Potter and the Phoenix Wolves

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Chapter Ten

"Harry, I believe you need to bring the Tonks Family back into the Black Family next" stated Ragnok. "This will offer them some protection against persons who might try to use them against you."

Daphne using their mind link said "This is a good idea do as I think that Nymphadora is in danger from Dumbledore, and I think she will be another of your wives, Lady Peverell I believe."

Harry thought back "Tonks you're kidding right, she is an Auror and like 5 or 6 years older than me"

Daphne came back and told him " age has no bearing when both parties are of child bearing age, magic does not care. Harry you need to start forgetting these muggle based biases, this is the magical world you will probably live close to 200 years based on your magical power."

Harry said "You're right you haven't pointed me in the wrong direction yet."

Daphne smiled and that comment "Flattery will get you everywhere, husband maybe a repeat of last night after you finish bonding with Morag. NO! Not together yet, maybe down the road the two of us will rock your world."

Harry was blushing, Ian could only imagine what the two were thinking back and forth, "Care to share with the rest of us the conversation you two are having that no one can hear?"

Harry and Daphne both replied "NO!"

Ian, snickered "I thought so."

Harry began, "I Harry James Potter-Black, Lord of House Black do here by reinstate Andromeda Tonks nee Black and her daughter Nymphadora Tonks back into the Black Family, So I Say, So Mote it Be." There was a flash of light and a loud gong as the oath was accepted.

Harry asked about the gong.

Ragnok replied "One of them is in danger right now, call them to you!"

"I Lord Black call forth Andromeda and Nymphadora Black to me immediately, as he touched his wand to the Black family ring."

There was a flash of light, and Andromeda and Nymphadora were in Ragnok's office.

Andromeda was quite shocked to be there, Nymphadora had a dazed look on her face.

"Tonks!" Harry yelled at her, he got no response.

Daphne responded "She's been Imperised."

Harry pointed his wand at her and yelled "Finite."

Tonks eyes slowly cleared and she looked at the people in the room, "Mom, Harry, Miss Greengrass where are we?"

Harry looked at Ragnok, "My apologies Director for using magic in the bank." As he bowed to him.

"Lord Potter-Black, Harry, I think this small use of magic can be overlooked as it was for the benefit of the bank and its' most valued customer" replied Ragnok with a smile.

Ragnok replied, "A better question is where you were before you came here?"

Tonks replied "Dumbledore's office at Hogwarts."


Dumbledore was just about to give Tonk's her orders to seduce Harry Potter and have her bring him here when she disappeared. Dumbledore was not a stupid man, by any means. He just put the pieces together that Harry had reinstated the Tonk's back into the Black Family, and called them to him. That was the only way someone
could disappear while in the wards of Hogwarts.

Dumbledore thought a moment, Damm that Potter brat! "Phineas Black he called out?"

The portrait of Phineas replied, "Yes Headmaster"

Dumbledore asked "Where is Lord Black at the present time?"

Phineas replied , "None of your business, Headmaster where the current Lord Black is or what he is doing."

Dumbledore yelled, "You serve me! You will answer me!"

Phineas responded, "I serve and will always serve the current Lord Black first and foremost above all others. So Headmaster, ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies."

Dumbledore closed his eyes, "I will kill that Potter brat myself!"


Morag and Susan were still explaining the ways of the magical world to Hermione.

Morag asked Hermione, " What do you think is going to happen now? Tonight when Harry and Daphne come back, one of the three of us are going to be bedded by Harry, I hope it's me."

Hermione asked "Bedded?"

Morag shock her head, "Yes bedded, screwed, made love to, and fucked! Ladies use formal langue not slang, you are now Lady Gryffindor you must learn the formalities that goes with it. We will teach you. You are smart Hermione open your mind."

Susan then spoke, "Hermione, Harry is a good guy and will treat us all well, but our place is by his side and to give him heirs to his family names. We can offer our advice and support but we cannot bully him into anything."

Morag said "Let's get our letters to our families written and sent with the house elves. I wonder if they can pick up some clothes and my wand as well, seeing as I'm still in my night clothes."

Susan asked Morag, "So you are going to ask to be bedded tonight?"

Morag replied, "I believe we should stick to the order he brought us here, something tells me fate has a pecking order."

Hermione piped up, "How can you casually talk about having sex with Harry?"

Morag and Susan said, "Easy Harry is our husband, and I want to have sex with my husband"

Hermione asked, "How do you know that?"

Susan answered this time, "Look towards your inner self, your magic will tell you. You will also see all of us and your wolf as well. I would not try to connect to your wolf just yet, I believe Harry and Daphne will need to be here."

Hermione then asked "What if we get pregnant?"

Morag answered , "Then that's what the fates have in store for us. I believe that there will be other women and elves to help take care of the children. Ginny for one will be nanny and most likely a wet nurse as well. There is a simple spell to make her produce milk for the children."

Hermione said, "That's not right making her feed our children"

Susan snapped back at her "She was involved in a plot to kill our husband for money, she is lucky to be alive. She will be a sex toy and whatever else we decide for her."


Back in Ragnok's office, Harry, Daphne, Ian, Andromeda and Nymphadora were planning their next step. Harry was having a difficult time controlling his temper as he wanted to go finish Dumbledore once and for all.

Ian spoke up, "Harry yes you have the ability to go finish him off, but you will be losing your edge, that you have now. No one but a select few know what you are now, that secret is your advantage. Don't lose it so early in the war."

Daphne started also, "Quit being the brash hero, right now. Think we have options let's start using them, you own Hogwarts fire him. Turn him in to DMLE for use of an unforgivable. We have the evidence of that, let's call Amelia Bones and get him arrested and secure her allegiance because of Susan."

Harry thought a minute, "You are right let's call her and then arrange for the Tonks' and Amelia to be keyed into Potter Manor."

Daphne thought back, "Now there you go; thinking of a plan and not rushing off blindly."

Harry said, "Ragnok I request that Amelia Bones be contacted as a member of my house has been the victim of an unforgivable curse."

Ragnok smiled and replied "Of course Lord Potter-Black"

Amelia Bones was in her office going over some reports when she received a Gringotts owl requesting her presence there as soon as possible to meet with a Lord about a family member that was the victim of an unforgivable curse. She left her office and told her aide, "I will be at Gringotts, I will return later."

Shortly thereafter Amelia walked into Gringotts and was escorted to Director Ragnok's office. She walked in and was shocked to say the least. Here was Harry Potter, Andromeda Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks (one of her Auror's), Daphne Greengrass, and another man unknown to her and Director Ragnok. "May I ask what is going on here?"

Director Ragnok said, "Madame Bones if I may make introductions, Lord Harry James Potter-Black, Lady Slytherin previously Daphne Greengrass. Lady Andromeda Tonks nee Black and Lady Nymphadora Tonks nee Black. Finally Mr. Ian Johnson from the United States."

Madame Bones nodded to all, "I was summoned to report a serious crime?"

Harry spoke up, "Yes Madame Bones, I as Head of House Black request an investigation into the use of the Imperious Curse against one of my house, Lady Nymphadora Tonks nee Black by one Albus Dumbledore."

Amelia's jaw dropped open and her monocle fell out of her eye, "You're kidding right"

Harry responded "No I am not, I reinstated the Tonks' back into the Black family, as magic accepted this, Black family magic warned me that one of the two of them were in serious trouble. I summoned both of them to me, and when Nymphadora arrived she was in a trance suffering from the effects of the curse. I canceled the curse, and asked her where she had been prior to coming here. She informed me that she was at Hogwarts with Dumbledore in his office. They were alone so there is no chance that someone else used the curse on her. I want him investigated and punished to the fullest extent of the law if the charges can be proven. Gringotts will also turn over records of his thefts from the Potter accounts as he was never my guardian magical or otherwise."

Harry then said, "Also if you have a book of records of deaths, I believe you will find a Bellatrix Black formerly Lestrange died today and I have nothing further to say on the matter other than you can save time and resources looking for her. If not I'm sure Director Ragnok can confirm her passing as they deal with wills?"

Daphne thought, "Very well played, Harry let her start doing some of your dirty work. Sit back pull a string here and there and let's see where this goes. We will get with her later about Susan."

"Lord Potter-Black you have given me much to deal with, without that little bomb shell!" stated Amelia.

"Madame Bones, I do not wish to create problems only see justice served," replied Harry.

"Auror Tonks is this true?" asked Amelia.

"Yes mam it is, I joined Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix to help combat you-know-who. He requested that I meet him at his office at Hogwarts today. He said that he needed to get Harry Potter under control and that was the last thing I remember." Replied Dora.

Amelia said, "I guess I have no choice but to go check his wand to see if he cast the spell. Auror Tonks as the victim in this case, you cannot go and I suggest you stay far away from him until the resolution of these allegations."

Dora spoke up, "Madame Bones I suggest you don't take Kingsley Shackelbolt or Hestia Jones, to go see Dumbledore as they are both Order members and may be loyal to him over you!"

Amelia smiled and said "Thank you for your candor on this matter I will find other Aurors. That be told I will take my leave, I will be in touch"


Dumbledore was sitting in his office at Hogwarts when the door opened and three people stepped in with wands drawn. The three shouted "Expelliarmus" and the wand on his desk and his hidden wand flew to the three subjects.

Dumbledore was shocked to be disarmed and what was Amelia Bones and two of her Aurors doing here at Hogwarts? That Potter brat is at is again, first the goblins now the DMLE, his must be getting help but from who?

Amelia spoke now, "Albus Dumbledore I am here to investigate a claim that you used an unforgiveable curse against another person. Prior Incantato" she spoke as she pointed her wand at the elder wand. The result was shocking there it was the Imperious Curse.

Dumbledore was slow on the uptake, "What is the meaning of this Amelia; I am the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Headmaster of Hogwarts School, Order of Merlin First Class and Leader of the Light? I am above such things, now give me my wands back and get out of my office, I have important matters to take care of that are none of your concern!"

Amelia promptly stunned him, and replied "You are under Arrest! Proudfoot, put him in magic suppressing cuffs and take him to the holding cells."

Proudfoot did as he was instructed and levitated the stunned Dumbledore to the fireplace and flooed back to the Ministry.

Amelia thought for a minute, I will release a story to the papers about Dumbledore's use of the unforgiveable curse and the thefts from Lord Potter. By the time the case goes to trail the public will want to have Dumbledore's head on a platter.


Back at Potter Manor, Morag, Susan and Hermione were done with their letters hand had sent them off the Potter elves; they were in the sitting room when a naked Ginny walked into the room.

Hermione was the first to ask, "Where are your clothes?"

Ginny with her head down replied, "Mistress Daphne vanished them last night upon arrival here at the Manor."

Morag saw this as an opportunity to get some information as to what was going on, started asking questions. "Ginny why would you want to hurt Harry Potter?"

Ginny never looking up replied, "Mother said it was wrong that the half-blood should have all that money and power and we as purebloods were poor and barely making ends meet. So with him dead the Potter fortune could be ours."

Hermione was shocked at the bigoted air to her response. She had to ask, "So because I am a muggleborn all I'm good for is to be your brother's sex slave?"

Ginny with her head still down, replied "Yes, that and a breed whore. Ron will find a pure blood witch and you were to be his toy. He never cared for you just thought you had a nice ass."

Morag then asked, "What has Harry ever done to you to deserve stealing from him and plotting to kill him?"

Ginny replied "Nothing, he saved my life but a half-blood should not have all that money."

Morag was now understanding why Ginny has not been allowed clothes since being made a slave. She said "I see, we are thirsty go get us tea."

Ginny responded, "I don't have a wand, how can I get you tea?"

Morag replied "Put a kettle of water on to boil on the stove and serve it by hand."

At this time Don appeared with tea and cookies and requested, "Mistress Ravenclaw she has to eat in the kitchen, we elves do not wish her to use the kitchen other than to eat."

Morag nodded her head in understanding, "I am sorry, I did not realize that please forgive me for my error."

Don replied "Mistress there is nothing to forgive and thank you for your kindness and understanding" and with a pop was gone.

Morag then asked Ginny, "What did Daphne tell you your role will be?"

Ginny sobbed at this, "She had Master make me barren; never to have a child and when she vanished my clothes said I had big enough breasts to feed children. She said I was Masters and her toy."

Morag asked, "So they used you last night?"

Ginny responded, "Yes I had to service them last night."

Hermione for a change kept her big mouth shut and took in the information.

Susan's mind was also thinking, this could be fun, Harry and a toy.

Morag having gotten a better picture of what was going on said, "Ginny you may leave now."

Ginny being lonely, asked "I don't know where to go, or what to do,"

Morag thought a minute, "There is a chair in the entry way sit there and reflect, upon your mistakes and wait for your Masters return."


Harry, Daphne Andromeda and Nymphadora and Ian were talking in Ragnok's office when an owl flew in with a note addressed to Lord Potter-Black. He removed the letter and after it was scanned for portkey's and curses he opened it. It was from Amelia Bones, she informed them that Dumbledore has been arrested and is being held for trail on use of an unforgivable curse and theft, and is requesting all records of thefts from the other vaults by Dumbledore for use at the trail.

Ragnok smiled and said: "It will be a pleasure to deliver the records to Madame Bones. I will alter them so the money that was used by the Weasley's will not be included, only the money Molly had stored in her vault."

Harry said, "Thank you. I believe I might need Ginny's wand if you still have it and if nothing else is needed we will all head back to the Manor."

Ragnok said, "Of course Harry here is her wand and if anything comes up I will owl you immediately."

Harry stood and said "If you will all grab ahold we will go to the Manor now."

When they all grabbed ahold there was a flash of light and they were gone.

Ragnok took a moment to reflect, Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black is gone, Dumbledore is in jail headed to a life sentence in Azkaban and Harry has a primary wife that is smart, cunning and helping him control his temper. The wizarding world was in for a severe shock soon.


They all appeared in the entry way of Potter Manor. Ian was a little shocked that Harry could flash them all so easily, this young man must have a lot of magical power.

Andromeda and Dora were shocked as well never having been to Potter Manor at its beauty and its apparent size.

Daphne was a little miffed to see Ginny sitting there waiting for them. "Ginny go to the master bedroom until dinner when you may eat."

Ginny replied " Yes Mistress" and left to go upstairs to the master bedroom.

Andromeda and Dora were a little surprised to see the naked redhead upon arrival but understood a slave is exactly what the master wants it to be.

Daphne said, "I apologize I'm still in the breaking her stage, she will be treated fairly but she will never have the joy of family again after what she tried to do to Harry."

Andromeda and Dora nodded in understanding.

Daphne said: "Let's all retire to the sitting room where I believe Ladies Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are."

Harry thought "Mor, are you and the girls in the sitting room? Andromeda, Dora, Ian, Daph and I are on our way."

Morag thought back "Yes Harry, we are"

Harry was thinking the last time he saw were she was still in her night clothes. "Mor did you ever get dressed today?"

This caused Morag to smile, "No Harry I did not, it will make it easier tonight for you to ravish me…"

This drew a smile from Harry and a comment from Daphne "I am not waiting four days for more Harry time!"

Harry then looked at her "Daph you heard that?"

Daphne smiled at him "Every single word Harry, and it will be awhile before you can compare our breasts in a side by side comparison, you are not the only one to read thoughts…"

Harry turned red at being caught, Ian noticed this and said, "Getting into trouble with the mates already?"

Harry looked at him and replied "Trying not to, I get back to you on it or not!"

Ian chuckled as they entered the sitting room.

Harry began the introductions, "Andromeda Tonks nee Black and Nymphadora Tonks nee Black and Mr. Ian Johnson may I present Morag MacDougal now Lady Ravenclaw, Susan Bones now Lady Hufflepuff and Hermione Granger now Lady Gryffindor."

Ian bowed and said "Pleased to meet all you ladies."

Andromeda and Dora both bowed their heads and said "Pleasure."

"Daph do you think we need more elves or are three enough here?" Thought Harry.

Daphne thought back, "A couple more would not hurt we could always use them at other properties if need be. What are you planning?"

Harry thought back, "A little lesson for Hermione in front of a group of magical folk where she cannot blow a gasket to see if she absorbed anything today from Mor and Susan."

Daphne and Morag smiled at this ,"How very cunning Harry a Gryffindor with a plan, we must be rubbing off on him."

Harry fired back, "I would not mind you rubbing me off!"

Daphne responded with one word "PRAT!"

Harry called out "Dobby, Winky!"

There were two pops and two elves were standing there.

Dobby spoke up "Harry Potter sir be calling Dobby and Winky?"

Harry said "Yes Dobby I wanted to know if you two wanted to stay free or be bound to House Potter-Black?"

Dobby smiled at Harry, "Harry Potter wants Dobby and Winky as proper house elves?"

Harry replied "Yes."

Hermione was sitting on the edge of her seat, but did not say a word.

Dobby replied "It is my wish to serve House Potter-Black as a proper House Elf."

Winky replied " I want to serve a proper House again if the Master will have me?"

With that Harry said, "I Lord Potter-Black do accept these elves Dobby and Winky into my service and bind them to House Potter-Black, So Mote it Be!" There was a flash of light and Dobby and Winky had clean Tea cozies on instead of clothes.

Dobby smiled and "Thank you, Master what can I do for you?"

Harry smiled and told them to go find Don the Head Elf for chores.


Draco Malfoy was having a miserable holiday, His father was arrested and is known as a Death Eater and Lord Voldemort now wants him to Kill Albus Dumbledore. He did get his own Dark Mark, but how is he a soon to be sixteen year old wizard going to kill the leader of the light.

Top it all off he wanted to get Daphne Greengrass as a consort that will not happen now that father is in Azkaban. He will be stuck with that pug faced Pansy Parkinson, I guess that's what dark rooms are for.

Well maybe not when I become Lord Black I can convince Lord Greengrass that it's in his best interest to accept the concert contract for Daphne, better yet I will make her Lady Black and Pansy will be Lady Malfoy.

-++HPaPW - HPaPW - HPaPW

Back at Potter manor, dinner had been wonderful Harry was enjoying being around people that cared for him and not the Dursley's that had nothing but contempt for him.

But it was getting late, Harry spoke up "Don."

The house elf popped into the dining room, "You called my Lord?"

Harry replied, "Yes dinner was wonderful please pass along my thanks to the other elves. If you and your staff would kindly get my guests to their rooms it would be greatly appreciated ."

Don bowed and replied "Thank you for the kind words my Lord and they will be taken care of."


Sexual interlude with Mor


In a Ministry holding cell Albus Dumbledore awakens still wearing magic suppressing cuff's he looked around at his surroundings. This is not good I must leave to continue my greater good. "Fawkes!..."

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