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Ultraman, the Lylat Adventures.

Chapter 1

A new Hero, An old Enemy

He has pursued it across the gulf of space for some time now. The space craft was trying its hardest to escape him, but he would have none of it, not if he can help it. The saucer-shaped craft was coming into view now. It's now or never. He fired his slash-beam at it, hoping to damage it. However, the ship proved to be more agile than he previously thought. It fired its own yellow beam at him from its underside, hoping to drive him away. To no avail, he simply rolled out of the way. The two of them continued their fierce duel.

Not too far away: The Great Fox was heading back from a vacation on Zoness, the Star Fox team having some time off, for a change. After the Saurian Crisis, the team welcomed their newest member, Krystal, with open arms, or at least Fox did. It has been approximately two months after Fox defeated Andross for the second time, and invited Krystal, the mysterious blue vixen, to be a part of his team. Having no where else to go, the vixen readily accepted. After the time spent on the team, she has already proven her adaptability with an arwing, but still has some trouble with simple house-hold items, like the light-switch, or a water faucet. However, the team has supported her through it, and has come to see them as a second family, almost. On the other hand, she is not without a few surprises of her own; being a Cerinian vixen, she has telepathic abilities that allow her to read minds and emotions like a book. However, she is, more than likely, the last of her kind, since her own planet was destroyed in an unknown cataclysm. Having been on a couple of missions herself, she has already proven to be on par with most of the other teammates, especially Falco, which he finds to be a little bit irksome. This was her first time to Zoness, and after hearing how it was a dumping ground for toxic waste for Andross during the Lylat Wars, she expected it to be a dead, polluted world. However, the Lylat System has strived to undo the damage that the mad ape has done to it, and has done a rather good job of it, so far. Fox McCloud, the person responsible for Andross's defeat, was highly celebrated, as was the rest of the team, on Corneria, his home planet. However, fate has transpired to thrust them into an adventure they couldn't dream possible.

"Hey, Peppy, I'm getting' something on radar." Slippy, the ship's mechanic and master technician/engineer, was at his post on the command head. Having been given guard duty, he was almost begging for something to happen, just so he wouldn't fall asleep. As the saying goes, you should be careful what you wish for. Peppy, the wizened hare and tactical officer of the team, walked over to Slippy, and looked down at his scanner. The little amphibian wasn't joking, two large objects were heading almost right for them. At first, he just thought that they were ordinary space-craft, considering that this is a rather busy space-lane that they decided to traverse. But, experience and instinct told him otherwise.

"Do we have visual, yet?" Peppy asked.

"Should be coming into range here shortly." Slippy replied, his high-pitched voice full of excitement. Then, the main screen flickered to life, and they saw what those two objects were.

"Slippy, get the team up here, stat!" Peppy ordered. While the amphibian handled that, he stared at the two objects that were dancing in space and exchanging fire. One was a type of flying saucer, while the other one was just a big ball of red light. At once, the whole team assembled on the deck.

"What's this about? I was in the middle of my routine afternoon nap." Falco complained, the blue avian wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"That's what, Falco." Peppy said, pointing to the screen. The team saw the two objects firing at eachother.

"What…are they?" Krystal asked.

"No idea. Are they headed for us?" Fox asked.

"Not directly, but they are headed in our general direction." Slippy said.

"Well, then, get us out of their way. I don't want us to be caught in the middle of a fire-fight." Fox said. Slippy steered the ship out of their way, but the saucer had other plans. Since it knew that it couldn't win against its pursuer in a head-on conflict, it decided to switch tactics. It made a b-line for the Great Fox, hoping to use the ship as a shield. It flew behind the Great Fox, and held its position there, having the ship in a powerful tractor beam. The emerald ray of light was holding fast the Great Fox, while the ship tried desperately to break free.

"Can't we get out of here?!" Fox shouted.

"Sorry, Fox! Whatever it is that has us, it ain't letting go!" Slippy said, trying to break the ship free. And, the crimson ball of light was getting closer to them. That's when Krystal felt it, an intelligence inside of the light. She looked at the light that was approaching them, and stared.

'Who is in there?' she wondered. Then, an arrow-shaped beam fired out of the ball of light, striking the saucer. Disgusted by the cowardly act the entity had used, he planned on making him pay dearly for it. Then, when the saucer was far enough away, its occupant decided to switch tactics, yet again. In the ship's control, a robed figure pressed a switch, an evil grin playing across his features. A port on the underside of the saucer opened, and a type of capsule dropped. 'Chew on this for a while, Garrison member.' the figure thought. The capsule hovered for a moment, then exploded. When the smoke cleared, a monstrosity appeared. It was skeletal in appearance, with wings on its back, three-fingered claws, and a reptilian face. It shrieked, and made its way to the red ball of light. The ball of light rammed itself into the monster, sending it flying out of control in the opposite direction. Then, the monster targeted some easier prey; it was headed for the Great Fox. The light was on an intercept path, and a remarkable transformation was in place; the light swelled, and became a humanoid shape, matching the monster in size. It rammed the monster again, sending it away from the Great Fox. The team stare at what just saved them; it was huge, at least fourty meters tall, red and silver, being mostly silver with the red acting as the covering, it even sported a pair of red 'boxers'. On its chest, was a shining blue light that glowed steadily. Its head was strange, as well, in that it was silver, and helmet shaped, looking like a mask, with two large ovals that were glowing a yellowish light, and a type of mouthpiece, and a fin going through the center of the head. It looked at them, then turned its attention back to the monster. It got into a battle stance, and rushed at it. On board the Great Fox, the team was busy trying to get the ship back on-line, but to no avail, the tractor beam having knocked out almost all of the ship's systems.

"When will we have the main power back online?" Fox asked.

"No idea. Whatever that thing was that hit us, it just about knocked everything out." Slippy said, trying to re-route systems to their back-ups. Falco was busy over at his console, as was Peppy. The only ones that weren't busy, were Fox and Krystal, the latter staring at the battling giants. She felt the presence inside of the light, and felt it as the same as the giant; Overwhelming power, and an incredible need to protect these people. 'Why do you fight so hard to protect us? You don't know us.' she thinks. The battle between the two giants still raged on, the red and silver giant went for an overhead chop, only to have the attack strike against solid bone. Then the monster fired two fireballs at the giant, making it back off with a pained grunt. Then, the monster rushed at him, and sunk its fangs into the giant's shoulder. The giant tried to beat it off of it, but to no avail. Then the giant gripped the monster, and pried its jaws off of him. Then, the giant performed a shoulder toss, and threw the monster several hundred meters away. Deciding to end this, the giant placed his arms in a plus shape, the right arm, horizontal, in front of the left arm, which was vertical. Then, a blue/white beam issued forth, and struck the monster. After a few seconds, the beam died, and the monster blew apart into millions of pieces. The team saw this, and stared in surprise at what had happened. The giant turned to them, and floated to them.

"Slippy, bring that power up, now!" Fox shouted, as the giant neared them.

"I am, I can't! It's not responding!" the amphibian wailed. The giant stopped just short of them, and studied them. The team looked at their mysterious savior with a mix of fear and awe. The giant turned its head, suddenly, and saw the saucer charge up its main weapon, aiming it directly at them. Without hesitation, the giant got in between the Great Fox, and the saucer. The saucer fired its main weapon, which collided with the red and silver being. It was sent flying through space, headed for a mostly green world, while the saucer made its escape.

"Slippy, what world is he heading for?" Krystal asked.

"That looks like Fortuna, but why?" Without hesitation, or giving a reason why, the blue vixen bolted out of the command head, and headed for the hangar. Fortunately, the hangar still worked, and the force-field was still operational. Krystal jumped into her arwing, and flew out of the hangar. The team followed suit, minus Peppy, who remained behind as tactical.

"Krystal, what the heck are ya doin'?" Fox asked into his headset.

"He may need our help. You saw how he took that shot, he could be hurt or worse!" Krystal replied.

"Are you crazy?! What could you possibly do for that thing?!" Falco shouted.

"A lot more than you are willing to do, Falco." Krystal replied, showing disdain for the bird's attitude.

"Krystal, think about this. We have no idea what that thing is. For all we know, it could kill us all without a second's hesitation." Fox tried to reason.

"I know he wouldn't do that." the vixen said.

"And how do you know that, Krys?" Falco asked, rolling his eyes.

"If you were paying attention, you probably would have noticed it shielding us from that attack, with its body no less." she replied once more. Krystal flew to the surface of the planet, and tried to look for any indication that the being might've touched down near here. Something that big, would have to leave something like a crater behind. However, she saw nothing out of the ordinary, just lush jungle that the planet is infamous for. Then, as she was headed for a large lake, she felt it; an alien presence. It was unconscious, that much she was sure about, but she was able to home in on it. Before the others could get to her, she touched down near the water's edge. After jumping out of the cockpit, the blue vixen drew her staff, just to be on the safe side. She went into the interior of the foliage, following her senses, until she found him; lying in the middle of a clearing, evidently made by its crash, the giant had shrunk substantially, being no bigger than a man. It was lying face up, and its glowing eyes were dark. As she made her way closer to it, Krystal could feel the energy given off by him. Then, his eyes just flashed to life. She was barely standing over him, and he tried to back away from her in apparent surprise.

"Easy, easy. I won't harm you." she said, gently. The entity seemed to be calmed by this. It tried to rise, but let out a pained grunt, and clutched its right arm in apparent pain. The voice it had, had an almost echoing effect to it.

"Are you hurt?" she asked. The being looked at her, its glowing eyes scanning her. She pulled out her kerchief, and proceeded to tie it around the supposedly pained area. The being watched her doing this, fascinated that this creature was giving him aide, without a second's hesitation. When she was done, the cloth was wrapped tightly around his silvery arm.

"There. In a little while, it will be good as new." She said standing back up, a satisfied smile playing across her vulpine features.

"A-arigato." the being said, in its echoing voice.

"What?" Krystal asked, tilting her head to one side.

"Arigato." he said again.

"Well, if that's your way of saying 'thank you', then you are very welcome." Krystal replied, smiling broadly. The entity nodded, and stood up. The being towered over her, with the vixen meeting its broad shoulders. He stared at her, wondering what kind of life-form this was. In all of his travels, and of all of the races he has encountered, he has never met one quite like this before.

"Krystal, where are you?!" Fox's voice was heard. Both of them turned their heads in the direction of the voice. With a final glance at the vixen, the red and silver being took a step back. Krystal turned just in time to see the being look up.

"SHUWATCH!" With a loud shout, the being was flying through the sky, and back out into space. Krystal stared after it, watching it turn from a humanoid into a speck, then nothing in a matter of moments. The rest of the team found Krystal in the clearing, and gathered around.

"There you are. We were worried." Fox said, grinning broadly. Krystal returned his smile.

"Say, where's the red and silver guy at?" Slippy asked, looking around.

"He's gone." Krystal said, looking up where the being left. The rest of the team followed her gaze.

"Well, let's head back to the Great Fox. There are repairs to do, and a very interesting report that I have to fill out for General Pepper." Fox said, not losing his smile. The rest of the team followed him.

Back out in space: He has been delayed by the sudden attack, and allowed his query to escape. He knows full well the consequences that will hold, should he find an inhabited planet. After all, Shodai had stopped him once before, after coming to a certain blue and green world, where his legacy as the legendary Ultraman began. If he doesn't stop him, and soon, then the same thing that almost befell that world will happen again. That was something that he will not allow, not if he can help it. He remembers how he came to Earth, and collided with a human, while pursuing an evil alien named Bemular. How, in guilt, he merged his life-force with said human, and the two became one entity, Ultraman. After countless battles on Earth, Ultraman lost his final fight to a powerful adversary, and was forced to separate from his former host. However, his superior gave him a second life, allowing him to live out the rest of his life an a human being, as he was meant to do. Now, after pursuing his enemy across space, he may be forced to make another inhabited world his next battleground against this conniving foe, a foe he knows all too well. The nearest inhabited world was coming up, and if luck would have it, his target as well. He decides to keep a low profile, and hangs close to the large blue star, where his life-force is drawing power from. He looks down at his right arm, where the kerchief that the alien girl had bound on his wound was. He places a hand on it, the pain long since had ceased. Why then, does Shodai keep it on?

Corneria, several hours later: The Great Fox has docked in the space-port, awaiting repairs to its damaged parts. The team was in the pre-paid hotel, courtesy of their often employer, General Pepper. Fox McCloud decided to personally hand him his report, regarding the incident that happened just hours before. The old blood-hound, wearing a red uniform and white gloves, looked over the papers with interest.

"Most intriguing. And you say that you have no idea where this entity came from, or who or what was in the craft that he was chasing?"

"That is correct, General." Fox replied.

"I see. Well, the important thing is, that you are safe and sound. After all, you are the best mercenary team in the Lylat System, and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you." he said, getting up from his seat, and walking over to the window, overlooking Corneria City. "You said that, Krystal had made contact with the being?" he asked, not turning his gaze from the view.

"Yes, sir. She said that she aided it, and then it flew away after saying thanks." Fox replied.

"So, our friend here knows how to appreciate something, eh?" Pepper said, thoughtfully.

"Sir?" Fox asked.

"Nothing, Fox. Just an old man milling over a thought." Pepper said, turning to Fox with a slight smile on his face. "You are dismissed."

"Sir." Fox turned, and exited out of Pepper's office. The general sat back down in his chair, and looked up at the ceiling.

"So, they've come to the Lylat System after all." he said to himself.

Fox made his way out of the CM headquarters, and to the hotel that the team was staying at. Corneria City was bustling in the afternoon, with all sorts of anthropomorphic creatures going to and fro in their busy schedules. Fox made his way down the street, and entered the hotel. He checked in with the clerk, and made his way to his room. After entering the suite, he crashed onto the bed, and proceeded to kick his boots off, the soreness of having them on for several hours on end was starting to dissipate, and he groaned in relief. He removed his vest, and made his way to the kitchen, and pulled out a soda from the fridge, and sipped it leisurely. He looked out of the window, and at the busy city, vehicles of all types going to and fro, while pedestrians on side-walks did the same. He continued to look out, when a knock on his door broke his concentration. He went to the door, and saw Krystal standing there.

"Hey, you. I was wondering if you would be willing to show me around the city. After all, I haven't really seen much of this place, except once." Krystal said, grinning broadly. Fox stammered before getting a reply out.

"Uhhh, yeah sure." he said.

"Great. I'll be back in a bit." she said, dashing down the hallway. Fox sighed, and placed his boots and vest back on. Soon, the vixen was back, in a dress that Fox had picked out for her not too long ago. It was bright blue, and matched with her fur almost perfectly. The two made their way out of the hotel, and out into the city. After walking down the sidewalk for a bit, they came across a park, and made their way down the path. They saw children playing amongst eachother in in the wooded area, and smiled at them. Other couples were out and about as well. After what seemed like a half hour, they made their way to a coffee shop, and just talked for a bit. Although having known eachother for a few months, they were beginning to feel something for the other. Krystal was saved by Fox on Sauria, when Andross captured her in a giant crystal, and planned to use her in his plan to resurrect himself. It succeeded, but his apparent victory was short-lived, as Fox defeated him soon after. After the save, Krystal approached Fox to thank him personally, and that was when he offered her the chance to join his team. Since then, chemistry has been forming between the two of them. They began to have feelings for eachother, and not just from gratitude on Krystal's part. She wondered, where her life will take her with this man.

In orbit around Corneria: The saucer was just beyond sensor range, and even so, his ship would be cloaked from this race's primitive sensor technology. He smiled at the potential planet that would soon be in his grip. He was thankful that the garrison member who had pursued him was ignorant of it. Then again, he has clashed with him before, so he knows how he works. However, this time, he would not be able to stop him. He could have sent one of his subordinates to do the job, but felt like doing this one himself. He smiled, and pressed another switch. The bay opened, and another capsule fell out, headed for Corneria. 'Soon, I will possess all.' he thinks with glee. Shodai sensed this, and arrived just in time to see the saucer escape back out into space. That wasn't his immediate concern, however. It was what the mad-man sent to the planet's surface that he was worried about. He could feel her presence on the planet, the one who gave him aide, and felt the kerchief on his arm. With post haste, Shodai sped after the capsule.

Corneria, just over the capital city: The capsule was descending fast. Sensors were unable to detect it, on account of the strange alloy that it was made of. It stopped just above the city, and hovered there. Being a shiny, chromed cylinder, the light just reflected off of it, and the crowd did not notice, all except two. Fox and Krystal were heading back to the hotel, when the vixen felt something. She looked up, and saw the cylinder floating. Fox followed her gaze, and felt dread seep up into his spine. Then, the capsule exploded with a loud explosion, catching everyone's attention. Everyone in the immediate vicinity looked up, and saw a giant form drop to the ground. It crashed, kicking up dust, pavement, and black-top from its impact. It rose up, and the people looked upon the new horror with terrified looks. It was gigantic, standing almost fifty meters. It was covered in what looked like a course hair, although rather thin, as some flesh had shown through, Its head was covered in a thick mane, and its face was a hideous visage that was almost human-like, except with fangs, and a single bulging eye in its forehead. It screamed into the heavens, and the people ran in fear.

"Peppy, can you get the arwings here?" Fox asked, talking into his wrist-watch communicator.

"It'll take about five minutes for them to get there, Fox. ROB is handling everything now." The elder hare said.

"In about five minutes, this thing is going to tear the city apart with its bare hands!" Fox almost shouted. It was no use. The thing was thrashing around the city center. It was a giant humanoid, standing on giant legs, swinging its thick arms, which ended with wicked looking claws that looked like could shred steel. It roared, and tore the buildings apart with ease as the terrified populace tried to seek cover. The military was quick to act, the Landmaster battalion and Cornerian Fighter squadron scrambling to subdue the beast. However, their efforts merely angered it, their shots glancing off of its armored hide. It stomped on the tanks, and swatted down the fighters. Then, it saw the pair on the road, and decided to head for them. Fox and Krystal ran from it, not equipped to handle something that large. They ran into a dead end, an looked up at death in the face. Krystal shut her eyes as the giant lifted its foot over them. Then, there was a whooshing noise, and a noise of something hitting the giant, sending it screaming back from them. Krystal opened her eyes, and looked up, her smile grew to ear to ear while Fox stared in surprise. Standing in front of them, towering in his full fourty meter height, was the same alien being that Krystal had helped just hours before. His back was turned to them, fists planted on his waist as he waited for the monster to stand back up. It lumbered to its feet, and screamed at the attacker. Shodai got into a battle stance, and prepared for anything. The beast charged at him, and Shodai locked hands with it, neither giving the other an advantage. Both were equally matched in terms of strength. Then, Shodai turned around suddenly, the combatants back-to-back, with Shodai holding the beast by its claws. Then, Shodai leaned forward, and the monster flipped over his back. Shodai rolled onto his back, with his foot planted on the monster's stomach, and used the momentum to propel the monster away from him, and sent him crashing into some abandoned buildings. Shodai stood back up, and the beast got up as well, anger burning out of its single eye. Then, its eye glowed with yellow energy, and fired a yellow beam from its eye at Shodai. The alien warrior knew that it was electric based, and stood firm, with his fists planted on his waist. The beam made contact with his chest, but did no damage at all. The beast roared in anger, and Shodai beat a fist on his chest, a sign of power. The beast came in, swinging in a blind rage, hoping to swipe the alien warrior's head off. However, Shodai nimbly dodged the clumsy assault, and grabbed one of the arms in his hands. He performed a shoulder toss, and dragged the beast up to its feet, and did the action again, and again, and again. After four tosses, the beast was slumped on the ground. Then, Shodai took its legs under his arms, and swung the creature around a few times before letting go, sending it flying into the ocean that was near the city. After splashing around, the Cyclops stood back up, rather uneasily. Shodai decided to end this. His form started to glow white, then the light went into his arms, where he placed them into a plus-shape. Just then, a bright, blue/white beam erupted from the edge of his hand, and collided with the Cyclops. Soon, it was engulfed in a giant explosion, and disappeared into nothingness. Shodai dropped his pose, and looked back at the people who were staring up at him. He nodded at them, and placed his hands on his waist again. He looked up, and shouted "SHUWATCH!", and flew into the blue sky, and back out into space. Krystal looked up, and smiled broadly, saying one word under her breath that she learned from the alien being; "Arigato."