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It was odd.

Something silent, like some mental agreement passed through Sasuke and me, we never spoke, just looked at one another from a distance.

I wasn't sure what it was, but it was like our relationship was back to square one.

For weeks Sasuke wouldn't speak to me, and in turn I avoided him in favour of my friends, when in my head it had been the opposite.

I thought maybe the thing with Neji made everything worse, maybe I could come clean and hope for the best?

But what would Sasuke say about it? Would he feel betrayed by my deception? Would he hate me for not just giving him the benefit of the doubt?

I decided to call for help. Without thinking I dialled the number before I realised what I was doing.

He picked up before I could hang up.


My breath caught in my throat. "Gaara, it's Naruto." I said in a strangled voice.

"Naruto! Hang on I'm in the subway I can't hear properly…okay I'm out. Hey, what's up?" Gaara said.

"I have a problem." I sighed sitting down.

"Shoot, I gotta few minutes before I have to meet Lee," Gaara replied.

From the sounds in the background he was in a city, perhaps New York?

"I kinda pretended to be going out with Neji to see if Sasuke really cared about me and wasn't fooling around, and it's been a few weeks after we broke it off and Sasuke's avoiding me like the plague, what do I do?"

There was a thoughtful silence on the other end. I swear Gaara's the only one who can make silence sound thoughtful.

"You could tell him the truth," he suggested.

"He'd hate me."

"Perhaps. Hmm…you could…just talk to him I guess. Listen I'm gonna be late if I don't go now, sorry Naruto,"

"That's okay, thanks anyway. Bye Gaara,"


We hung up at the same time. I decided to take Gaara's advice and go talk to Sasuke.

So the next day the gang and I were hanging around the school gates, and I saw Sasuke break away from his brother and decided to approach him.

I didn't say anything. Sasuke didn't say anything. We didn't have to.

We looked at each other for a long time, before Sasuke came forward and kissed me. Hard. On the lips.

I didn't waste any time reacting, wrapping my arms around him and kissing him with everything I had.

Kiba wolf-whistled and it broke us out of our trance.

We broke apart and I glared at Kiba, who grinned broadly, unabashed by my desire to maim at that point.

A few people walking past gagged and spat the word 'faggot' under the breathes.

"Jealous." I said to them, smirking.

They paled and went on their way quickly. I laughed.

"Yo lovebirds, better get to class if you don't want detention!" Kiba called.

"Aw Shuddup Kibbles, we'll get there when we get there!" I called back.

Sasuke chuckled. I looked at him and smiled. This was where I wanted to be. Right here, with this person, right at this moment.


It was like an unspoken agreement, I started hanging around the Uchiha house regularly, and even getting pretty chummy with Itachi.

He wasn't so bad after a while.

We went places, Sasuke liked to take me places I'd never seen before, and I liked to push him into steams and into mud.

He got me back by locking me out at night the jerk, and he wouldn't let me in until I was freezing to death, then he let me inside and he'd hug me until I was warm again.

Sasuke started sitting with us in class and at breaks, he came with us to the skate park, and proved to be as good a skater as Kiba and me, he got along famously with Kiba right off the bat.

Which I thought was good since Kiba was my best friend, and I liked that they got along so well.

He became a bad boy after that, he started ditching classes with us when we were bored, breaking school rules for fun and ignoring teacher's instructions.

The best part was that even when we got in trouble, Sasuke would work his Uchiha grace to get us out of it. It was awesome.

"I love this guy! You should have started dating him sooner Naruto!" Kiba would always laugh.

On Valentine's Day we'd ditch school and stay at Sasuke's house, where he found it necessary to shower me in affection and we'd have a hell of a good night in Sasuke's bed.

Need I say more? I think not. *insert perverted laugh here*

After nine months of dating I moved in with Sasuke, and soon Itachi moved out to go to college, so we had the place to ourselves.

I convinced him to host epic parties at his place since it was huge, and pretty soon our parties were famous among the school.

For some reason though I could never remember any of them.

Choji and Hinata broke up about five months after Sasuke and I started dating, but they both took it surprisingly well, saying 'it just wasn't really working'.

He's still single to this day, but he's happy, so that's good enough for me.

Kiba and Akamaru found an apartment in town in our senior year and moved in with Shikamaru, Choji buying the floor above them.

It wasn't far from our place so we hang out often.

In short, life was good. Life was perfect.

Then college came.

It occurred to us that we'd be separated, maybe forever.

Shikamaru was doing college via correspondence, so he'd stay in Konoha with Kiba who couldn't bothered going to college.

Me and Sasuke were headed to different colleges in different towns like we'd planned before we'd gotten together, but they were fairly close so we'd still see each other.

Choji moved furthest away, nearly four cities over for his education, and we didn't see much of him.

-six years later-

"Hey Choji move over, you're hogging the whole seat," Kiba complained gruffly.

Begrudgingly Choji moved down the couch so Kiba could sit comfortably. Kiba and Shikamaru had been living in the large house for three years, Shikamaru worked as a teacher in the school down the street.

He often commented on our old teachers, saying he knew just how troublesome we were when we were kids now he was dealing with them.

Kiba smelled strongly of coffee from his job at Starbucks in the heart of Tokyo, and Akamaru had grown to the six of a fully-grown man if he stood on his hind legs.

Shikamaru was asleep on the great dog's stomach, Akamaru was lying on the carpet, snoring gently, head in his paws.

Kiba and Shikamaru's adopted twins Kato and Jimba could ride on Akamaru's back, and did to get to school rather than take the bus.

They were very popular at school thanks to the hound.

Choji was still a bachelor, living in a small flat in the outskirts of Tokyo, working a decent job in social relations which Kiba thought was a complete waste of time.

Gaara still wrote me letters every now and then, he said he'd taken over the company his father had owned after his death, and his relationship with Lee was as strong as ever.

Neji and Shino had gotten together the year after Sasuke and I had, and now worked in the Insect Research Lab in Mito, they still saw us sometimes when they travelled to Tokyo.

Sasuke had sold the Uchiha place to Itachi's friend Kisame, and he lived there now with Deidara, Sasori and Hidan.

As for me, I lived with Sasuke in the apartment down the block from Shikamaru and Kiba.

It wasn't overly large or too small, it was just the right size for us, and we liked it the way it was.

We'd adopted a little girl who was seven now, she had been found when she was five without a memory, and since no one could track down her parents, Sasuke and I took her in.

We called her Kushina after my mother, and she firmly claimed she wanted to be a demolition expert when she grew up.

I believed she'd do it too, she was fairly bright, and listened to everything Shikamaru said about physics and the properties of explosives when he read from books to her.

She played rugby and practised karate with Kiba's twins, and refused to believe me when I said she'd start to notice boys differently one day.

Kiba and Choji had another bet going on, that one day Kushina would marry Kato, as they got on so well.

I thought Kiba would win. They had told me about their bet about me and Sasuke, and Kiba had fairly good luck when he bet on races, so I was confident he'd win.

Only time would tell.

At the moment we were all watching the baseball games between Japan and America, and Gaara's company was sponsoring the American team.

I could see him on the screen every now and then with Lee, and I smiled softly.

Sasuke moved out of the living room and bypassed the bedroom where the kids were playing duck, duck goose, and stood on the balcony.

I got up and joined him.

"Hey," I said softly coming to stand next to him.

"Hey." He replied with a smile.

We stood in silence for a while, before something Gaara said to me all those years ago came back to me.

"Hey you remember how I was going out with Neji in high school, before we got together?" I asked.

Sasuke visibly tensed. "Yeah?" he asked warily.

"Well, I have a confession to make. It was a ruse, I wasn't really going out with Neji," I admitted.

"What?" Sasuke turned to me, mouth open in shock. "And you're only telling me this now?"

"To be honest, I kinda forgot about telling you to begin with. I figured you'd be mad, after all I did it to determine whether you actually cared about me or not," I replied.

"Huh. Outsmarted an Uchiha, bet you think you're real smart," Sasuke smirked.

I rolled my eyes. "You don't mind though?" I checked.

"Nah, it was years ago. Forget about it, no point worrying about it now is there?" Sasuke said dismissively.

I smiled. I leaned my head on his shoulder. "I love you Sasuke," I said.

He bent his head and kissed me. "I love you too Naruto," he said.

"Hey you two get in here! Gaara's making a speech on behalf of his company!" Kiba called from inside.

With a final smile at one another, we went back to the living room where the kids had joined us, watching for 'Uncle Gaara' as they called him.

I laughed with them when Gaara nearly fell off the stage, and I thought to myself, that life was good.

Life was perfect.

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