I wrote this 'cause im awesome.

No jk jk.

but really, Enjoy.


"Fuck, you look like shit." Gilbert announced and made his way into your living room. You were snuggled deep inside of at least 13 blankets, a box of tissues next to you, and used tissues sitting on the table next to you. Your hair, you were pretty sure, was matted terribly, and you could practically feel the bags under your eyes.

"Fuck, you're still an ass. I was hoping you'd change by now." You chuckled out, before coughing slightly. You reached over and grabbed your glass of orange juice.

He plopped himself down on the couch across from you, and smiled a cocky little smirk. "Guess what?"

"Wha?" you looked up at him while putting your glass back onto the table.

"Awesome me has got a date with one of the hottest chicks in Berlin. You know that babe Leda from the bar? Yeah, it's her." He smiled proudly.

You rolled your dark brown eyes, "Another 'date'? Damn Gilbert, get a hold of yourself, some girls want love, not a one night stand."

He thought for a moment, "Actually, I think only you want love. I mean for fuck sake, you're the only chick I haven't boned in Berlin, besides Leda."

You sniffed, then blew your nose into a tissue, "That's low you asshole. I hate you."

"Oh I love you too~! Now get some damn sleep and stop looking terrible. I can't go out with this chick with you looking like this."

"Wha? I'm not the one going!"

He chuckled, "I'm taking you with me so you can have some fun!" You glared at him, and he was out of the room yelling, "TOMORROW AT 6, SEE YOU THEN!"

You screamed at him and threw a pillow at the door he just exited, "What a jerk." You said, stood up and walked to your bed room for some much needed sleep.

The boots that slipped over your dark blue skinny jeans and stopped just under you knees were the most comfortable things ever. You loved how they tied all the way to the top, and the fact that they were black leather. They were a gift for your birthday from Gilbert. You smoothed out the light blue shirt and took a glance at the clock. Just then, your front door was knocked upon. You took a breath in, fixed your hair, grabbed your bag and walked out of your room to the front door.

Gilbert walked in, with the little blonde Leda on his hip, "Well Hallo Gilbert, Leda." You said.

The girl glared at you, before turning to the albino, complaining, "Why does she have to come?"

You stepped in before Gilbert could reply, "Why do you have to be so rude? I'm right here, and I can hear you. Can we just go?" you looked at Gilbert and raised an eyebrow.

She glared at you, "Common." Gilbert pushed her forward.

You followed, hoping that tonight would go by super fast.

Leda was practically on top of Gilbert, claiming she was drunk. You could see in Gilbert's eyes that he was thinking he was going to get laid. The blonde kissed his cheek, before whispering something in his ear. You assumed it was dirty, and did nothing but look at your drink.

'This wouldn't be the first time.' You thought and took a drink of your beer.

You didn't notice Gilbert's eyes on your body. He knew that one of the hottest girls in Berlin wanted to have sex with him, and she was right there, but he couldn't stop himself from thinking that you were pretty bangin' yourself. If only you knew about how hot you really did make him.

"NO! Don't think like that! She's your best friend!" Gilbert yelled inside of his head.

You looked up, saying, "I'm heading home Gilbo. Have a smashing good time." You said in a British accent. You laid your money down, stood, slipped your jacket on and grabbed your bag. You took one look at him, before turning and leaving.

He watched you until you turned the corner and you were no longer visible to him. Leda made her way to his lips, claiming them as her own. He growled. He let you go, again…

Your hands were dug deep into your jacket as you made your way across the icy sidewalks of Berlin. Brown eyes opened for any danger, you crossed the street, and made your way to your home. Sighing deeply, you coughed. "Damn it, still not over the damn cold." You thought aloud as you slipped your key into the hole and opened your front door.

Walking inside, you were welcomed by a sensation of warmth and familiarity. Your jacket slipped to the floor and your shoes and bag were left forgotten by the door. Sighing, you made your way up to your bedroom for some sleep you were sure you needed desperately. You fell back onto your bed without even changing, closed your eyes and quickly fell into a dream-less sleep.

Gilbert looked at your house before making his way towards your front door, determined to finally tell you the foreign feelings he had for you. Without even knocking, he slipped inside, away from the bitter cold air. He searched for you, but it wasn't really needed. He could hear the T.V in the living room clearly. Making his way there he stopped. Unlike the other day, you weren't sitting on your couch watching the T.V.

He realized quickly that you were in the kitchen after hearing your movements. He turned on his heel and made his way towards the room you were currently in, a determined emotion scattered on his beautiful face.

He was going to do it.

Nothing was going to stop him.

At least, so he hoped.