Kakashi picked a cafe with a cozy feel to it and pulled out Naru's chair for her before sitting down, then waited five minutes for her to stop staring at her chair and sit in it before handing her a menu to look over.

"Talk to me sweetheart. Tell me what's bothering you all of a sudden." Kakashi said as he opened his menu and automatically noticed the parfaits that they had and recalled sharing a few with Naru when she was younger. She always wound up with yogart on her little face, something that he had found immensely funny.

But he doubted that she would find humor in the memory right now.

Sighing due to Naru's continued silence Kakashi set the menu aside and reached out and plucked her menu from her hands, earning a startled/peeved look from her as he set it aside and tried once again to coax her into talking to him. "Talk to me Naru...please."

Naru stared at him for several seconds then grumbled something about not wanting to talk and looked away. Her expression sulky. Kakashi waited several more seconds for her to say something before asking, "Are you jealous that I mentioned another woman's name?"

"I couldn't care less what you do. It isn't like we're lovers or anything." Naru said in a dark tone.

Kakashi tilted his head to the side a bit and hummed. Silly girl. She could deny what she was feeling all she liked but it made no difference. He knew that she was jealous, and angry about hearing him mention Anko's name. But for the life of him he couldn't figure out why.

Was she upset because she thought he had a girlfriend? Or was she upset about something else entirely?

Like did she maybe think that just because he had mentioned another female's name that he didn't care about her as much as he professed too? Was that why she had suddenly shut down? Maybe he should tell her that he loved her. But in a strictly platonic way.

Reaching out he grasped her hand to get her attention and blurted out quickly, "I love you Naru!" Naru gave him a wide eyed look as his face slowly but surely turned red and he caught several people sitting at the tables around them looking at him.

Oh crap. Kakashi thought in a slight panic as he started to ramble as Naru tried to pull her hand free of his grasp. "I mean, I love you. I mean- in a strictly platonic way! I mean, I'm sorry I don't know what I'm saying! But I'm not trying to be offensive!"

"Really? Cause you kind of are being offensive." Naru said in a dark tone that didn't bode well, after a moment or so of silence. Kakashi cringed a little bit and fell silent before saying.

"Then I'm sorry for any offense that I've caused. And ask that you please tell me what it is that I need to say to keep you from getting pissed at me."

"Then say this-"


Jiriaya appeared in front of Tsunade in a puff of smoke and immediately began asking questions. "Kakashi's here? He's met up with Naru? Where are they now? Are they getting along? Naru hasn't drop kicked his awkward ass off of a cliff?"

Tsunade held up a hand to silence him, her head fairly spinning after all of his questions. "Yes. Yes. I don't know. Yes, as far as I know. No. At least I hope not."

"Well hell, Tsunade we need to find them." Jiriaya said as he grabbed her hand and started to drag her along behind him.