Ok I got the idea for this story after I read the story Needs Met by anakinlove. So I am crediting this story idea to anakinlove but I made up the plot and stuff so I will not say that I came up with all of this by myself. So anakinlove if you're reading this, and even if you're not, thank you for the idea and I suggest if you like my story that you go and read anakinlove's story Needs Met. So enjoy and again thank you anakinlove.

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Ch. 1 Messed Up

Robin's POV

It had been a long night. A long day actually. Now that I think of it, it's been a really long week. A very long week. This whole week was stressful, not only for me, but for Batman as well.

First the Joker broke out of Arkham and threatened the entire city. Bet you can't guess with what. Anyway, I botched that one big time. Batman lectured me for two hours. TWO HOURS! Boy did I feel bad. Then I almost got Commissioner Gordon killed, the police station blown up, our identities revealed, every bad guy I ever faced freed, and that's not the only thing that made us so stressed out.

Bruce was getting really angry with me, both Dick and Robin. He told me I was being careless as Robin, and I can understand why, I was mad at myself. All those mistakes in one week, I thought something was seriously wrong with me. But even after all the mistakes I made as Robin, I still felt worse about the mistakes I made as Dick Grayson.

If I thought I was getting the cold shoulder from Batman, you should have seen Bruce. He was completely ignoring me, staring me down with a look that I think was worse than the Batglare, and that's saying something, and whenever I asked him a question or just talked to him in general, he either completely ignored me like I didn't say a word or he'd say "Not right now, Dick, I'm busy" and then walk off. I am really starting to wonder if living with him is a good thing.

How did I come up with this conclusion you ask? Well, after I tried to ask Bruce a question, and again he just brushed me off, I yelled that I was going out for a while, but all I got back was silence.

So yeah, I had a while to think about everything that happened over the past week. Oh, and another reason why I had enough time to think about things, I'm sitting in a basement tied to a chair with my hands bound together behind my back and a piece of tape over my mouth and some gun crazy lunatic that looks like he really wants to blow my head off.

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