Plane ride and Concerts

On the plane ride home.

Everyone had made it safely out of the sea and back onto land. They immediately had to take a plane back home seeing they were late for their international music awards. Alvin was glad to be the crazy one again. He had already lost himself in the captain's area. Brittney was glad to be the pretty one again, looking at a magazine with a picture of her on the front cover. Eleanor was getting craftier. She had made Theodore a costume of the jungle monster from a barf bag. Then there was Theodor who was over his fears of jungle monsters. He was running around in his costume trying to scare the other passengers at the same time, showing off Eleanor's work.

It was obvious that they were all going to get with each other one day. Alvin with Brittney and Theodore with Eleanor, though they just weren't as quick to notice as Simon and Jeanette were. They were just glad to have each other.

The two chipmunks watched their brothers and sisters go back to normal, playing around with each other. Simon and Jeanette sat on the thick window ceil. Jeanette was leaning against Simon while he had his arms wrapped around her. They turned and looked out the window, watching the clouds pass by below them. They were just day dreaming about the day they just had and about one another.

"Hey Simon." Jeanette said in a whisper.

"Yeah Jean?" he replied.

"I just wanted say, I love you. In case I didn't say it through all my rumbled words"

"Don't worry; you made your self clear. I love you too."

Simon held her chin and pulled her closer to him and kissed her soft lips. Jeanette leaned more into Simon and he held her tighter. They shut the blind to the window so no one could see them except for their silhouette. Then they fell asleep like that the whole ride.

-At the International Music Awards-

Everyone had made it just in time for the awards and was now getting ready for their big concert. Simon had finished early, seeing no need to look 100% perfect in make-up and other stuff. He simply wore his blue tie and his ironed black dress jacket. He walked to the equipment behind the curtain and got his head set on preparing for later.

He was just getting the set on his head when he heard someone clear their throat. He turned around to see a beautiful Jeanette dressed in a very sparkly purple dress with glitter on her face and purple eye shadow. He stared at her with his mouth hanging open.

"So what do you think?"

Simon shook his head, snapping out of it. "Absolutely gorgeous."

"Thanks, you look quite handsome yourself."

"Why thank you my lady." He said bowing to her. She curtsied back.

Then they just stared into each other's eyes loving again. They kissed again, happy that they could now do that knowing that the other loved them.

"So was there something you wanted?"

"Actually yes. Did Alvin tell you when Simone danced with me in the rain?"

"Yes, it was one of the things I really wish I remember."

"Well I was thinking, could I dance with you, as Simon this time?"


Simon grabbed her hand and started twirling her around and tossing her in the air like before. He never knew he could dance like that. Usually he just followed the choreographer; he never danced like this by himself. He guessed it was just his inner Simone calling out. He loved how easy Jeanette fit into the dance and it was so easy for her. She was just perfect.

Just then Alvin, Theodore, Brittney, and Eleanor walked in all set and ready to get their own head set till they saw those two dancing again.

"Oh come on, not again," Alvin complained.

"You could trip on a wire or seriously hurt someone," said Brittney.

"Come on guys we are about to go on," said Eleanor.

"Simon!" yelled Theodore.

All of them thought they were really cute but thought now wasn't a good time or place to be dancing like this.

Simon and Jeanette just ignored them and focused their attention on dancing and holding one another closely.

"We are on in 2 minutes!" yelled the manager.

Simon twirled Jeanette to where she was suppose to be and tossed her to her purple star. He blew her a kiss and ran off to his position. The rest of the concert went on perfectly. Simon and Jeanette got to dance again on stage. They couldn't wait to go back home and school, as finally a couple. They would stay that way for quite some time.

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