"Wake up, Jenny." Sita says. I feel some one poke my face.

"Ugh," I mumble. I open my eyes and see Sita and Yamani looking at me.

"Yamani, don't leave the group." I say.

"Okay, I won't, are you okay?" she asks.

"Yeah, we need to find his place." I yawn. We start to walk and Sita says what we were all thinking.

"I'm hungry."

"Yeah, we need to find water too," Yamani complains.

"We will." I say. We walk some more.

"Eep!" Yamani squeaks. She jumps and runs forward and disappears.

"Yamani!" Sita screams. She starts to run forward but I beat her to it. I disappear into the hole like Yamani. I land with a thud and don't see anyone in sight. I stand up and walk some.

"Sita, Yamani, Andres?" I ask.

"Hello," a voice says. I jumps and turn around. I walk and run into a wall. A man, the shadow man.

"Where am I?" I ask.