Written at 12:30 at night because my damn heater won't shut up.

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"Raven… Raven! Oh do please wake up Raven." That was what she heard before bolting upright. The resident telepath found herself staring into the frightened eyes of the girl who could not be more further apart from herself in personality.

Standing before her, trembling was Starfire. The alien. She knew little about Starfire, they've only been a team for a little over a week and as far as she knew, they weren't going to get a long too well. But the alien girl was obviously frightened and that had Raven worried.

"What's going on? Is someone attacking the city?" All sorts of scenarios race through Raven's head at the speed of light. Starfire shook her head confirming no evident danger. Raven relaxes visibly. "Ok, then what's wrong?"

"I fear there is a zworborloop in my room…" Starfire cowers.

"A what?" Raven knew of various demonic creatures but none were called a zworborloop.

"It is a vicious creature with huge fangs and a long body. Rarely has anyone ever seen one because no one has lived to tell." Starfire's eyes grow wide as she recalls the story.

"Does this zwor-bor-whoop actually exist?" Raven asks.

"Zworborloop." Starfire corrected. "Yes! They do! The elders tell tales and that is why Tamerianians never go into the Frosniak Mountains alone." Raven cocks an eyebrow. She looks at the clock. It reads 2:45 am. Raven rubs her temples.

"Starfire. There is no zworborwhoopie in your room" Raven states.

"It is a zworborloop and it is! I can hear it breathing!" Starfire's fright turns into near hysterics.

"Breathing?" Raven asks, Starfire nods affirmatively.

"Ok fine." Raven throws the warm covers off of her and walks down the hallway to Starfire's room. Starfire makes sure she is well behind Raven as the latter opens the door.

The room seems fine. Nothing out of the ordinary but then Raven hears what sounds like a low hissing noise. That made Raven question the validity of Starfire's fear.

"Did you hear it? That is the call of the zworborloop!" Starfire didn't follow Raven as she entered the room. Raven turns on the light and the room is illuminated, revealing nothing out of the ordinary. Raven does a mental scan and hears nothing but Starfire's jumbled Tamerianian thoughts.

"There's nothing here." Raven states and the sound was heard again. Starfire gasps a bit. Raven holds her hand up to silence her and waits for the next time it hissed. She waited and in an equivalent interval as before, she heard the sound again. It is coming from the window. She ventures over and kneels down.

"Starfire. It's the heater." Raven informs, mentally scolding herself for ever letting herself think it was something real.

"I do not understand." Starfire states. Raven gets up and turns around to face Starfire. "Where we live, it gets cold at night outside. The tower will automatically turn on the heat to help keep us warm." Raven fells like she was explaining this to a child.

"But I do not need the heat." Starfire states.

"Whether you do or not, the tower will turn it on. Your heater has a slight air leak in it and will cause that hissing noise. So it's not a monster." Raven dispels Starfire's fear. "We'll tell Cyborg to fix it in the morning."

"Oh…" Starfire states, glad she got an answer but still uneasy and afraid. "May I sleep with you tonight?" She asks. Raven rolls her eyes, somehow she knew that was coming.

"Fine." Raven states. Before she could even get another word out, Starfire is already down the hall. "But only for tonight!" Raven calls but it's lost. Raven shakes her head and smirks a little bit. Maybe she'll end up liking this girl after all.