I shouldn't have said it. I regretted every word as soon as they escaped my lips. I took a long shower, and got dressed, telling my parents I was going to bed. I walked into my room and opened my window, jumping down and pushing the car halfway down the block before starting it so my parents wouldn't hear me start it. I jumped in and quickly started the car after a couple of failed times. (It was pretty old) From down the street, I could see smoke, and I wondered who's house was on fire. I reached the house that was the on fire and immediately got out of my car.

"ALYSSA!", I yelled, seeing flames in her room. I called the fire department and ran upstairs, but there were flames coming out of the bottom of the door. I ran back outside just as Shane got here and he ran inside desperately trying to get her out. The fire department got here after some time and began spraying the window with water. Shane's dad ran inside and got Shane out of there, his mother on her knees crying. The fire was nearly impossible to put out, and by the time it was out half of the house was gone. Shane's mother screamed, just feet away and fell to her knees crying.

"Alyssa!", She yelled, kneeling beside some sort of burned thing. I walked over slowly, and realized it was a body.

Her body.

Alyssa's body.

The girl I loved.

"NO!", I shouted and sank to my knees beside her. The ring wasn't on her finger, meaning she'd probably stopped by school to hide it in her locker. For the first time in my life, I was actually crying. Tears spilled over my face as I looked at her, I heard Shane starting fights with his dad for some reason, I couldn't hear anything but my heart beating. I was shaking with shock. Had she killed herself just because I didn't say 'I love you' back? The fire fighters confirmed that the fire had started by something smashing through the window and catching it on fire. Behind me, Monica had arrived and Shane was about ready to kill her.

"I tell you to fuck off, and you kill my sister?", He yelled inches away from her face.

"Shane I'm sorry! I didn't know anyone was in the house!", Monica said, on the verge of crying. Shane actually punched her. Right in the face, before the cops restrained him.

"She killed my sister!", He kept yelling over and over, his eyes red with tears. Everything got drowned out when the paramedics came over to take her body.

"I love you.", I whispered, tears rolling down my face. "I'll always love you.", I said and stood, walking away.

I would never love someone the same again, forever broken.