Ultraman, the Lylat Adventure

Chapter 10

Shodai's Decision.

Kemur entered the Brood Chamber of the saucer. What he saw, made his heart, if it could be called a heart, skip a beat or two; one of the glass drawers containing the embryos begins to quiver slightly and an alarm went off, alerting any crewmembers to the movement.

Outside of the saucer, in the middle of Corneria City, a war of gigantic proportions was being waged. Shodai and Baltan III went at eachother, each wanting to end the other's life. The giant red and silver Shodai somersaulted out of the way of one of Baltan's claw blasts. The missile-like projectile hit a building, reducing it to rubble. Shodai sent a shredding halo at it, but Baltan III swatted it away with one of its claws, the saw-blade slicing through another office building. Both combatants got back up, and struck eachother; Baltan III swung with its right claw, but Shodai parried and caught the appendage. He sent two punches to its insect-like face before the Baltan struck out with the other claw, making Shodai back off. Baltan III thrusted its claw forward, and grasped the Warrior of Light by the throat, bringing him to a knee. Baltan let out another of its haunting laughs as it saw this. However, Shodai would not have any of it. Summoning his will, Shodai stood back up, and knocked the claw off of his neck. Shodai grasped at his neck, rubbing it as the wind-pipe sent air back to his lungs. The Baltan used this as an opportunity to strike; Baltan III struck out with one of its claws, and was successful in knocking the Warrior of Light on his back. Then, looming over the Space Patrolman, Baltan III opened one of its claws, the interior of it glowing with energy. As Shodai saw this, he knew he had only one chance. Tucking his legs in, he kicked at the Baltan with both feet, knocking it back just as it fired its blast, letting it loose into the air. Baltan III fell onto his back, and Shodai ran over to him, and grabbed both of his legs, each leg under one arm. Then, he spun around a few times before releasing his opponent, sending the insect-like invader crashing through several office buildings, and bringing them down onto the Baltan. Baltan III erupted out of the rubble, the debris falling off of him as it did so, swinging its claws in rage. Shodai took two steps towards the alien, but stopped abruptly. Baltan III let out a low laugh, and then vanished in a heart beat. Shodai looked this way and that, trying to find his enemy. He knew that the Baltans are capable of disappearing and making copies of themselves, thus the nickname 'Space Ninja' was given to them by the Earthlings. He felt something strike him from behind, and Shodai fell forward. He got back up, and something unseen struck him in the face, knocking him through several buildings at once. Shodai stood up, and looked around. His eyes flashed, and twin beams of light, like search-lights, came from his eyes. He swept them across the city, until he finally found the Baltan, standing several hundred meters from where he was. He lunged at the Space Ninja, and grappled with him. To those watching the fight, it looked like he was grappling with air. Then, he hoisted something up over himself, then threw it. Baltan III rematerialized, and landed on his feet, like a cat. He turned, and fired his claw blasts at Shodai. The Space Patrolman cartwheeled out of the way, while the blasts devastated the surrounding area. Then, Shodai sent a Shredding Halo at the alien, which sliced off one of its arms, the appendage falling to the ground as it was separated from the main body. Baltan III grasped the stump in pain with its remaining claw, falling to its knees. Shodai walked towards the alien, standing over the invader as it looked up at him with its swiveling eyes. "It's time for me to put an end to your existence." Shodai said.

"Of course it is. You finally got what you wanted. Just, promise me one thing."

"And what is that?" Shodai asked.

"Make it quick. For me, and my race." Shodai nodded. He took a step back, and placed his left arm in front of his right, both hands fully extended in a cross shape as he prepared to fire his infamous Spacium Ray.

"No!" Both Shodai and Baltan III turned to the source of the shout, and saw the arwings come between the two giant aliens. It was Krystal who spoke. "Shodai, you can't kill him."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because he is the last remaining adult of his kind. Without him, the children on that ship will die."

"Children?" Fox asked, turning to face the vixen. Krystal nodded.

"As they fought, I was able to touch the Baltan's mind. I saw its memories, and now I know, what it meant by calling Shodai a murderer. When the Baltans originally came to Earth, they were seeking a new home to call their own. You told us that they wanted to enslave all of the inhabitants of Earth, but that's not really happened, is it Steven?" she asked, turning a hard stare at the Space Patrolman. He looked away from her, then back at the saucer. "No. The fact is, they were refused permission to stay on Earth, and were told by the very human that you befriended to leave immediately, or else they would be destroyed. Isn't that what happened?" she asked. Again, Shodai didn't answer. He looked at the saucer as his mind raced back to that day.

A year ago on Earth: It was night at the building known as the Space Technical Center, where a UFO was reported to have been spotted. IT was also there that Science Patrol member Arashi had been possessed by the aliens. Ide and Hayata found their comrade, and what the alien possessing him had to say. "Space creature, why are you here on Earth?" Hayata asked.

"We of the star Baltan lost our home planet in a nuclear catastrophe. We were able to escape before our world was destroyed. While traveling through space, our ship lost its gravitational equilibrium, and we were forced to land here to repair it."

"Why did you choose to land here?" Hayata asked.

"Your technical center has the parts we need ion order to repair our ship." the possessed Arashi replied.

"Another thing. Why did you attack the people down in the center."

"It is obvious. Because they got in our way."

"Where do you plan on going now?" he asked.

"We were hoping that we could remain here on Earth, until our repairs are done and we can be on our way." There was a pause before Hayata replied.

"You can…" just then, the star-shaped emblem on the right breast side of Hayata's uniform went off. He pulled up the small radio antennae, and spoke to it. "This is Hayata."

"Hayata, this is the Captain." Muramatsu's voice replied. The commanding Officer of the Science Patrol was sitting at the controls of the super computer, while the commanding joint chiefs of staff were in the office beside him. "I just received orders to not let the aliens remain here."

"But sir, they only wish to repair their ship." Hayata argued. Just then, one of the officers took the communication device from Muramatsu, and spoke into it.

"Hayata, this is the commanding general of the JSDF. We will not let hostile forces settle here, for any reason. They attacked the people inside of the technical center, possibly killing them. I don't care if they claim it is in self-defense, the fact of the matter is that they attacked innocent people."

"But general, they just want to…"

"If they wanted the parts to repair their ship, then they could have asked us first, then come to an agreement."

'Like how you wanted to blow them out of the sky a few hours ago, general?' Muramatsu thought, his mind going back to the meeting four hours ago. Everyone in the room, save for the captain himself, wanted to find and attack the alien's ship. However, Muramatsu suggested communicating with the aliens first, rather than resort to violence. Well, he got what he wanted, but still the other leaders wanted to attack the aliens, and now it looks like they found the proper excuse.

"You have your new orders. You are to tell them to either leave, or face retaliation." As Hayata signed off, he wondered just how he was going to break this to the aliens. As he turned, the possessed Arashi raised a hand, as if to silence him.

"We have heard." he lowered his hand, and went on. "We should have known that you humans would refuse us. You always fear what you do not understand, wage war upon eachother, and commit atrocities numerously. We had hoped that you would be different."

"We're sorry, but you cannot remain here. Please, leave at once or you will be fired upon." Hayata replied, keeping his face as stoic as possible.

"We need those parts, and we will not leave until we get them. If we do not have those parts, we will not be able to leave this planet."

"I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do." Hayata replied. Just then, Arashi fainted, and he collapsed. Ide rushed to his side as a Baltan appeared from the doorway from the far right. Hayata turned to it, and threw his knife at it. It bounced off of the alien, and it retreated back into the shadows. Ide and Arashi were quick to retreat, but a new threat arrived, a gigantic Baltan the size of an office building stood up right in front of them. Hayata raised the Beta Capsule, and pressed the switch.

Present: As Shodai looked at the saucer, Krystal felt the memories that Shodai was digging up. "Yes, they were refused on Earth. And because of that, the Baltans reacted in a way that I should have seen coming. And, the war between me and them began."

"If you really wanted, you could have avoided it, couldn't you?" He looked at Krystal's arwing. "If you could have, you could have negotiated with the Baltans and the humans. You could have done something, rather than just destroy their whole race. But instead, you killed them all, leaving only one adult, and thousands of unborn eggs, just waiting to be hatched." Shodai cast his glowing eyes to the saucer, and came to only one conclusion. Fast as lightning, he sent a Shredding Halo at the ship. Baltan turned just in time to see the buzz-saw shaped ring fly home, and felt its heart stop. Then, it exploded just before reaching the saucer. Shodai dropped his pose, surprised at the sudden turn of events. Then Krystal's arwing floated in front of the giant, the vixen having determined look about her. "If you want to kill them, then you'll have to kill me too." Shodai was taken aback by this. "Yo don't know what it's like…to be the last of your kind. Even though I found out that I was not the last, for three whole years I believed my race was dead. You don't know how lonely that can be. That's why, I can't let you do this."

"I will not let them take over this planet." Shodai said.

"And I will not let you commit genocide!" Krystal shouted. Baltan III stood back up, still cradling its stump of an arm. It looked at the floating arwing in front of it, then began to walk forward. Shodai heard its footsteps, and turned to see the crippled invader advanced towards the arwing. He got into his battle stance, and prepared to finish the alien off.

"No!" Krystal said. Shodai turned to face her, then back at the advancing Baltan. "Don't hurt him, Steven. He's just going back to his ship. Please, let him pass. And then, there's something that I want you to do for me."

"And what's that?" the Space Patrolman asked. Baltan III was two steps away from the ship when he fell to his knees again, groaning in pain.

"I want you, to help the Baltans, like you should have the first time."

"What?" he asked.

"Do what you should have done from the beginning. Instead of ending them, help them to settle on another planet. Your kind has knowledge of space that far surpasses ours. Use that to help them. If you don't then I won't forgive you."

"Krystal, you don't understand. That thing will unleash its prodigy on this planet, and take over everything."

"You know that's not what it wants. If you have only patched things up from the beginning, this would not have happened. You committed genocide, leaving only him, and the unborn left. Now please, make up for what you've done. You can still put things right, but only if you help them here and now."

"Moving words, for a lesser evolved being." Baltan III said. Krystal turned her arwing to face the Baltan, and was surprised to see it standing up, as well as holding something in its claw. She could barely see it, but she could make out the greenish glow from it. However, Shodai recognized it right away.

"Krystal, get away from there!" he shouted, and got back into his Spacium Ray stance. Baltan III chuckled.

"Yes, you recognize this, don't you." he replied, taking a step forward. "This is the same monster that defeated you on Earth. This is the Space Dinosaur, Zetton!"

"Space…Dinosaur…" Krystal said, not comprehending what the alien was saying. However, Shodai understood perfectly.

"Listen, Baltan, if you let that thing loose, it will destroy not only the city, but also the saucer that holds your brood. And I'm pretty sure you don't want that to happen." Shodai did not drop his pose.

"That's right. I only brought this thing along as a last resort. In case you should defeat me, and there was no other way, I was going to unleash the one being powerful enough to defeat you. However, I have another idea." The Baltan placed the tiny capsule down in front of it. Then, it raised its claw, and with a loud shout, brought it crashing down on the capsule, smashing it and the figure inside into so much dust.

"What are you doing?" Shodai shouted.

"My people made the mistake of trying to reason with the better nature of the inhabitants of Earth. So instead, I'll try to appeal to your better nature." Baltan III fell to his knees once more. "As you can see, I am unable to fight back, and I just destroyed the only thing that can defeat you. All I want, is to see that my kind survive. So, what are you going to do now, Space Patrolman?" Shodai kept his pose, having an old-fashioned stare-down with the Baltan that kneeled before it. Then, gradually, his hands fell away to his sides. He moved towards the wounded Baltan, and knelt next to it. He placed a hand on its shoulders, and nodded at it. He turned to the Krystal's arwing, and nodded at her. She smiled broadly, and nodded back. "I must put the eggs back under. This will be the final time that I will be able to do so. Afterward, when next they hatch, they will do so unfailingly. This time, we must find a planet that we can inhabit. Will you help us?" Baltan III asked. Shodai nodded.

"I will."

"…thank you, Space Patrolman Shodai."

Several hours later: Although the damage to the city was extensive, repair crews were underway to undo it. However, it was not that, that the Star Fox team was focusing on. But rather, on the person standing in front of them, and the saucer that rested behind him. Steven, aka Shodai of the Space Garrison forces of M78, was saying farewell to the Star Fox team. "Are ya sure you have to go?" Slippy asked.

"I'm sure. My mission here, it seems, has been a success. I will send the Baltan to M78, where we will locate a suitable world for it to colonize, then escort it there. After that, I will be reassigned to another system."

"I guess this is goodbye then." Fox said, stepping forward and holding his hand out. Steven took it, and shook it firmly. "If you're ever around, don't hesitate to look us up." he said. Steven nodded, smiling slightly. He moved to Slippy, Falco, and Peppy, doing the same thing. He stopped in front of Krystal, and held his hand out. However, the cerulean vixen embraced him. She broke away, stepping back to where she was. Steven was caught a little off guard by this, but recovered.

"What about your race. You said that you wanted me to take you to your family." Krystal looked back at her teammates, who looked to her, and smiled warmly. She returned it, and looked back at the alien vulpine.

"I am with my family. However, I would like you to send a message to my family."

"Oh? And what message may that be?" Steven asked, smiling in an amused manner. Krystal relied, a tear forming in her eye.

"Tell them…that I am doing fine." Steven nodded, looked at the Star Fox team.

He took a step back, and raised his Beta Capsule. He pressed a switch, and there was a great flash of light and a loud whooshing sound. Standing before them, was Steven's true form of the being from M78, Shodai. He was only six feet tall, but he never lost his sense of power. He turned around, and nodded at the saucer. The, a humming came from the saucer, and it began to rise into the air. It floated into the sky just as Shodai turned once more to face the Star Fox team. He reached for his warning light, where it flashed once, then pushed his hand out. An object no bigger than a marble floated from him, and into Krystal's hands. She took it, and saw it was the same communication device that General Pepper had given to him. She looked up at the red and silver alien warrior. "In case you find yourself in a position where you know you can't defeat the enemy on your own, remember that you have powerful allies who are willing to stand beside you." Krystal smiled again, and nodded. Shodai nodded as well, and looked up. "SHUWATCH!" he flew up into the air, with the saucer following close behind. The team continued to look on, even long after the two became specks against the sky, then disappeared into the vast reaches of space. Krystal held the diamond-shaped item in her furry paw, with one thought going through her head.

'Arigato, Steven. Goodbye.'