Ok I'm going to try this. I felt like there needed to be more forbidden game fan fictions. I will always update as soon as possible. Jenny lives in India.

It was one mistake, one huge mistake. My parents had had two sons and wanted another. They felt lucky, because they had so many sons to take care of them and make money. So they tried again and they got…..me. I am a rare Indian though; I have tan skin, blonde hair, and emerald green eyes. Even though many suitors wanted me, my parents saw me as a burden and a liability. I was six when I was in my uncle's magik shop. He was the only one who loved me besides my second oldest brother Andres. Okay I know the names are not Indian but jenny is an American name so, it is hard. I opened a jar and eyes looked up at me. My uncle stopped me and when I blinked he was gone. My mother came in and pulled me to the Ganges. She stuck my head in the water and tried to drown me as she prayed and worshipped our God, Allah.I scream until I don't have breath anymore. Then, I was pulled out of the water. I coughed and chocked. A man crouched next to me patted my back. He looked so exotic, but I was to out of it to see him clearly. I began to cry and sob. I blacked out and was in my house and saw my angry and sad father. He told me my mother was killed by a tiger when she was trying to kill me. He told me if I hadn't have struggled, mother would be alive and I would have move on to a happier time. He told me my mother's death was my fault and that he hated me. I was six then, I'm sixteen now. I have barely survived in the house with my dad. Only Andres protects and feeds me. My oldest brother was an evil man and he is gone, he lives somewhere with a poor girl. My youngest brother does as my father tells him, even if my father tells him to hurt me. This is my demented, sick life. I am the only blonde and green eyed Indian in my village, and I am a secret Christian. I believe Jesus himself helped me through my hellish life. My village believes I am Muslim, and if they find out I'm Christian, I'm as good as dead.