Aren't you scared?

he asks her

and she tilts her head up to the sky

and laughslaughslaughs

like that's the most ridiculous thing

she's ever heard

[(she is)n't]


She's Rose-fucking-Weasley

and nothing frightens her


that's not quite true)

she's gold(en)

perfection personified

(try saying that five times fast)

with nimble fingers that are

unnaturally good at

unbuttoning his shirt

with precession and speed,

Bar none

(she's Rose-fucking-Weasley

everything she does is



She forgot to remember to forget


and he can see straight through the porcelain


doll of a girl





but she's Rose-fucking-Weasly

(don't you forget it,

silly boy,

she'll chew you up and spit you out)


Pretty, pretty Rosie

("don't call me that!")

Pretty, pretty Rosie-Posie

(ashes, ashes.

you know what happens next)



begins and the leaves are a billion colors

and they dance in the wind

and Rosie-Posie dances in the rain

yellow boots and all

because that's who she is




don't break the girl,

the blossom that might never bloom

for lack of sun

(London's so rainy, maybe she should

[you both should]


for a little while


don't break the fragile smile

and the almost trusting heart

the girl who's neverneveralways