I'm Alyssa, I'm 14 years old and I'm completely in love with my brother's best friend.

We were at lunch, eating the normal tasteless cafeteria food, and all I could do was stare at him- the totally gorgeous blond sitting beside my brother. I sighed and got up, walking over after making sure my hair looked better, and looked at Shane.

"Nice shirt, dork.", I said and smirked, glancing at Michael who was holding back a grin.

"Hey!", He said in protest. "Star Wars is not dorky!"

"It kinda is man.", Michael said, finally letting his grin out. Shane glared at Michael. I sat down next to Shane, and stole some of his fries. Shane smacked my hand away.

"Quit it you little pig!", He laughed, trying to block me from his fries. I giggled and managed to get around him, shoving more fries in my mouth. Then I realized how unattractive that was, and attempted to chew more attractively.

"Nerd!", I said around a mouth full of fries. Shane was about to retort when Monica Morrell the one who always reeked of hair spray, and was the bitch of Morganville walked over.

"Oh hey baby!", She said and giggled playing with her hair with a perfectly manicured hand. Shane rolled his eyes already annoyed.

"Fuck off, I'm not your 'baby'.", He said turning back to his food. Monica pouted, actually looking hurt.

"Come on Shane.. don't be like that.", She whined annoyingly. I sighed and looked over at Michael, who shared the annoyed glance with me. Shane finally got her to go away after a billion more disses, and right after we were done eating Shane disappeared. I followed him in attempt to get him to stay in class. Shane and Michael both got in the car, Michael slamming his door shut. Shane had his half open and was about to close it. I rushed up, my foot hitting one of the tires as I skitted to a stop between the door and him.

"Shane... please stay. You need to finish class.", I said giving him puppy dog eyes. He sighed, annoyed that I'd followed him.

"Go back inside.", He said in his brotherly over protective tone. He slammed his door shut and the engine roared to life seconds later. I rolled my eyes and got in the car, shutting the door behind me. He turned around and looked at me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?", He said, honestly surprised. I usually listened to him, so this was a shock.

"Ditching.", I said quietly. I looked out the window, afraid if I looked at Michael I'd blush.

"No. You need to stay in school where it's safe. Go back inside.", He said.

"Woah, since when did you get so responsible?", I said as we locked eyes in the rear view mirror.

"Come on bro, let her come with us..", Michael said actually trying to help me. I couldn't even begin to think of why he would... maybe he liked me? No. That was impossible. He was two whole years older than me, and practically a brother. Shane sighed and rolled his eyes, cutting off my train of thought.

"Fine.", He said and pulled out of the parking space, not bothering to put on his seat belt. We drove around for a while, Shane and Michael talking about "guy" stuff. (Meaning the "hot" girls in class.) Shane said he was stopping at a "friends" house, so Michael drove us back to his house. Shane was going to meet us back here in a couple of hours. I walked in, slumping down in one of the leather wing chairs (Michael's favorite, sometimes I could take it without him kicking me out of it). I'd never actually been in Michael's house with him. Alone. Multiple thoughts rushed through my head when I looked at him. He was so perfect, everyone wanted him, yet he never had many girlfriends. Michael paused on the way to the kitchen and looked at me, breaking my thoughts.

"Want a coke?", He asked even a simple question could make me get nervous. I was good about not fidgeting too much around him. I realized I hadn't said anything, so I nodded, scared my voice would get all high as it did whenever I talked to him. A couple seconds later he came back with three cokes, juggling them. I grinned. He stopped then tossed one to me.

"Well now if I open it, it'll explode!", I exclaimed. He rolled his eyes.

"Get another from the fridge, we'll give that one to Shane when he gets here.", He said and grinned devilishly, and winked. Thousands of butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I practically ran to the kitchen, my cheeks on fire as I blushed. I tried to calm myself down and got out a Coke, opening it and taking a couple of cold, sweet gulps. I stayed in the kitchen for a while, wondering what he thought about me... of if he thought of me.