At 4:30 the next morning, Viola woke up to the sound of her alarm buzzing right in her ear


The annoying beeping lasted a few seconds before Viola silenced it by pressing the snooze button with her fist. She got up, in a bad mood, took a quick shower, got dressed and headed out the door with many bags of luggage in her two hands. She decended down the stairs with difficulty and found an airport shuttle waiting for her. The driver helped her with her bags an opened the door for her as she got in.

"Thank you" she said sleepily, but still nicely to the dirver.
At least there are nice people before sunrise

About 20 minutes later, the shuttle arrived at the airport and the driver once again helped the actress with her luggage by putting them with the luggage people as she made her way towards the private jet that was waiting for her and her co-stars. She stepped up the many steps, shivereing from the early morning cold and went inside the toasty jet. There she found Jeff snoring on a retractable couch, Alpa drinking some coffee, and Kevin alseep in his seat.

"G' Morning Viola"

She turned her head to the left and found Kirk sitting on an aisle seat, all bundled up and looking very cozy.

"Morning Kirk"

She was about to walk off when he stopped her " can have the window seat if ya' like"


Kirk got up from his seat and allowed the actress to sit down. Once he sat back down, she pulled out her script again.

"Listen, I want to apologize for yesterday" Kirk said to her

She focused her attention towards him and he continued with his apoligy

"I didn't want to make it seem I was pushing you away. I know you were just being friendly asking me to go over the script with you."

Viola smiled kindly at his honest apology "It's alright. I wont hold a grudge against you for that"

"I'm glad"

Viola snuggled in her seat and leaned her head against the airplane window. "I think i'm gonna catch some Z's. I didn't sleep well"

"Me neither" Kirk said in a deep voice as he yawned and stretched his arms up ward. "Damn jet lag is kept me from sleeping"

Viola didn't answer for she was already fast asleep. Kirk soon joined a few mintues later.

About 2 hours later, Viola woke up and noticed Kirk still asleep, so she decided to read her script quietly and study it as she listened to her Ipod.

Well show me, the way to the next Whisky Bar. Oh dont ask why Oh dont ask why...

She read a scene with montezuma talking to his Queen about bearing a child.

"Why have you not bore me a child?" Montezuma's line read "I must have an heir to my throne"

"I'm afriad i cant do it. You have been busy with our guests that we don't have the time to create our son"

"Let us try then..."

Viola blushed madly and quickly turned the page, knowing what was going to happen next.

And the king is sitting right next to me...

She continued reading the script and found out Jeff's character betrays them and gives them to Cortez in exchange for Montezuma's daughter.

But that's not historically accurate... Viola thought to herself

"Hey Violet"

The actress turned her head and noticed Jeff right behind her "It's Viola"

"Viola, whatever the fuck, are you reading the script?"

"Yeah" she said "Your character betrays the king and I in exchange for our daughter"

Jeff looks pleased "Nice! I get to get laid"

"Gee, thanks Jeff."

The jet suddenly began to feel shaky and Kirk blinked his eyes open, awaking from his nap.

"Are we getting turbulence?" he asked Jeff and Viola

"It seems like it" she answered

Pffft the speaker went as the pilot of the jet made his annoucement

"Uh guys, this is the pilot speaking. We're gonna have some strong turbulence so be prepared ok?"

Kirk sat up in his seat and prepared for the turbulence.

"God I hate this" Viola complained "They always freak me into thinking the planes gonna crash..."

Meanwhile in the cockpit, Steve, the pilot noticed that the reason why the airplane was shaky was because, not because of turbulence

But because the airplane was already running out of gas.

SHIT! he thought to himself What the hell? I thought it was already full!

He then remembered the two guys that often filled the private jets with gas, the rookies of the airline crew, thought they were finished and left early.

Sons of Bitches...


The alarm went off loudly in the cockpit as the gas meter in in front of him blinked a birght red and the meter's arrow pointed to 'Empty'. He hastily got the microphone again and made his annoucement...

"Guys, I got some bad news and worse news."

"Crap" Tugg cursed

"The bad news is...the plane's running low on gas. The wrose thing is that more than likely, the plane is gonna fall straight, nose first..."

"Nose first?" Jeff asked "Airplanes have noses?"

"No!" Viola said panicky "The airplanes gonna land head first...WHICH WILL CRASH THE PLANE!"

"Don't planes have parachutes or floaties under the seat or some shit?" Alpa asked the group of actors.

Viola and Kirk frantically looked under the seats and found yellow floaties as they pulled the red tab

"Are we gonna be sinking into water?" Jeff yelled at the pilot

The plane suddenly began to drop even faster and faster until the actor's stomachs felt queezy like on a roller coaster drop.

"Oh shit!" Tugg yelled


Steve, came out of the cockpit frantically to face the actors himself "Guys, go check in the back closet!"

The actors all ran to the back of the plane where the supply closet was and checked for the parachutes. Steve meanwhile, being a selfish bastard, found the only parachute on the plane and jumped out of the sinking plane. Viola noticed the door open and dashed towards him as he jumped off


"GOD DAMN YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLE!" She yelled enraged by what she had just whitnessed. She turned to her costars and told them what she had just seen.

"That effin DOUCHE!" Alpa yelled


Tugg and Kirk looked down from the falling plane's window and saw the North Pacific Ocean right below.

"We won't die!" Tugg called out "We'll just land in the water and swim ashore!"

"OH SHIT, I"M GONNA DIE!" Viola panicked, almost on the verge of tears.

"No, you wont!" Kirk argued

"YES! I cant swim!"

Things we silent until Tugg got ready to jump "Follow me guys!"

Tugg took a deep breath and jumped 3,000 feet from the airplane and landed feet first right in the water. After a few seconds of uncertainty, Tugg resurfaced.

"Well thats one guy still alive" Kevin said. He took a deep breath


"FUCK THIS MAN!" Jeff yelled as he pushed Kevin off and jumped off.

The two men yelled at the top of their lungs while arguing as Alpa soon followed




It was only Kirk and Viola left on the sinking plane.

"I'm scared Kirk" she said to him worriedly

She felt stupid for being afriad of drowning since but he understood her.

He sighed as he thought of an idea "Look, how about you hold on to me as we both drop? I'll help you swim ashore."

"Thank you" she said with a relived smile

"Hang on" he said

She held him tightly and closed her eyes as Kirk took a deep breath and jumped off of the plane. The two actors felt that ugly drop feeling in their stomach as they fell and soon splashed in the water. As they splashed into the water, Kirk began to get frantic...because Viola slipped from his arms from the pressure of the landing...and he couldnt find her.

"Viola? VIOLA!" he called out

He held his breath and dove underwater, where he found Viola floating down slowly with her arms up, and her mouth and eyes closed. He doev futher under and grabbed her. When he resufacd, he began swimming frantically towards the shoreline where the other costars were waiting for him.


Kevin noticed the unconcious Viola in Kirks arms as he walked frantically ashore and Kevin began to freak out.

"Oh shit, please tell me she's ok..."

Kirk laid her down in the sand and began to perform CPR to get the water out of her lungs. She was unreponsive.

"Damn it Vi, Dont leave me here alone with these motherfuckers!" Kirk exclaimed, trying to hide his panic

"Hey!" Jeff excalimed, feeling offended.

After one final blow into her wind pipe, water rushed out of it quickly and Viola began coughing.

"Oh thank god!" Kevin said happy that his friend lived. "Thanks Kirk!"

Viola opened her salt-watery eyes at Kirk as he helped her up and she nearly tackled him down as she embraced him tightly. He was happy she was alive, but he was still a bit surprised by what she did next...

She gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him a bit shy "Thank you so much..."

Kirk noticed her purple eyes agian, happy to see life in them and smiled gently as he gently moved a strand of dark brown hair from her face

"You're more than welcome"

"Well thats one good thing we can focus on, at least" Tugg exclaimed as he looked at the jungle in front of him. "Because we are once again lost in a foreign country..."

Shit... Viola and Kirk thought to themselves

"I'm not doing movies with you guys anymore, once this is over" Alpa said angrily

AN: Oh snap! Its tropic thunder all over again! Sucks for them!
But at least Viola's alive thanks to Kirk