Disclaimer: I do not own Sengoku Basara otherwise I would have given Ichi a happy ending in the movie. (I would have rather made her have an ending like her red route than her freaking green/violet route)

Warning: this fanfic makes use the English version of Sengoku Basara 3 (aka Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes) so there would be no Japanese suffixes. Each chapter is a oneshot (unless said otherwise) tackling different Oichi pairings. For this chapter, the main pairing is YukiIchi but there is a hint of MitsuIchi (otherwise known as Darkness Colored Combo in pixiv) and maybe YoshiIchi (or just plain manipulative Yoshitsugu)

Author's Notes: So this idea of a series of oneshots came to me when I realized I had a lot of oneshot ideas involving Oichi (I am really, really gay for her -laughs-) and I decided to just keep all of it in the same story. This oneshot was greatly inspired by the scene in Oichi's blue route wherein she tried to show Mitsunari her wounds and Mitsunari simply went tsun-tsun on her (probably obsessing over Lord Happy again). Anyway, I thought it would be cute if somebody covered her hands with pink bandages and the first person that I thought of was Yukimura since he's such a nice guy. Anyway, hope you enjoy this little oneshot.



Oichi of the Western Army: Bandages


"Lady Oichi!" Oichi turned her head to where the voice had come from and saw the young general of the Takeda forces running towards her.

She swayed as she turned and greeted in a soft sweet voice, "Hello, little tiger. How may I help you?"

Yukimura's cheeks lightly reddened at the nickname but shook his head. Oichi tilted her head to the side as she continued to stare at the young tiger of Kai. Yukimura took out a roll of pink bandages and offered them to Oichi, "Here, Lady Oichi."

Oichi stared at the roll of bandages for a moment before turning her eyes back to Yukimura. With a soft slightly confused voice, Oichi asked, "What a cute bandage. Is the little tiger hurt? Would you like me to cover it for you?"

"Huh? N-n-n-no." Yukimura shook his head furiously.

Oichi looked saddened as she asked, "Do you not like me? Am I not enough?"

"T-t-t-that's not it, Lady Oichi." Yukimura immediately replied, shaking his head once more. When Oichi continued to look like she was about to cry, Yukimura panicked and began to rant, "If I get hurt, I would like it if Lady Oichi was to bandaged me! I mean- That's- I-"

Oichi gave a big smile and said softly, "Truly? That makes me so happy. Now, let me cover your wounds, little tiger. Don't worry. I will properly cover it."

"Thank you, Lady Oichi!" Yukimura almost handed the roll to the young woman when he remembered what he had wanted to do in the first place. Yukimura shook his head and shouted, "Ah! What am I doing? Focus, Yukimura!"

Yukimura stared at Oichi intently as he explained, "This isn't for me, Lady Oichi. This is for you."

Oichi tilted her head once more and asked, "For me?"

Yukimura gently took Oichi's hands. They were covered with gashes and bruises. Yukimura's eyes softened as he explained, "I heard you talking to Lord Mitsunari about these wounds."

Oichi stared at her battered hands and said, "Lord Grumpy didn't look. Even though I did my best…"

"Lady Oichi..." Yukimura stared at the woman in front of him. When he saw her in the battle field, it had been a scary sight. She looked vacant, almost as if she was empty, as the shadow hands surrounding her flung the enemy soldiers away from her. She seemed so different from that time right now. She looked fragile, innocent and... sad...

Yukimura began to roll the bandage over her left hand as he explained softly, "Lord Mitsunari has a lot of things to do right now. He is a great leader, unlike me."

"Little tiger is a great leader too." Oichi said, staring at Yukimura's hands as he began to cover her left hand firmly but gently at the same time. Yukimura seemed surprised at Oichi's words but Oichi simply continued, unaware of the effect her words had to the young tiger, "Everyone listens and believes little tiger. They like little tiger. I know. I see it."

Yukimura was greatly surprised at that. He never expected Oichi to see such thing. He didn't even expect that Oichi had been looking at him. A grateful and lightly embarrassed smile appeared on Yukimura's face as he said, "Thank you, Lady Oichi... for looking at me."

Oichi looked at Yukimura and replied in the same voice she had been using the entire time, "You're welcome, little tiger."

Yukimura made a knot before turning his attention to Oichi's other hand. They remained silent as Yukimura began to cover her other hand. He found the silence comforting and a smile appeared on his face. Oichi tilted her head and asked, "Are you happy, little tiger?"

Yukimura was surprised at the question but he nodded. When she saw him nod, Oichi asked, "Why are you happy?"

"I guess..." Yukimura tried to think of an answer to Oichi's question. With a sheepish grin, Yukimura answered, "I guess I like Lady Oichi's company."

Oichi stared at Yukimura with a blank expression. Yukimura made a knot to secure the bandages and turned to look at Oichi. He gave her a grin and announced, "There. All done."

Oichi looked at her bandaged hands silently before turning her attention to Yukimura. She thanked him softly, "Thank you, little tiger."

"You're welcome, Lady Oichi." Yukimura tucked the remaining roll in his pants before saying in a small shy voice, "Um... if Lady Oichi would like..."

"If I would like...?" Oichi repeated Yukimura's words, waiting for the young tiger to continue.

"If you get more wounds, I would be happy to cover them for you." Yukimura said.

"Okay." Oichi nodded at Yukimura's suggestion and said, "And, if the little tiger would like, I would cover your wounds for you as well."

Yukimura nodded at Oichi's words. Before they could continue their conversation, Sasuke appeared behind Yukimura and said, "General. We need you at the barracks immediately."

Yukimura looked at his trusted shinobi and nodded, "Very well."

He turned back to Oichi and bowed before saying, "Please excuse me, Lady Oichi. I must go now."

"Take care, little tiger." Oichi said and Yukimura nodded. He turned around ran to where the barracks where. Sasuke glanced at her once before disappearing. Oichi looked down on her hands and smiled, "Such a sweet little tiger. So sweet and vibrant... such a big and warm fire, he has..."

Oichi fell on her knees and continued with a lower voice, "But I can't be close to him. I might get burnt by that flame."

She stared at where Yukimura had been standing just moments ago. Soon enough, a shadow hand appeared from her right side and patted her head. She leaned towards the touch and closed her eyes, caressing the bandage around her left hand with her right hand as she began to sing the nursery rhyme she was most familiar with.

"There you are, my dear. I have been looking for you." A gentle older man's voice made Oichi open her eyes and turn to look behind her. Floating towards her was a man covered in bandages sitting on a floating chair. Yoshitsugu noticed her bandaged hands and asked, "Where did you get those bandages, my dear? Did Mitsunari give them to you?"

He had asked because he remembered that he saw Mitsunari early holding a roll of pink bandages. He did not ask what the bandages were for but he had been curious to why the dark king was carrying such a... cute thing.

"Lord Grumpy did not give them to me." Oichi replied, turning away from Yoshitsugu. She didn't want to tell him about the sweet young tiger. He might take him away from her as well... like how he took the little white bird away.

Realizing that the young woman wasn't going to say anything else, Yoshitsugu simply sighed and said, "Very well. Come now, my dear. It is time for you to inflict your misery upon others once more."

Oichi slowly got up and walked towards him in a slow, trance-like movement as she asked, "Am I going to pick flowers again?"

"Yes." Yoshitsugu replied gently, as if talking to a child.

"If I pick a lot of flowers..." Oichi began to follow Yoshitsugu as she asked, "Would Lord Grumpy be pleased?"

"I am certain Mitsunari would be pleased, my dear. If you picked a lot of flowers for him, he will be extremely pleased." Yoshitsugu replied gently as he led Oichi towards the gate.

"Then I shall pick lots and lots of flowers." Oichi nodded at those words and followed the bandaged man.

"I will pick lots of flowers to please Lord Grumpy."