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Seven years later

"stop chewing your nails Erik!" Tina ordered before letting out a whimper. Erik jumped in his seat. She scowled. "will you just watch the movie?"

"Tina, how can you sit here calmly watching a movie?"

"calmly?" she asked. "it's dean and jerry?"

She turned back to the laptop and she started laughing harder as jerry began crying as he was practicing parachute jumping in the movie jumping jacks.

ma? Ma? Ohhhh, hheelp. Oh it's so high….aaaahhh! I'll be a good boy I promise let me down! Sarge!

Tina started laughing hard and gripped her huge tummy. Erik's fingers immediately covered her hand.

"oh, jerry is so funny! He sounds like a flea!" she laughed before gripping her stomach tighter. "oh, but so hard on the stomach."

"Tina," Erik said reaching for the remote. "please turn jerry Lewis off."

She shook her head, "Erik, please, I've got some time still."

Erik groaned and buried his face in his hands. "oh, Tina."

"Erik, relax." She said. "after four children, I'm surprised you aren't used to this routine by now."

Erik groaned, "I know, but it's a husband slash father's duty to worry so let me do that!"

Tina smiled, "how is everyone doing?"

He groaned. "the grandfathers are pacing the floor and the grandmothers are knitting. Elise and Edward are watching Frank, Marlon, Lisel and Audrey. They're having a good time."

Tina smiled, "I can't wait to see the baby. Boy or girl this time?"

"next time I'm bribing someone to do a scan! I can't take this guessing pressure."

"too bad. Will you put in the stooge please?"


"I want to hear dean," she groaned and gripped her stomach. "with my eyes wide open."

Erik groaned and obeyed.

Things had gone well for them. Erik wound up selling the building to Carlotta's father a fair price and the dance studio flourished. Edward and Elise were the assistant teachers when Tina was pregnant. The studio was extremely busy and Tina helped as many children as she could. Judges even appointed some trouble children to their home to those that appeared to have dancing abilities and she hadn't lost a child to the wayward sides of the street yet.

His adoptive parents finally opened their blind eyes and saw the obvious. Tina lovd Erik deeply and Mr. Levine never made a pass at Tina again. They got along great with Meg and Ryan as well and Mr. Levine had found Ryan a place in the family buisness and all was going well. Meg had married Ryan when Tina was a few months pregnant and Erik couldn't believe the change that had come over her in that time period.

Erik, he finally lived his dream and he'd become a world-renowned composer. Tina loved all of his music and she always served as an inspiration to him. their days were filled with love, laughter, music, singing, movies, tears and loud words especially when Tina was expecting.

Tina and her movies. She'd named all of her children after the movie she'd been watching right before she began to actually deliver the babies and he'd been a nervous wreck for all of the births. He remembered with their first, Audrey, she'd cried and laughed her way through Roman holiday and he never wanted to watch the movie again! For their twin sons, she watched guys and dolls and it was no surprised she named them after the two leading men. Liesel, was born during sound of music and now with the stooge, he had no clue what their son or daughter were going to be named! If she named it dean, he had to wait for her to pick the name Sammy and they'd have their own little rat pack!

Hours later he held Genevieve and Theodore in his arm and shook his head. "twins again." The nurse took the babies from him. he sat down beside her and shook his head. "I don't know how you do it."

Tina smiled drowsily, "your fault dear."

"no, it's yours." He said kissing her forehead. "now you rest. I'll be right here beside you when you wake up."

she yawned, "autographs…for…all the doctors. I…promised them."

"all right. You're lucky I happened to bring forty singles in a box!" He said with a groan. "why can't I hand out cigars like all father's do?"

"because….you're not….like all…other fathers." She kissed him. "sing me to sleep?"

he nodded and leaned close the song that had made him famous. He'd covered dean martin and jerry Lewis's version of 'how do you speak to an angel' and it became his biggest seller. He'd made it into a music video with Tina and it won best movie of the year. He honestly believed it was Tina's chemistry that had helped the video win. The mask added only to his popularity and no one ripped it off.

He leaned close and brushed back an strand of her hair. How do you speak to an angel? I'm completely in the dark. Her eyelids fluttered and she tried to stay awake. When you know that you've just met an angel, is there a proper remark? We were alone for a moment, why was I lost in a cloud? her eyes closed and he leaned forward. Do you speak to an angel in a whisper? He pulled the covers up to her chin and stood up gently. Or do you just say 'I love you' out loud?

He leaned over and kissed her cheek and whispered, "I love you." he walked out to the waiting room and glanced at his sleeping angel with a smile before walking back out to take care of everything. He watched his wife's sleeping figure as he gently closed the door humming the music quietly.

Do you speak to an angel in a whisper? Or do you just say 'I love you' out loud?

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