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The next morning, Lharalavantariel knocked on Assansaibrivilieth's door. "I'm hungry," she called, "where is breakfast?"

"Somewhere at the end of the corridor. The maid told me when she brought water. Didn't she tell you?"

"I was asleep when she came in," Lharalavantariel replied, "anyway, did you find out why we can't leave?"

"No", the other girl said, "I couldn't find anything. The spells should work, I did everything right; everything else is working okay. Look at my dress!" Lharalavantariel looked at what Assansaibrivilieth was wearing this morning, and even she was impressed at the sheer magnificence of her friend's sky blue gown.

"Where did you get that? And how are you going to walk in those heels when we leave?" Lharalavantariel asked.

"Just think about it and it will change.... And I will change my clothes again when we leave. Just think about what you want to wear and it will work!", Assansaibrivilieth said.

Lharalavantariel closed her eyes and concentrated. "Did it work?" she asked Assansaibrivilieth, still with her eyes closed.

"Umm, not quite," Assansaibrivilieth hissed as she rapidly pulled her suddenly naked friend into her room from the corridor.

Lharalavantariel opened her eyes again, and checked to see what had happened. As soon as she realised, she shrieked and looked for something to wrap herself in. She tried tearing down the curtains, but stopped when she noticed that she was now standing in front of the window.

"Eek! What do I do now, Assansaibrivilieth?" she screamed.

"Calm down and think of a dress, quickly!" Assansaibrivilieth replied.

It took some trial and error before Lharalavantariel got it right, and even then she couldn't manage anything as splendid as what her friend was wearing. The first dress she imagined was a very intricate soft green velvet, but it flickered in and out of existence in a very alarming manner, and in the end she had to settle for a rather simple, and had she cared to admit it, very elegant, white dress.

A bit later, the two girls joined the other members of the Fellowship for breakfast on a terrace overlooking the valley. Most of the others seemed to be in an oddly pensive mood, almost as if they were trying to remember something. Gandalf looked strangely embarrassed when Elrond joined them after they had eaten, while Assansaibrivilieth's attempts to catch Legolas' attention came to nothing, as the Elf seemed absorbed by Strider. Lharalavantariel didn't do any better in trying to catch Frodo's eye, as Frodo sat hand in hand with Sam, gazing contentedly out across the valley.

"I could really use a nice hot cup of coffee," Assansaibrivilieth broke the silence.

"Me too," Lharalavantariel agreed.

Again, something creaked somewhere in the subatomic dungeons of reality.

The day suddenly grew dark and cold, like an eclipse was taking place, though the sun was shining as bright as ever in the sky. It was almost as if light and warmth were being stopped from reaching Rivendell.

Shadowy shapes, like black and white ghosts, flitted through the air around the Fellowship; occasionally one kept still long enough for them to see what it was. It appeared that they were all young women, mostly Elves, with the occasional human girl mixed in. Most of them seemed to cluster around either Legolas or Frodo.

The light grew dimmer still, and the ghostly shapes became more luminous, to the point where they were painful to look at. An eerie wailing filled the air.






Then the world returned. At first all colour seemed to have been bleached from it, then, like a polaroid photo, colours slowly appeared.

A servant put cups of coffee down on the table in front of Lharalavantariel and Assansaibrivilieth. Lharalavantariel looked at her cup, blinked, looked again, and started, "hey, Sue Ma...."

"Assansaibrivilieth! My name is Assansaibrivilieth. How many times do I have to say it! And yes, I see it too! McDonalds coffee. But how?"

She tried to think of an explanation, but all she could come up with was that it was because of the spell she had used.

And in a way she was right. The plot hole that had allowed not only coffee, but styrofoam coffee cups as well, to exist in Rivendell was caused by her spell, for the two girls were much more 'in' Middle Earth than most Sues. They were also dangerously aware of being inside the story, and could influence small things, like what they were wearing or the appearance of their direct surroundings.

At the same time, because the PPC were not repairing the damage caused both by the two and by other Sues, the plot continuum was put under immense strain, and it was only natural and to be expected that it would collapse.

However, being Sue Mary, she put the coffee down as just a cool side effect of her spell, and didn't worry about it.

"Hey guys! Isn't it time we got going?" Lharalavantariel exclaimed, "or do you want to wait for nightfall to set off? Daylight's wasting!"

Soon after, all eleven members of the Fellowship were ready to go, and after saying their goodbyes to Elrond, they began their journey.

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