Title: Infinity
I own nothing
3x08 | none | PG
Tony/Ziva, Breena/Palmer
Summary: Tony buys Ziva something pretty. Happy New Year Klingonlady


Ziva was the type of woman who liked the finer details. She wore plain t-shirts but with little details like lace. Tony kept all of this in mind as he looked at the expensive jewellery in the store.

"This reminds me of when I brought Breena her engagement ring," Palmer uttered, sounding more and more like Ducky every day.

He and Breena were now happily married and expecting a child. Tony had brought Palmer along partly because he was one of the few people he knew who had succeeded in a personal relationship and because Palmer needed to get out before his life was consumed by the impending kid.

"It's not an engagement ring," Tony replied.

He and Ziva were not ready for that. He didn't think they ever would be ready for that kind of commitment but that did not mean he could not buy her pretty things. Especially, since the always pragmatic Ziva would never buy something so apparently useless for herself.

"Maybe one day," Palmer replied, "Maybe, I should check on Breena," Tony swiped the phone from his friend's hand.

"She'll call you if she needs you," Tony said putting the phone in his pocket.

"Commitment ceremony rings," the sales person asked. Palmer blushed. Tony gulped. The shock caused Tony to drop Palmer's phone which Palmer retrieved.

"No he's looking for something for his," Palmer paused, "What is Ziva to you?"

"She's my partner," Tony replied using the only label that worked with his and Ziva's relationship.

While trying to avoid eye contact with the sales assistant, he noticed it. A gold bracelet with the infinity symbol as a clasp. Just like Rainer's tattoos Tony thought, thinking of the assassins tattoos. Ziva would love it, a subtle reference to their past and a commitment to a future.