Fate- 1) force predetermining events: the force or principle believed to predetermine events.

2) outcome: a concequence or final result.

3) destiny: something with decisive or far-reaching consequences that inevitably happens to somebody or something.


He woke up to the insistant pecking at his window and slowly turned his head towards the window several feet away, but didn't bother opening his eye. He knew what the pecking was from and what it meant. He was being summoned by his Kage.

He lay there for a few minutes, his body feeling heavy yet relaxed from his late night activities. He slipped one of his hands towards the other side of the bed, seeking to see if his companion was still there. He doubted that she was since she was married and couldn't spend the night with him.

But it never hurt to check considering he was ready for another go if she was still there.

He could feel the cool slight indent on his matress where her body had been. But he couldn't feel her so she must be gone. Such a shame too but totally understandable. He mused as he finally cracked open his eye and looked back at the window. The bird wasn't pecking anymore.

No doubt it had gotten tired of pecking at a window that refused to open, but at least it was still there. Sitting on his windowsill, just staring at him. He sighed and rolled out of bed and without modesty or shame due his naked state, walked over to the window and opened it and very carefully picked the little bird up and pulled it inside.

The bird flapped it's wings a little bit and chirped, startled. But settled down when he started to rub his thumb along the top of it's head and talk to it in a soft, soothing tone as he sat back down on his bed and pulled the little paper attached to it's leg then set the bird on his naked thigh and unrolled the paper and scanned it. His mind working at a steady pace despite the lack of rest he'd had.

He read it three times, the words not really registering with him. Well okay, most of them didn't register with him. There was one however that did. The word standing out in his mind. Marriage. He blinked and dropped his hands limply onto his lap nearly hitting the bird with one causing it to chirp and flap it's wings as it's little talons dug into his leg.

Marriage? What marriage? Who's? He wondered before scanning the note again.


Come to the tower at once. It's time that we talk about your the restoration of your clan. And the upcoming marriage that I've arranged for you.

Be here in an hour or I'll kill you.

"Oh my god Sarutobi has finally lost his mind." He muttered as he lifted one hand to rub his face, pushing his silver hair back from his face. Then glanced down at the little bird that was nesting on his leg and asked in a serious tone. "If I trained you, would you peck his eyes out for me?" The bird looked up at him and chirped and he felt his lips curve up a little bit despite the sudden feeling of dread he got in the center of his chest.

"You're just a little killer aren't ya birdy-" He said in a playful tone as he scooped the animal up off of his leg and got up then walked back over to the window and opened it and set the bird outside. "Tell you what, wait here till I'm done getting ready and I'll get some bird seed and feed you before I go."

The bird twisted it's head at a strange angle and looked at him funny as he moved away from the window and disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door.

Fourty five minutes later he stepped out of his apartment with a small cloth bag of bird seed in his hand and unwound the cord tying it closed then walked past his window and picked up the bird and let it perch in his open palm and eat some of the food in his hand as he made his way down to the street and started for the tower.

The walk to the tower in the center of the village took a little over twenty minutes due to the fact that the streets weren't terribly crowded this early in the morning. Which made his trip considerably shorter because he didn't have to fight his way through the streets.

The bird finished it's food and hopped from his hand to his shoulder and rubbed it's little head against his masked cheek to show it's thanks for the food and companionship then flew away. He sighed and paused for a moment to tip his head back and watch it go as he heard some shouting coming from the building ahead.

Lowering his head he looked towards the source of the disturbance and stopped walking altogether when he saw the elderly Kage decked out in his shinobi gear, being held back by the arms by his personal bodyguards as he kicked and screamed oaths like a man in his prime. What the hell did I just walk into? He wondered as the elder spotted him and pointed and shouted.

"You! You bastard! I told you to be here in an hour!"

He paled a little bit under his mask as the elder shook off the men holding him back and stomped up to him and grabbed him by one of his ears, startling a yelp out of him as the elder started to drag him towards the building snapping and snarling, "Goddamn youth these days- they don't respect their elders! They don't listen to instructions-"