Harry Potter and the Phoenix Wolves

By Sgts16.

This is my first story and attempt at writing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Anything but this Plot All rights retained by JK Rowling. I make No money on this it is only for fun.

This Story is set after Harry's 5 Th. year at Hogwarts.

Chapter One the Beginning.

Ian Johnson was very tired, tired of living for he was the last of his kind, a Phoenix Wolf. He had the light magic in him of the Phoenix and the flaming and healing tears, but the darkness of a high predator the Wolf. He could change at will he was not like a Werewolf that needed a full moon to transform, but similar to a Werewolf his bite was infectious turning anyone with a minor bite. The Wolf was very adept at killing if he desired.

He had been having visions of a young man that needed an edge, in a conflict that no one was really helping him in. The young man was in a fight for his life and that of everyone he ever cared for. The young man didn't even live in his own country he lived in England. It was time to find this young man; it was time to find Harry Potter!

Using his flaming abilities he found himself in England, on a street called Privet Drive. He settled himself in the shadows near a Park; his wolf was telling him patience would reward him in finding his target, it was only a matter of time until the young man would appear.

Harry was miserable, he had led his friends on a trip to the Ministry of Magic to save his Godfather; but it ended with his death. His best friend s were injured and Dumbledore had revealed the prophesy to him, that it would be Voldemort or him neither could live their lives while the other lived. One would have to kill the other. But Harry was to have a power that the Dark Lord did not. Harry had no clue what it was, but he was soon to find out.

The Dursley's were giving Harry some space at least for a while; he was walking to the Park trying to clear his head. The events of the last several months, playing heavily on his mind, he was not really paying attention to his surroundings. This is not a good thing to be doing out in the open during a time of war.

Ian saw Harry enter the Park it was getting late in the day and the shadows were growing, just a little longer, just a little closer, and his target would be his!

End of Chapter one .