"You've really done it this time, Blackheart." The bound youth smirked up at his elder, eyes glinting with impudence. He received a dark glare for it. "You've committed some stupid acts in your time, but this? This has to be your crowning achievement to date." Blackheart chuckled darkly.

"It brings me one step closer to me goal." He certainly felt no remorse for what he had done. It wasn't like his father could do much to him. The demon lord smiled, sending an unseen ripple of unease through him.

"Or send you back to square one." Blackheart's arrogant smirk faded as confusion played across his handsome features. His elder chuckled darkly. "I'm placing you under the care of a….. Keeper." The demon prince scoffed.

"A babysitter?"

"Of sorts." The elder's cane tapped the floor rhythmically as he approached the floating orb illuminating the otherwise dim room. "You should feel comfortable with this keeper though. A band of renegade pirates, you should feel right at home." Blackheart scoffed.

"Pirates?" Had his father finally lost his senile mind? How were pirates supposed to make him any better?

"Their princess actually." A smirk crept back onto the young prince's face. That changed everything. A princess he could easily-and happily-handle. He happened to be a self-proclaimed expert in women. "I've happened to have had dealings in the past with her. This will be as simple as calling in a favor."

That surprised the younger monarch. Pirates were by nature a superstitious group. Most wouldn't willingly make a deal with the devil. No matter how much they've sinned. "She also happens to be an old friend of yours." Blackheart opened his mouth to ask what his father meant by that. Before he could, his father tapped his skull-capped cane, causing black smoke to swirl around the prince completely clouding his vision.