Chapter 5

A bomb

A house in St Binah.

For the viewers who haven't been keeping up...well sucks to be you, but by obligation I am forced to tell you what happened last time on loser.

Last time our hero Kettei was invited into a home of a mysterious woman, Pol was being an ass as usual and there was an awesome vase on the table in the middle of the room, blue and white with a perfect rim.

"Nice house you got here!" Kettei smiled at the young girl as tilted her head.

"I never thought I would get complement by trash, thank you." The brown haired girl smiled as she sat across Kettei.

Apparently they were in the main living room, a large couch that Kettei and Pol was setting on was relatively average.

A small ticking sound echoed through the room, one must wonder where it was coming from, did I mention how awesome that Vase was?

"I'm not trash, anyway, do you live alone?" Kettei asked the girl as the small tadpole rolled his eyes.

"What kind of dumb question is that?" Pol grunted.

To everyone else he sounded like a monster growling, to Kettei he sounded like a smart ass.

"Shut up Pol, anyway, you live alone right?" Kettei said trying to dismiss her own out burst.

"Yep, parents dead!" The girl said with a smile on her face.

Tick, tick,

The ticking noise got louder as Kettei sighed.

"Wow that sucks..."

Apparently Kettei thought that was appropriate response to dead parents syndrome, but as Kettei knew from the script, a lot of people had dead parents syndrome, it would probably be easier to find people with dead parents then living ones, did I mention how awesome that Vase is?

"So, what do you do for a living?" Kettei asked, trying to make small talk.

"Nothing, I have nothing, and I am good at nothing..." Once again the girl continued to smile.

Tick, tick.

The ticking noise continued to grow, and wow that is an awesome Vase!

"I'm sensing some emotional scars here, as the hero of this story, I shall solve all of your problems!" Kettei put her hand on her chest, as if she was some sort of hero.

The brown haired girl smile turned into a grin, a creepy grin, the kind of grin that would keep small children up at night due to nightmares, and did I mention how beautiful and well crafted that Vase was, and have you noticed how I keep capitalizing it?

Tick, Tick.

The ticking became almost unbearable as Kettei sighed.

"What is that noise..." Kettei asked as the brown haired girl shrugged.

"You know, being average is a horrible thing, no matter how much you work at something someone will just blow you away without even trying... it's a shame that you had to come visit this night Miss trash."

Creepy, that was the only thing that could describe it, creepy, unfortunately for us Kettei had a special ability that made her immune to such tell tale signs, it was called idiocy.

"Hmm, being average isn't to bad, I mean no one ever pays attention to you and your in a perfect place in the world." Kettei pointed out.

"Um, dumbass, I think we should get out of here, something isn't right about this chick." Pol said as Kettei simply laughed.

"Silly Pol, how crazy can a teenage girl be?" Kettei said, not knowing how foolish that phrase was.

Tick Tick, The sound continued, also it's been a while since I talked about the Vase, it is , and no I did not look that up...

"Yes, tonight will be my last night alive." The brown haired girl started to laugh as Kettei got a confused look on her face.

"Hmm, I don't think a meteor will hit your house anytime soon." Kettei pointed out as the ticking got louder.

"No, nothing like that, this house is set to explode, alas all the doors are locked from the inside, there is no way out.." Heartlessly the girl smiled as Pols eyes widened.

By Yulia, it's a bomb in this house!" Pol yelled as Kettei tilted her head.

"A bomb..." A rather dull reaction one would call it, but a reaction non the less from our epic hero.

"There is no escape, make your time Miss trash." The brown haired girl smiled, forgetting the window that was all over.

"Okay, idiot, we just need to jump out one of the windows and we're home free." The tadpole like creature yelled as Kettei crossed her arms.

"No way, we need to find this bomb and disarm it!"

Kettei yelled this, not realizing she had no idea where the bomb was, or how to disarm it, or what a bomb even look like, unless it was a black orb with a string attached to it.

"Are you insane?" Pol yelled as Kettei shook her head.

"No, but I am stupid and people just love those kind of heroes!" Kettei replied causing the brown haired girl to smile again.

"The bomb is in the Vase." She blurted out causing an gasp from both Pol and Kettei.

"Whoa, I totally did not see that coming!" Kettei replied.

"Yeah, new and original!" Pol added.

The amazing Vase in the middle of the table was ticking, as Kettei looked inside the large container.

It was the kind of bomb that wasn't from our world, a fonic bomb one would say, to bad Kettei didn't have fonic artes, so she was kind of stuck looking like an idiot.

"Hmm, I have no idea how to stop it." Kettei crossed her arms as Pol eye twitched.

"Oh my, it looks like we only have thirty seconds before the bomb goes off, how wonderful." The brown said In a dream like manner.

"I have an idea." Kettei pounded her hands together as Pol sighed,

"What is it?" The monster asked as Kettei winked.

"Just watch!"

Without hesitation, or thought or using basic human problem solving, Kettei grabbed the suicidal girl as her eyes widened.

"Um, Miss trash, what are yo-" The girl couldn't finish her statement as Kettei used her legendary technique.

"Kettei throw!" With one mighty movement Kettei tossed the brown haired girl out the window, glass shattered as a large thud was heard.

"Come on Pol, we need to get out of here, I'm glad I thought of jumping out the window!" Kettei smiled as the small monster glared at her.


With those words, Kettei grabbed the small monster and jumped out the window in a rather amazing fashion...only to land flat on her face...hey we can't make her to competent can we?

As soon as the made their not so great escape, a large explosion followed after them, the house went up in a crimson flame as Kettei, Pol and the brown haired girl looked on in awe, and disappointment, oh and with a hint of glee.

"Well, you could say, that house has been...foreclosed." Kettei smiled, wishing she had sunglasses.

"Shut up, this was a terrible experience, and it's all your fault!" Pol screamed as Kettei shrugged.

"Oh, well, I recommend we get out of here before the military comes and checks this out." Kettei pointed out as the moon shined on the three fools.

"Hmm, that was a disappointment." The brown haired girl sighed as Kettei smiled.

"Would you like to come with us suicidal girl?" Kettei asked as the brown haired girl shrugged.

"Very well, it's not like I have anything planed for the rest of my life, with my whole house blowing up and what not." The brown haired girl then smiled.

"Maybe I'll die along the way!" She clapped as Kettei gave her the thumbs up.

"That's the spirit, now new party member, what is your name?"

"It is Heikin... I know such an average name." Heikin smiled as Kettei pumped her fist.

"Are you ready to go on an adventure, to help save the world and get my mommy and daddy to love me!" Kettei asked as Heikin smiled.

"Sure why not..."

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