the living and the dead.

Poor boy… He didn't yet realize what all was in store for him being a halfa. The power he would soon be struggling with and the rejection and loneliness that would come with it.

But that would not be the boy's fate or his any longer.

Danny had rejected him the first time he offered to train him and really he should have seen it coming. It wasn't as if the boy really knew him or could trust him, especially with the fight they had gotten into just the night before where he all but beaten the boy with one hand behind his back.

And telling the teen that he had to renounce his father in order to join him wasn't the best ultimatum either.

He had just assumed that the boy would be all to grateful to be rid of his imbecile of a father as well as having someone else like him who could teach him all that he needed to know about his new found powers.

But that was just the problem. They were "new found" powers. The boy barely understood how different he was from everyone else around him and had not yet tasted from the bitter cup of loneliness that he had been forced to drink from for twenty years.

But looking back on those memories the shadowy figure smiled. He was sure that the boy had felt the same connection to him as he had to the boy. The way Danny smiled up at him the night of the reunion when he had walked up to him and had put his hand on the teen's shoulder. And how Danny had been all too happy to go fetch the "present" he had left in the lab for Jack. As if the boy already had a desire to please him.

He would do anything now to see that desire in the boy again. To see Danny look up at him with the same pleasant surprise in his bright blue eyes and that sweet smile on his lips.

And if this was the only way to do it, so be it.

Carefully and ever so gently the dark figure began to pull the blanket off the ghost boy's sleeping form. But because of his presence the poor little badger was already cold and quickly pulled on the blankets to keep them on top of him.

With an apologetic look the shadowy form turned the blankets intangible leaving Danny slightly bare, wearing only a thin cotton shirt and baggy pants. Danny shivered again a little more forcefully than before as another cold vapor slipped past his chattering teeth.

He hated to see the boy suffer like this but it had to be done and it would only be for a few moments. After tonight the teen would no longer be stuck sleeping in an old bed, with a flat pillow and thin blankets and pajamas. Soon he would be sleeping in a large king sized bed with think blankets and full pillows being treated like the prince he really was.

Looming over the fragile boy he took a moment to study him up close, something he rarely got the chance to do what with all their meetings turning into battles. Danny's slim frame was still shaking, his body curling up slightly into a ball for warmth. That would never do.

Slowly pulling the boy's arms and knees away from his chest the figure carefully pulled the boy back to where he was laying on his back, his arms by his sides. Picking up Danny's right hand in his own he traced a finger along the back of the boy's smooth hand.

The boy's skin was so pale and delicate that if he looked hard enough he could see the blue veins underneath the surface. Such soft skin would probably bruise easily, luckily though Danny seemed to be a rather fast healer. Whether that was from the boy's ghost powers or simply his persistence to keep fighting even after injury he wasn't sure though it was amusing to think about.

He could easily mark one of the boy's hands. It would heal fast and the boy would notice the mark as soon as he woke up. Or perhaps he could mark the boy in a place where he wouldn't notice right away. Maybe the back of the teen's neck?

The ghostly presence gave a wicked grin at the thought of Jazz's reaction at seeing his mark on the back of Danny's neck. She wouldn't know it was his mark of course but it was still amusing to think of all the sputtering questions she would ask her little brother about why he had gotten a tattoo of some sort.

But no. As amusing as that would be he wanted Danny to be the first to see his mark. The boy would no doubt try to cover it up and hide it until he found out what it was and how it got there but that didn't bother him in the slightest. The boy would find out soon enough how it got on his body and what it meant for him.

But where to put it?

The dark creature's red eyes widened as the perfect spot came to mind. Releasing the boy's hand he began unbuttoning the teen's thin cotton shirt. One by one the buttons came undone and little by little Danny's smooth hairless chest was revealed.


Floating above the sleeping teen the figure lowered his face to the boy's chest, for a moment listening to Danny's heart beating evenly. Turning his face the figure's mouth descended down, fangs sinking into the soft flesh.

Danny hissed at the feeling, his hands griping the sheets. But the ghost didn't stop.

Sharp canines slipped into the warm flesh until lips finally touched skin and then came the real pain.

Warm. Hot. Too hot. It felt like melted candle wax was being poured into his chest. Danny tried to will it away even as he remained asleep but the feeling kept flowing into him.

He concentrated hard as he pushed his ghost essence into the teen's body, feeling more at one with the boy than he ever had. His essence dripped out of his fangs like venom staining the boy's flawless skin with a most beautiful mark. His mark.

Slowly he pulled his fangs out of the boy knowing his work was done. And there, right above Danny's heart, was a magnificent picture perfect mark, almost like that of an emblem. It wasn't very large, probably about the size of Danny's fist but it was beautiful all the same.

It was mainly round but struck the ghost as being somewhat heart shaped and inside it was an intricate web of twisted threads like the roots of two different trees coming together and becoming one.

The figure reached down his hand to touch it and the mark glowed a bright neon green as his hand hovered over it.

Now any ghost that got near Danny would sense this mark and know that the boy belonged to someone. And any ghost that knew him would know that it was his essence that marked the boy. And that Danny was his and no one else's.

After running his hand over the mark and feeling the boy's heart beat he slowly bent down and placed a chaste kiss on the boy's chest, right over his heart.

You're mine now

Looking up at the boy's face Danny seemed completely at ease now and no longer shivering. Was that because of his essence in him?

Brushing Danny's bangs aside once more the figure placed a soft, loving kiss on his forehead.

"Good night my little Daniel." He whispered, lips brushing against the teen's ear.

The figure covered the boy with his blanket for good measure and gently tucked him in.

Moving over to the window the ghost took one last longing look at the sleeping angel and gave the gentlest smile his fangs would allow. "I'll see you in the morning."

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