AN: This takes place 5 years after the Tropic Thunder fiasco ok? So keep this in mind...

Viola Armstrong was busy pacing back and forth at her Los Angeles apartment building, anxiously waiting for a faxed copy of the script her agent Rick Peck had promised her.

Maybe he's busy with Tugg.

She still had no idea why Peck had not only Tugg Speedman as a client, but had hired her as well. Her resume wasn't as impressive as Tugg's, for she had joined the movie scene from her time at broadway just about 2 years ago when she filmed her first movie, The Science of Love. She wasn't an action star like Tugg...yet. So, she had hoped this next role would make her an action star almost like Kate Beckinsale from the Underworld movies.

Maybe then I can get the respect I deserve and people can overlook the fact I was the 'singing and dancing' type of actress...

Beeeeep Beeeep

Viola's fax machine went off and saw multiple sheets of paper slowly emerge from it as she picked up each sheet one by one. She looked at the cover, which read The Aztec Revenge. As she gathered the rest of the script, 'LA Woman' by The Doors, her cellphone ringtone, went off.

"Hello?" she answered in her smooth natural speaking voice

"Hey ya' Purple eyes" the voice of Rick Peck said on the other line.

She rolled her eyes "Frank Sinatra was called 'Old Blue Eyes' so now I'm called 'Purple eyes'?"

"Well, why not sweetheart? You do have purple eyes, which are beautiful by the way."

Great she thought sarcastically Now my agents hitting on me

"Okay Peck, what is it?" she asked impatently "I'm not in the mood to be flirted with"

"You got the copy of the script?" Rick asked her, all of a sudden turning professional

"Yes I did, thank you. Damn, being an Aztec Queen is gonna be awesome!" Viola added excitedly "I'm so glad the people at the audition liked me enough to give me this role."

"Well why wouldn't they like you, Purps? You actually did your homework by studying the Aztec culture, and learning their language."

"Yeah" she said proudly

"Hey, tonight's the cast party at the Caesers Palace Ballroom in Vegas at eight o clock, and you and Tuggboat need to go to that thing to promote this movie."

"Uh...sure" Viola responded uneasily

God, I hate those casting parties. There's always boring people there! Well...except for Kevin

She briefly thought about her friend Kevin Sandusky who was with her while filimng her first movie along with his girlfriend, and her best friend, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"Don't worry, Purps." Rick comforted, knowing how she didnt like those parties "You'll get to meet the guy who plays your fellow royal husband and its best if you get to know him now becasue later on, you're gonna have to do a sex scene with him in the movie."

Viola blushed "I thought this was gonna focus on the historical aspect of the Aztecs and Cortez!"

"This is Hollywood Vi, directors always stretch the actual truth. Besides, I think all kings and Queens over time have done each other at least once."

Mind as well get to know the dude, then. Viola thought to herself after she let out a sigh.

She belived 'making love' was something sacred that should be exchanged towards two people who loved each other. Hopefully her dramatic action roles after this movie wont make her do those types of scenes anymore...

"Fine." Viola said with some hesitation "I'll be there"

Later on that night, Viola's chauferr arrived at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and she stepped out of the car slowly, absorbing the party atmosphere around her. She walked into the open glass doors and found a whole bunch of people she didnt recognize dancing, chatting etcetera with the multicolored lights all around her flashing to the techo music. She felt a bit uncomfortable until she finally found someone she knew.

Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"Jenny! Jenny!"

Jennifer turned her head towards the sound of her name being called and smiled once she spotted Viola.


The two women ran towards each other and gave each other big hugs.

"Oh my god, how are you? You look great!"

"Thanks" Jennifer said humbly

For being a sucessful TV and movie actress, she was a very humble person and both Viloa and Jennifer's boyfriend Kevin repected and liked her because of that.

"Are you in this movie too?" Viola asked

"No, I'm actually with Kevin. He's the one who's gonna be in the movie."

"Oh, cool! Where is he?" Viola asked as she scanned the room for her friend.

"He's talking with his old cast members over there in the corner" Jennifer said as she pointed towards a group of four men.

As the beautiful women walked across the dance floor to meet Kevin, a few men turned their heads towards them, making them feel uncomfortable. Viola was as humble as Jennifer when it came to her looks, body, skill...pretty much everything about her. Jennifer hugged her boyfriend from behind and kissed his cheek. Kevin Sandusky smiled and blushed a slight pink color and faced his lovely girlfriend.

"Hey babe"

"Hey cutie, look who I ran into."

Kevin turned his head towards the familiar brunette and smilled



The two friends laughed and hugged each other happily

"How long has it been?"

"About two years, I think" Viola said "Jenny told me you're gonna be in the movie too"

"Yeah, I am" Kevin said proudly "At now I can at least know theres gonna be a normal familiar cast member"

"Normal? What, I am not normal enough for you, Candisky?" a voice said

Viola turned her attention towards a man with hip hop gear and a medallian around his neck with the name engraved with diamonds 'Alpa Chino'. Viola recognized him from the music video for his new hit 'Stripper Juice'

Kevin rolled his eyes, annoyed by his cast member "Five years has past and you still can't get my name right?"

"You've known each other for five years?" Viola asked

"Yeah, I met him during our Tropic Thunder adventure back in '07." Kevin replied, shuddering a bit from what happened.

Viola remembered that story he told her. He and four of his cast members were stuck in Veitnam and Tugg Speedman got kidnapped by Flaming Dragon, the Laotian heroin processors, for ransom money. It was the scariest thing Kevin had ever been through, but it made him appriciate life back at the states once he and the guys got back.

"This fucking Aztec movie better not make us go through that Tropic Thunder shit again" Alpa commented

"I doubt it will Alpa," a male voice said to him.

Viola turned towards the voice and recognized the speaker as Tugg Speedman. She would always see his old 'Scorcher' posters all around Rick Peck's office as well as his commercials for Gatorade. Kevin was suddenly called by a few promoters so he and Jennifer left, leaving Viola with her new co-stars.

Tugg turned his attention to Viola and smiled a friendly smile. "Hey, I'm Tugg Speedman"

"Viola Armstrong" she said kindly "I'm gonna be playing the Aztec Queen"

"Oh that's cool," Tugg began "because I'm being Hernado Cortez"

"Ah, the enemy of me and the king."

"Yeah, so watch out or else I'll wipe out you're civilization!" Tugg joked with a laugh.

Viola fell silent towards the dark joke and quickly noticed the heavy set blonde man next to him

"Hi, I'm Viola"

"HEY FUCKER GIVE ME MY PACKAGE!" Jeff Portnoy yelled towards a guy with a yellow bandana.

"Uh...Jeff?" Tugg asked uneasily "Our co-star is talking to you."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jeff" Jeff said hurriedy, not even looking at Viola "GIVE ME THAT FUCKING PACKAGE!" he yelled as he chased the bandana man across the club.

Viola stood there,awkwardly and unsure of what to do "So...who's he gonna be?"

"One of my Spanish conquistadores" Tugg said

" who's gonna be my king?"

"That pretty boy Kirk is." Tugg said "Hey Kirk! I found your Queen!"

A slightly taller man turned his head towards the sound of his name from a few feet away and Viola felt a certain school girl giddiness as she saw who was going to play her king.

"Who is he?" she asked, almost in a dreamlike manner

She was obviously impressed by his bright blonde hair, stunningly blue eyes, strong jaw structure and very handsome features not only on his face but his body as well.

"Kirk Lazarus The brilliant, yet insane method actor as he had been called by all the tabloids." Tugg replied

Huh...I've heard of him and his 'bad boy antics', but never actually saw him...

Kirk noticed the beautiful violet-eyed smoky eye-shadowed female next to Tugg as he approched him.

"G'day Tugg. You called me?"

An Australian...interesting Viola thought.

"Yeah, this is Viola Armstrong."

Kirk focused his attnetion towards his new female co-worker "'re my Aztec Queen?"

"Yeah." She replied

"Since I am the king, we mind as well get to know each ohter, shouldn't we?"

For being a bad boy, he looks pretty good and well behaved

"Yes we shall"


Tugg noticed his girlfriend Christine calling him and approached her. Viola noticed Alpa already lost intrest in his new costar and continued talking with his posse. She was left with Kirk.

The two silent costars watched the people on the dance floor for a while until Viola broke the silence

" dance?"

"Yes" Kirk replied "I had to learn to prepare for my role in 'Blood Sweat and Tears'"

"That's funny because I used to be on broadway." Viola said "So are you sure you were a good enough dancer?"

Kirk looked offended "I won an academy award for that role!"

"You probably did a good job then..."

"I did!"

"Prove it then." Viola said with a flirty wink

I love teasing the hot guys...

Kirk squinted his bright blue eyes at her suspiciously, even though he couldn't deny he enjoyed her teasing.

"I'll show you then..."

Kirk took her hand, feeling challenged to prove himself a worthy dancer since he always liked to show off his skills. The two dancers went to the dance floor as a new song was playing. Kirk took Viola by the hands and the couple danced to the rhythm of the rock song that was playing

I hold on so nervously to me and my drink. I wish it was cooling me But so far, has not been good. It s been shitty and I feel awkward, as I should This club has got to be the most pretentious thing since I thought you and me. Well I am imagining a dark lit place or your place or my place

The crowd around the dancers cheered and cheered for them as Kirk held Viola's waist as shehad her back to him and moved her hips to the song

Well I m not paralyzed but, I seem to be struck by you. I want to make you move because you re standing still.
If your body matches what your eyes can do you ll probably move right through me on my way to you

"You know, this isn't broadway dancing" Viola said slyly to her handsome dance partner as the music continued

"I know" he said just as slyly "I was just curious if you were telling the truth"

"Of course I was telling the truth. Why would I lie?" she asked curiously as Kirk twirled her

"Normally pretty women lie about their past"

She stopped dancing and smiled shyly at him "Thanks"

The Aussie smiled a little back at her and continued dancing with her.

Well I m not paralyzed but, I seem to be struck by you. I want to make you move because you re standing still If your body matches what your eyes can do you ll probably move right through me on my way to you

Well I m not paralyzed but, I seem to be struck by you. I want to make you move because you re standing still If your body matches what your eyes can do you ll probably move right through me on my way to you

You ll probably move right through Me on my way to you

You ll probably move right through Me on my way to you

You ll probably move right through Me on my way to you

Once the night was over, Viola decided to catch a ride with Kevin and Jennifer. As they were saying 'bye' to everyone, she found Kirk and approached him

"Well Mr. Lazarus, tongiht was a rather interesting night, wasn't it?"


"Nice neeting you" Viola said as she held out her hand for him to shake

Kirk shook her hand as Kevin called her "VI! C'mon!"

"So...I'll see you tomorrow?" she asked Kirk

"Yes you will"

"Alright, goodnight then"

"'Night Viola"

As Viola and kirk walked their seperate ways, Viola looked back to glance at Kirk, impressed by the handsome Aussie she had met, and blushed like a school girl. Kirk, meanwhile, noticed his new female co-star with a wondering eye as well, impressed by not only her beauty but impressed by her completely.

She doesn't seem like the typical rookie actress...

Which was something he didn't mind at all.

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