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Crowley and Emery were house hunting in Florida.


One; it's a whole lot warmer in Florida during the winter time, but it does get chilly. And it's pretty much summer all year round, except for those few months that get cold. Two; it is close to Christmas, and they'd rather not spend Christmas in a motel nor a hotel. And three; Emery deserves to grow up in a house, not some motel they find on their way around the world.

Crowley does have money; lots of it.

"How 'bout this one?" Crowley asked Emery, who was in his arms, enthusiastically.

She shook her head. "No."

Crowley sighed. That was the 15th house she has said no to. They were all good looking homes, too.

They go to another house that was for sale. Crowley quite liked this one more than the others. It was painted a soft blue color, with white windows and roof, and the grass was extremely green. "This one?"

Emery looked over the house for a few minutes then looked up at Crowley with a smile and nodded.

He smiled at that answer. He then walked up to the sign with the owner's number on it and jotted it down on a piece of paper he had in his pocket.

"We won't be able to move right away, but we will be in a house for Christmas." he told the baby softly. He really hoped they would be in that house before Christmas.


Three days later, they were in that house. The house was beautiful on the inside. The livingroom was spacious. They had bought a black leather couch, chairs, and a black wooden coffee table. They would have gone with a glass table, but Emery being a baby and all, it could break and she could get hurt. The kitchen had wooden cabinets and ceramic counter tops. There was a wooden table in the dining room, which was right next to the kitchen, under a beautiful chandelier. The bathroom was all tile, and the sink had a ceramic counter top also. Emery's bedroom was painted a soft grey, almost white, with blue curtains. Her crib had grey sheets with a blue blanket. Her changing table was a soft blue, which was next to her dresser, which her dresser was a soft blue. The master bedroom, or Crowley's bedroom, was filled with light red and grey. The curtains, sheets, and dresser were red, and the comforter, ceiling, and walls were black. He felt right at home.


In the middle of the night, Emery woke up crying. Crowley walked into her room and walked over to the crib. He saw that her blanket was clutched tightly to her chest, and her teddy bear was right near her head. He ran his hand through her curly hair. "What is it darling?" she immediately stopped crying and raised her arms up, still holding onto the blue blanket. He picked her up with a sigh. "I assume you don't need a diaper change?" he asked her jokingly. She just gave him a look, then pointed toward Crowley's room. "You want to sleep in the big bed?" she nodded. He grabbed the teddy bear out of the crib and walked to his room and put her down on the bed. He laid the blanket over her and handed her the teddy bear. "I trust you'll sleep better here for a few nights?" all he got for a response was a yawn. He chuckled softly and leaned to kiss her forehead. "Goodnight, Emery."

My life has certainly changed. Never expected to be taking care of a baby.

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