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Some Months Later

He gets the call just after midnight, waking him from his deep slumber. Ziva is fast asleep in his arms. Reaching on his nightstand, he mumbles a sleepy greeting. When he realizes who it is, he immediately become alert, sitting up with an alarmed expression on his face.

"WHAT!" His yell and sudden movement wakes Ziva. "We're on our way." He hangs up the cell phone, turning to wake his partner-turned wife. "I'm sorry to wake you, honey, but Abby's gone into labor. They're headed to Bethesda."

"I will get dressed." Ziva responds, pushing back the covers as both of them rush to get dressed. "That is so not fair." She says as she notices her husband fully dressed within seconds.

"I would say I'd help you, but I'm pretty sure you'd grab the nearest object and kill me with it." He points out. "Besides, we have no time."

She ignores him, choosing instead to let him know she's ready. "Flit. It will be so much faster."

"You sure. Remember last time." Tony reminds her.

"Tony! Get going!" She demands as she jumps on his back to which he easily catches her.

"Comfortable?" Tony asks.

Ziva presses a kiss on his neck. "Of course."

"Okay." He shudders before taking off. The door swings violently in their wake.

Abby paces in the small maternity room, trying to get the centimeters up. They say it's a good idea to try to walk as it helps with gravity and such. Gibbs sits in an uncomfortable chair, watching her nervously. He's got an amused smile perched on his face at her concentration.

"Gibbs, what are you smiling about? They're making Mommy hurt." She snaps on him, pointing at him. His smile instantly turns into a uncertain look.

"Baby, I'm sorry." He raises out of the chair and pulls her into a comforting hug, one that always seems to calm her down as she closes her eyes. "Give them time. They'll be out before you know it." He tries to assure her.

"I know. I'm just afraid." Her voice is muffled by the hug. A content smile forms on her face as he rubs her back soothingly.

"They'll be okay." He assures, despite not really knowing the future.

A knock and the door slowly opens, causing the couple to look in that direction. Tony, Ziva, McGee, Jimmy, and Ducky enter, covered with proud smiles. They shuffle in, standing against the opposite wall that the bed and monitors are. Abby decides to pull out of her boyfriend's arms and lays on the bed.

"How're you feeling, Abs?" Tony asks first.

"Just peachy." She grumbles, frowning.

"Honey!" Gibbs exclaims, reaching for her wrist to soothe her again.

"Okay, Boss. She's in pain, I understand." Tony brushes off her attitude, assuming it's the hormones.

"Congratulations, you two!" Ziva is evidently the most excited, giving her the chance to teach them all she knows.

Gibbs suspects what she is thinking. "No teaching my children how to throw knives when they're five." He warns her.

"I would never do that." She smiles innocently.

The leader turns to his senior field agent. "Make sure you keep an eye on her." He warns.

"No problem, Boss." He says, pulling her in a one-arm hug.

McGee laughs at his coworkers. Turning to his ex-girlfriend-turned-best-friend and their boss. In a softer voice, he congratulates them. "I got presents for them, but they're at home. I'll get them to you in a few days."

"Okay, McGee. Thanks." Gibbs stands and pats his younger agent on the back.

"I'm surprised they don't have you hooked up on the monitors." Ducky points out, looking at the machines. "But congrats you two. I can't wait to see the new members of our family."

"They want me to get dilated first. I'm sure they'll be in here any minute to hook me up." Abby tells them.

"Breena says congrats." Jimmy pipes up. "We're both excited for you two."

"Are you ready to babysit, Palmer?" Gibbs smiles, knowing he was making the ME assistant nervous Maybe Tony is rubbing off on him.

Jimmy looks nervous. "Uh, s-sure."

The team laughs at him. "I'm just kidding." Gibbs assures him, pulling a serious expression. "Or am I? You'll never know."

The soft knock of the door alerts the NCIS members to a new arrival. A pretty nurse – who months again Tony would use his charm to flirt – smiles at the group as she addresses the soon-to-be parents. "It's time to hook up all the monitors, Ms. Sciuto." She announces, setting her clipboard on the nearby tray.

"Uh, Boss. We'll just be in the waiting room." Tony informs them, ushering the group out.

"Okay, DiNozzo. We'll let you know when they arrive." Gibbs lets him know.

"All right." Tony says as he is the last person to walk out.

Three Hours Later

It seems like it takes forever, but in reality it isn't. The team waits impatiently for word that their soon to be niece and nephew enter the world. They are relieved when Gibbs shows up, a proud smile perched on his face.

"They're here, guys!" He announces. "Come on." He gestures for them to follow him. He takes them to the same room where Abby had been. In her arms are two ting babies, swaddled in one pink blanket and the other a soft sky blue blanket. Both children are quiet as they seem obilivious to the world around them. A relieved yet happy smile is perched on Abby's face.

Gibbs takes the boy out of Abby's arm, holding his newborn son with practiced ease. He watches the baby with amazement before reluctantly pulling his piercing blue eyes at his family. "This is Michael Anthony Timothy Gibbs." At that moment, Tony and McGee are both beaming.

"And this is Ella Marie Zivalah Gibbs." Abby announces with pride. Ziva is smiling nearly just as wide as the boys.

"Congratulations, you two." Ducky repeats, beaming at the two children whom he'll claim as their grandfather.

"Thanks, Duck." Gibbs appreciates his team. He can see the eagerness of the team. "Now, who would like to hold them?" Five hands raise, making both Gibbs and Abby laugh.
* * *


Eli stands on the balcony of his castle, overlooking his people. A relieved smile is perched on his face. The townspeople gather in the city to watch as their king addresses them. He has changed a lot since returning to his home planet and the fight between his late brother and himself.

When he first returned, the townspeople were still cautious and walked on eggshells whenever Eli would stroll the city, getting not only familiar with the city but also addressing his people. Eventually, they have come around, relieved to know that their new leader was a lot nicer than their previous one.

"Today, I would like to inform you that my daughter – your princess – has made plans with her protector to visit. She will be here later tonight and will address you then." He announces, satisfied when his people seem eager to meet their heir. He is quite excited to see his daughter again. "That is all." He turns on his heel and walks back into the castle, his advisors on his tail.

"I want the guest bedroom made up." He informs them as he makes his way to the dining room.

"Yes, sir." The younger advisor leaves them to get the task done.

"How is the military situation?" He asks his second-in-command as he sits to enjoy his meal. The advisor sits next to him, setting his portfolio next to the plate that is placed in front of him. Shortly after he arrived, he changed the way his servants worked. Some of them would sit at the long table at the opposite end of him, to eat and chat among themselves. Normally that was not approved, but he didn't care anymore. His attitude on life has changed for the better.

As his advisor informs him of the current progress on their training, he thinks back on these past months. Life has changed for not only Axlin, but Earth as well. Both Ducky and Tony did their usual protective routine. Tony has met more of his kind, learning even more of the responsibilities of a Hunter, ones that neither Aaron or Ducky could do. Someday, if he and Ziva chose to come home, he can already tell that Tony would make a great king, serving and protecting his adoptive people. He isn't sure whether the NCIS team would follow them, but he suspects they would. The team works better together than separate.