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Ch. 9 Confrontation

Normal POV

Dick stirred in his bed. He was starting to wake up. He felt the soft bed and pillow under him and the warm blankets on top of him. He pulled them closer. The blankets made him feel safe, made him feel like he was suppose to be there.

He heard voices outside his door, but they were so soft he couldn't understand what they were saying. He slowly opened his eyes and found himself in his room at Wayne Manor. He looked around and saw his stuff back where they were supposed to be. 'But how did they get back here? I dropped them in the trees back by Northbra.'

He sat up slowly and then realized that his head, chest, and arm all hurt. He looked down and saw his arm in a homemade cast. He uncovered his legs and threw his legs over the side of the bed. Just before he stood up, his door opened and the light caused Dick's head to hurt even more.

The light was so bright that all he could see was a silhouette of someone.

"Morning, Dick. How are you feeling?" Bruce asked as he walked in. He saw that the light was bothering Dick, so he closed the door before he went over and sat on Dick's bed.

"Ok, I guess," Dick replied not looking at Bruce as he sat down.

"Good," was all Bruce said.

The room then got quiet as both of them sat there staring at the floor.

Bruce finally looked up at Dick who looked like he was regretting being here again and finally broke the silence. "Dick, why did you leave?"

Dick sat there for a few more seconds trying to figure out what to say before he spoke. "I just felt like I was being a problem and a burden to you. I made so many mistakes that I shouldn't have made, that I thought you would just be better off without me," he finally replied not looking up.

"Dick, everyone makes mistakes, even me. Especially me. This whole thing was a mistake that I made." Dick looked up at him confused. "I pushed you away. I put you in situations that turned out to be a mistake. I made you feel like you were a problem, a burden, when, in reality, I was the problem."

Dick looked back down at the floor and they were both quiet for a while. 'He's blaming himself for all this? But why?'

"Bruce," Dick asked looking up at him, "am I important to you?"

Bruce looked away, smiled, and chuckled. Dick looked away sorry he asked. 'I knew it. He cares about me, but I'm not important to him.'

"Dick, what would even make you think that" Bruce asked looking back at him. Dick shrugged, but didn't reply. Bruce sighed. "Dick, of course you're important to me. You're everything to me."

Dick looked up at him a bit surprised at that answer. "Really?" Bruce smiled and chuckled again as he nodded. "But what if I caused you to lose all your money? What if you weren't Batman, and all those ransom demands caused you to go bankrupt?"

"Well, for one thing, I don't think I could go bankrupt, unless something happened to my companies."

"But what if I was the cause of that? What if someone used me to get you to sign over everything you had?"

"Then we'd work through it. As long as we're together, that's all that matters."

Dick looked down again. "What about Batman?"

Now it was Bruce's turn to be confused. "What about him?"

Dick looked back up at him kind of scared. "What if I was in a position that would cause you to choose between saving me and keeping your identity a secret? What if you had to choose me over Batman?"

Bruce was a little surprised by this question. He smiled then put his hand on Dick's shoulder. "Then I would shred the suit into a million pieces, blow up every bat vehicle we have, break everything in the belt, including the belt, smash every computer screen and keyboard with a giant hammer, destroy the cave and everything in it, and then go on national TV and tell the whole world that I am the Batman."

Dick smiled, tears welling up in his eyes. "You would really do that for me?"

"Dick, you are the most important person in my life. If I didn't have you, I would be nothing. Batman would be nothing. If you hadn't joined me, I may have become the one thing I was trying to protect Gotham from. You make the job fun. You see things in a way that I would've never thought of. I know you've saved my butt on more than one occasion," Dick laughed. "I love you, Dick. I never thought that I would ever love anyone with the job I have. I always thought that I would push the away to protect them, but you pushed your way into my heart and nothing in the world could ever remove you. Nothing in the world could make me stop loving you. Nothing."

Dick threw himself into Bruce's arms and Bruce just embraced him tightly. Both Bruce and Dick now had tears streaming down their faces. "Thank you, Bruce." Bruce just smiled and hugged him tighter.

From the hallway, Alfred was wiping at his own tears. He didn't mean to listen in, but when he heard Dick ask those questions, he just had to hear the answers.

He turned away from the door and took a step away before he stopped, turned back around and said, "Welcome back, Master Richard."

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