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Quinn Fabray was walking down the hallway of her new school. It was her senior year and following a tumultuous two years, she moved across the country to live with her sister, Fran, and brother in law, Eli, to have a fresh start. She took a deep breath as she slowly walked to her locker. She prayed that she'd be invisible this year; that she could just get through this year and then go off to college and find herself then.

She barely had her locker open before she was encased in a dark shadow. She quickly turned around, preparing for the worst, when she saw a tall boy standing in front of her. He had a dopey smile on his face when he asked. "What are you doing?"

Quinn realized that she had her hands in the air, as if preparing for an imminent attack. She lowered them as she blushed. "Sorry, in my old school all the new kids were greeted with an ice cold slushie poured on their head."

The boy frowned. "That's mean."

Quinn nodded in agreement. She frowned to herself when she thought about the kind of person she used to be, the popular cheerleader who ordered those slushie attacks.

"I thought you were new here, I hadn't seen you before." The boy replied.

Quinn groaned internally. The boy wasn't the brightest, but he was nice enough. A lot nicer than the jocks she used to go to school with.

"My name is Finn; I'm the quarterback for our football team."

Quinn nodded. She knew he had to be an athlete; all popular kids had an air of confidence around them that was unmistakable. She dated enough of them to know. "Quinn."

He grinned at her. "Well, Quinn, welcome toSan Francisco!"

She couldn't help smiling back at him.


The day was going fairly uneventfully for Quinn, which was just what she wanted. Although she was hit on numerous times by some kid in a Mohawk and she was asked to join the cheerleading team (which she refused) by a snarkyLatina, she had to admit that she liked this school better than her old one.

At lunchtime, she found herself standing in the doorway of the cafeteria looking for a place to set. As her eyes scanned the room, they fell on large brown orbs that were watching her intently. She almost shrunk under the intensity of the gaze. The girl who was staring at her was a beautiful brunette. She was at a table with what Quinn could only describe as misfits; a husky black girl, a well dressed boy, a boy in a wheelchair, a gothic Asian girl, and a dark haired boy wearing a bowtie. Quinn smiled at the girl who was still watching her. The pretty brunette was dressed strangely, wearing knee high socks and a pinstripe skirt that was scandalously short with a sweater that seemed to have some sort of animal on it.

She was brought from her thoughts by Finn. "Would you like to join me for lunch? My friends are sitting at our table already." He offered, pointing at a table across the room. She recognized the Mohawked boy and theLatinacheerleader, and forced a smile. She sighed as she allowed Finn to lead her away from the captivating brunette and to a table with the kind of people she leftOhioto get away from. As she sat down, Finn began to introduce his friends. "Sam, Mike and Puck are on the football team with me." He stated as he introduced a big lipped blond boy, a seemingly pleasant Asian boy, and the Mohawked boy she met (and turned down) earlier. "And this is Santana and Brittany." Santana was the name of theLatinaandBrittanywas an eager blonde who jumped up and hugged Quinn, nearly knocking the food tray to the floor in the process.

"Hi everyone, my name's Quinn." She smiled as she sat down between Brittany and Mike. Just before she sat down, she glanced back at the brunette's table. She noticed two other brunettes sitting at the table; the blue eyed girl was talking animatedly to the girl who held Quinn's interest. As if on instinct, the petite girl let her gaze wander and caught Quinn's eyes. The blonde turned away shyly and tried to focus on the conversation around her.

"Ohiohuh?" Sam asked with interest. "What does one do in the middle of nowhere?"

"Hey!" Quinn groaned, until she saw the teasing smirk on Sam's face. She rolled her eyes playfully. "Nothing, I guess. What does one do for fun here?"

The boy smiled contagiously. "Mike and I are gamers and we compete in tournaments and…"

"Trouty mouth, lay off the new girl or you'll scare her away. And please, don't try hitting on her by using bad impersonations or that freaky language of the blue people." Santana jeered.

Quinn watched the exchange. "Na'vi? Are you talking about Avatar?"

Sam beamed as he nodded his head excitedly. Santana narrowed her eyes at one blond then the other. "Quinn, did you refuse to join our cheerleading team because you're actually a nerd?"

"Geek." Sam corrected. "How many times do I have to explain the difference between geek and nerd?"

Santana cackled. Mike shook his head incredulously at Sam.

"We're also in glee."Brittanytold Quinn.

"What's that?" Quinn asked.

"It's a club. We sing and dance, it's really cool!" The tall blonde said excitedly.

"You guys sing and dance?" She looked around the table and watched as each of them nodded.

"Not as well as Rachel." Finn said in a tone that almost sounded proud.

"Who's Rachel?"

"His hot little sister." Puck smirked darkly.

"Dude!" Finn whined.

"Get over it, Finnocence. Puck's right, if your sister stopped dressing like a toddler then she'd be smokin' fine." Santana's smirk matched Puck's.

"Rachel's pretty cool, but Finn won't let anyone date her." Sam replied, sounding almost dejected.

"Like that stops her." Santana replied with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" Finn looked around the table pleading for an answer.

"Chill man, she's still got her V card." Puck answered. "But man, she's quite popular with the guys."

"And the girls."Brittanyreplied happily.

Quinn was bored with the conversation and let her eyes wander again. She didn't understand why she was drawn to the table across the cafeteria, but she couldn't keep her eyes off the brunette. The girl's brown eyes enchanted her. And again, as if the girl was tuned into her she looked up from her own conversation to see Quinn watching her. She smiled in a way that lit up Quinn's world. The blonde swallowed slowly as her mouth got dry. She tried to smile back but had to turn away when she heard her name.

"Quinn?" Mike elbowed her ribs lightly.


The Asian boy grinned at her. "Can you sing? Or dance?"

Quinn noticed everyone was looking at her expectantly. "Ummm."

"That's okay. Because I can't dance either." Finn smiled goofily at her, causing Quinn to smile in return.

"And Sugar can't sing." Puck replied. "Oh hey, do you play any instruments? Sam and I play guitar and Finn plays drums. Artie can pretty much play anything."

"I can play piano. Or I used to, it's been awhile." Quinn admitted. "And I can sing well enough, I guess."

Brittanyclapped her hands together. "Awesome! You should totally join with us. The first meeting is tomorrow and Rory's going to try out; you should come and watch him."

Quinn frowned. "Who's Rory?"

"He's the leprechaun that lives with me."Brittanyexplained.

Quinn's eyebrow rose in question.

"Foreign exchange student fromIreland." Santana added.

"I guess I can stop by, I don't know about joining yet. I'd rather check it out first anyway." Quinn answered.

"We can help you work on something if you'd like. Or Rachel can, she's really the best one to do such a thing." Finn offered.

Quinn nodded absentmindedly.

"Would you like to come over tonight? We could work on something." Finn said.

"Tonight doesn't work for me. Maybe Wednesday." Quinn replied.

"Great. Would you like to go to dinner first?" Finn asked nervously.

"Sure." Quinn replied, though she wasn't as enthusiastic as he was about the prospect.


When Quinn got home that afternoon, Eli was in the kitchen preparing dinner. "How was your first day?"

"I already like this school far better than my old one."

The man smiled at her. "Good. So did you make any friends?"

"I think so. Sam and Mike seemed cool. AndBrittany's a sweetheart. And I think I got asked out on a date."

Eli raised an eyebrow. "Do you think that's a good idea, considering…?"

Quinn rolled her eyes. "I refuse to be a nun, Eli. Besides, I'm not planning on jumping into anything. I learned my lesson, okay?"

He nodded at her.

"And I might join some glee club thing, where they sing and dance."

"Really? I was in the glee club in high school!" He replied excitedly.

"Oh really, they had stuff like that back then?" She teased.

"Haha." He rolled his eyes at her. "But seriously, the glee club at your school, it won National Championships. They are really amazing, Fran and I went to the Invitational they had last year and there's this girl…Rachel, I think her name was. She's a fantastic singer."

"So I've heard."


"Yeah, it's her brother that asked me out."

"Well, if you do join you can bet your sister and I will be at every show to support you." Eli smiled at her encouragingly.

"Thanks." She kissed his cheek and retired to her room until dinner. As she was working on her homework, she kept getting distracted by the image of big brown eyes burrowing into her. Tomorrow she vowed to approach the small brunette that had encroached upon her mind. She wanted to talk to the girl. A smile grew on her face at the thought. Tomorrow was going to be even better than today and she couldn't wait.

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