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Chapter one

Tina Collins gripped her four bags of groceries in her arms and walked into the kitchen. She was whistling 'touch me, when we're dancing' by the carpenters. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shinning brightly and the air was sharp and fresh. She began pulling

"And this gentlemen," she looked up at the sound of her sister, Meg's voice. "Is the kitchen." Meg rounded the corner with several dozen men and several with cameras. Her eyes bulged in shock. Meg giggled. "Oh, Christina, you're back. So soon?"

She scowled, "what…is going…. on here?"

Meg ignored her scowl and laughed. "Christina is my younger sister."

"Meg!" she said sharply. "Now, you know I said to call me Tina because I hate it. Now, I go shopping for groceries and I come back to this! You've got at least 20 men in my kitchen and a TV crew and I have a right to know what's going on! " She inhaled. "Now, I may be coming off as a complete nut, but I have a right to know these things so I wouldn't have to go shopping for groceries again!"

Meg laughed, "don't worry! We won't be eating here all the time! Only for tonight." Tina, remember how I said I was going on the bachelorette? Well, I did it!"

Tina stared at her sister then shook her head. "It's your heart. I don't want to have to pick up the pieces for you. Now, out of my kitchen."

"But Tina."

Tina pulled out a rolling pin and walked towards Meg. "Meg, I made this very clear since I was nine. This is my kitchen…now get out!" she held the rolling pin up threateningly. "Now!"

Meg pushed the men and frowned, "I'm sorry. My sister is a little eccentric."

She made a face and rolled up her sleeves. "Whatever." She turned on her CD player, and Marilyn Monroe's 'She acts like a woman,' began to fill the kitchen. She felt eyes burning into her back and she turned to see the person.

Her breath caught in her chest as she stared into a pair of green eyes hidden behind a mask. She smiled charmingly, one hand on her hip. "Hello Erik."

His eyebrow arched. "And how'd you know my name?"

She flushed, "I didn't."

"Then tell me, Mrs. Marple, what made you assume my name was Erik?"

"The name's Jessica Fletcher," she teased. "But, I'm a phantom of the opera fan, musical and the book. Not the movie unless it's the 25th anniversary concert. But in the book, the phantom's name is Erik."

A peculiar look flashed in his eyes and he shifted uncomfortably. "Oh, ironic."

She stepped forward quietly, "might I assume, you have the same….deformity like Erik has."


"I'm sorry, I had no right to pry." She shook her head, " Even if you did, it's none of my concern. you're here courting my sister, not me." she added in a lower voice. "I hope you're not loaded, she loves money."

He chuckled, "every guy in this show is loaded."

She groaned, "swell." His eyebrow arched. "She's probably had father see who's the richest and set her sights on him." she held out her hand. "We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Tina Collins. My real name is Christina, but I hate the name."

"Well, I'll call you Tina." He smiled. "My name's Erik Levine."

Erik watched as Tina smiled, "Erik Levine, I like it."

He made a face. "Really? I don't."

"That give us something in common."

She looked down at their still joined hands and he let her hands go. She cleared her throat and turned to a drawer and pulled out a notebook and pen. He tugged at his tie; the girl was built like a redheaded Marilyn Monroe with piercing blue eyes.

She smiled and those blue eyes sparkled, "are you allergic to anything?"

"Allergic?" he shook his head. "No, I'm not allergic to anything."

"That's good." She said with a smile. "Thank you." with that, she walked down the hall.

Erik watched her, her ankle length skirt swishing softly. He chuckled as he remembered her threatening to give her sister a knock if she refused to leave the kitchen. She had a pair of innocent eyes that fascinated him.

He entered the main room and watched as she asked the camera crew if they were allergic to anything and she waited for her sister to stop talking. Meg frowned slightly, but she put on a sweetened smile.

"Yes Christine?"

"I was just wondering if anyone here was allergic to anything." She glanced at the crowd. "Is anyone?" everyone shook his or her heads. "That's good."

Christine exited the room and her heels clicked on the wood floor.

Meg giggled, "I'll have to pardon my sister. She's extremely old fashioned."

Erik sat down, "I find her rather charming, in a peculiar way."

"does she always dress that way?" Edward Wilkerson asked. He was a handsome boy and certainly lived up to the name of Edward. With a few adjustments, and makeup, he could definitely double as Robert Patterson.

Meg nodded, "yes." She added in a lower voice. "Do you want to see her room? You will not believe it."

"sure." Several chimed.

Erik followed, but only to make they didn't mess with things. Meg knocked on the door before entering. Erik peered in. it was a rich room. Red carpet, red flowered wallpaper, a golden border and a canopy bed. She had five cabinets, every single shelf was full of books. Reading and cookbooks, several were definitely classics. Gone with the wind with a 1936 copyright and an inscription that someone had written in it that year. Cookbooks, CDs, DVDs and even VHS's, records and 8-tracks!

A rolltop desk in one corner and an antique dresser in the other. But what he noticed first about the desk, were the phantom of the opera music boxes, carefully lined up on the dresser. He carefully wound the monkey music one and masquerade began to play.

"you're kidding?" Edward said. "she actually likes this stuff?"

Meg nodded, "yes."

"wow! Records!" gene said picking up one. "jerry Lewis? Who's this?"

"a very old comedian. 1930's." she said. "You know…she got kissed by Frankie Avalon on the cheek, and he was 72 year old man! She was sixteen and she cried her eyes out! She also got his autograph."

"no way!" Thomas said.

"yes way." All eyes turned around to see Tina standing in her room with her arms crossed. "Everyone, leave now."

Meg laughed, "come on Tina."

"get out!" she said, her voice was sharp. "everyone, leave. Now!" he saw the pain in her eyes and it made him feel guilty. "this is my room now get out of here! Get out!"

they shuffled by several mumbled apologies. a cat yowled. Tina cried out, "you stepped on ducky's tail!"

an indignant white fluff ball jumped up on the bed. Tina went over and began to pet the cat. Erik edged closer and the cat eyed him curiously. Tina didn't look at him as she gently tugged the cats tail.

"you leave too."


"go, please."

"please, let me explain.

"no." She said straightening up. "look, I don't allow men in my room without permission. Besides, I don't want to see anyone right now. It hurts to have those things said about you on live television, especially by your own sister. I am what and I am." She said. "I cook, write, act, clean and collect items. Which is more than I can say for Meg, the only thing she collects, is bills." She picked up a record case and let him look at it. it was autographed by buddy holly and all the crickets. He stared at it. "it's genuine. my grandfather gave it to me because he knew I appreciated things. Meg doesn't."

"that must be worth a fortune." He said.

"it is." She said taking it back. "now, please excuse me. I have to change."

He nodded, "all right. For the record Tina, I think you're a swell girl."

Her mouth dropped open slightly and she shut it quickly. "thank you." she cleared her throat. "you better go, my sister will be missing you."

He nodded and closed the door behind him. he walked down the hall and smacked into Meg.

"oh Erik, there you are."

He pasted on a smile and took Meg's arm. "I was smoothing your sister over. She doesn't seem mad anymore."

"thank goodness." She said kissing his cheek. "I may have to marry you just to keep her calm!"

he chuckled feebly as all the men glared at him. but honestly, he was beginning to wonder what he was doing here in the first place.

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