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The only thing on Quinn's mind since she found out about what Jesse did to Rachel was revenge. And she knew that there were at least a few people who would help her with her plan. During lunch the next day, Santana, Puck, Finn and Quinn went to Jesse's high school. She asked Santana and Puck to join her and they were more than eager to torment the singer, and then when Finn found out the plan they couldn't talk him out of joining them.

Jesse was returning to campus at the end of the lunch hour when they approached him.

"Hey, St. Jackass!" Santana announced and when the boy saw her, he rolled his eyes in exasperation.

"What do you want, Lopez?" He snarled at her.

He walked toward them after waving his friends away. When he got within reach, he was bombarded with eggs.

"What the hell?" He yelled as he wiped the sticky substance from his eyes.

"Doesn't feel so good when you're on the receiving end of it, does it?" Quinn spat out.

"And who are you?" As soon as the words left his mouth, realization hit him. "You're the chick that turned Rachel into a dyke."

Jesse's head flew back when Finn's fist connected with his face. "Don't call my sister that!" Finn screamed.

Jesse smirked as he rubbed his jaw. "How is Rach?"

The way her name dripped from his lips made Quinn's skin crawl.

"It's a shame I never got to tap that fine ass." He continued with a glint of lust in his eye.

This time it was Quinn's fist that connected with Jesse's eye. And Puck was holding Santana back from a full on assault.

Jesse stepped away from them, squinting at him through an already swollen eye. "I'm going to get both of you expelled for this." Then she stepped in Quinn's personal space. "That means no competing in Sectional's. I'm pretty sure your girlfriend will be quite irate with you about that." His smirk made Quinn want to punch him again.

"You won't have us disqualified, Jackass, because like Rachel, you love competition. And you know as well as I do that if you win by default, the victory won't be as sweet." Santana stated matter of factly. "Why do you think Rachel never had you disqualified?"

He smirked at Quinn again as he wiggled is eyebrows. "Because she still wanted in my pants."

He flinched expecting another punch, but instead found himself coughing when a white powder flew in his face. Puck was holding an empty bag of flour as three sets of eyes stared wide-eyed at the mohawked boy.

Puck shrugged as she stated. "I thought it'd be harder to wash off if we combined the eggs with flour."

Jesse lunged at the person nearest to him, who happened to be Quinn, and got a good punch in before Finn and Puck shoved him back.

"Let's just call us all even." Finn demanded. "And let the best team win at Sectional's."

Jesse glared at them. "I won't get you disqualified, but…" He drawled out. "By the time you get back to school, I will have texted Rachel about what you've done to me."

Quinn's eyes widened. She had no intention of letting Rachel know about this.

"I figured she didn't know about this little…rendezvous of yours." He smiled at her.

Quinn stood frozen until she felt strong hands on her, pulling her back toward their car. Furiously, Quinn grabbed her phone and started typing a message to Rachel. She had to get to her before the bastard did.

From Quinn: Baby, please don't be mad.

From Rachel: I hate when people start sentences that way. Where were you for lunch?

From Quinn: Visiting Jesse St. James.

From Rachel: Why?

From Quinn: Puck, Finn, and Santana helped me get payback for what he did to you.

Quinn didn't receive a response after that.

"Fuck." She muttered, and Santana glanced over at her.

"How mad is she?" The Latina asked.

"Radio silence."

Santana nodded. Then she sighed. "You know, Rachel isn't going to like that you used eggs."

"At least they were free range chickens." Quinn frowned. "Will that matter to her?"

"Make sure you tell her that when you explain what we did." Finn offered.

Quinn nodded in silence.

No one spoke the rest of the drive but when they arrived in the parking lot at their school, Quinn broke the silence. "Thanks for coming with me. I could have gotten you all expelled for that."

"It would have totally been worth it." Puck announced before tossing his phone to the blonde. "I facebooked everything. Well, except the punches. I didn't want us getting in trouble for assault or anything. Jesse's going to be the laughing stock of his school for the next few days."

"Have I told you that I love you, Puck?" Quinn grinned as she watched the egg and flour covered boy on video.

Puck ran his hand through his mohawk and looked away shyly. "Too bad you're gay." He muttered before adding. "Though I wouldn't be opposed to a threesome."

Finn covered his ears and mumbled something about 'sick and wrong, that's my sister you're talking about' while Santana smacked the back of Puck's head.

As they approached the school doors, Rachel was standing outside with her arms crossed over her chest. Classes had already started, because lunch was long over yet Rachel stood outside waiting for them. She glared at them, before thrusting her phone toward them. "It's not bad enough that you had to go and assault him…you recorded it?" She shrieked. "Are the four of you insane?"

"Calm your tits, midget." Santana snarled with a smirk. "He's not having us disqualified from the competition, if that's what you're worried about?"

Rachel's eyes widened. "Did he threaten that? You guys, we're so close to competing and you just go and throw it all away."

"You were too easy on him before, Rach. He finally got what he deserved." Finn replied quietly.

Rachel rolled his eyes. "Getting what he deserved would still be too good for that creep. But that doesn't mean I wanted you guys to sink to his level." She stared at Quinn. "And I didn't need you to fight my battles."

Quinn deflated. Rachel's look of disappointment was far worse than if Rachel had glared at her with anger.

Finn, Puck and Santana understood the shift in the atmosphere and walked inside wordlessly. Quinn and Rachel stood outside, face to face. Neither dared to say the first word.

Eventually, the silence became unbearable for Quinn. "Say something, please. Even if it's just to yell at me." She begged her girlfriend.

Rachel bit her bottom lip nervously before she spoke. "You have a cut above your eye, Quinn. Why did you think I didn't want you to know about Jesse?" She stepped closer to her. "I know he doesn't fight fair, and now you got hurt."

Quinn touched her fingertips to her eyebrow and winced in pain. Then she turned her pleading eyes back on Rachel. "We didn't use real eggs, Rach. They were vegan substitutes."

The brunette looked like she was trying to hide her smile, but was failing to do so. "Let's get you to the nurse, Quinn." She said soothingly before she took her girlfriend's hand and led her to the nurse's office.

Glee was tense that afternoon because the word had gotten around about what they did to Jesse. Most of the kids were grateful for the retaliation against someone they all hated, but Mr. Shue lectured them about taking the high road. On top of the lecture, Rachel also refused to discuss the situation with any of those involved.

After glee, Quinn waited for Rachel to gather her things. "So, did you want to have dinner at my house tonight?" The blonde asked.

Rachel looked up from her belongings and into her girlfriend's eyes. "I can't. I have to catch up on my homework. And I want to come up with new ideas for Sectional's because I know that Jesse will up his game just to try to beat us on that stage."

Quinn sighed. "You're still mad at me."

Rachel nodded before looking away guiltily.

"We did it for you, Rachel. All of us."

"I didn't ask you to do it though, Quinn."

"Someone shouldn't be able to hurt you like that and get away with it." Quinn explained.

Rachel took a step closer. "What he did was humiliating, Quinn." She held up her hand to stop Quinn from interrupting her. "It took me a while to live that down…and you just brought it all back. When that video hit facebook, people started talking about me again. And…Puck, Finn and Santana weren't here to stop them from teasing me."

"What happened, Rachel?" Quinn whispered. Afraid of the answer.

"I got slushied, Quinn. For the first time since I entered high school. I had to take a shower in the locker room and borrow these clothes from Harmony." She looked embarrassed. "You made things worse for me."

"Rachel…" Quinn stepped forward but Rachel stepped away. The blonde swallowed thickly. "Who did it to you?" She growled.

Rachel shook her head. "You can't beat up everyone who's mean to me, Quinn." Rachel sighed. "And next year when you and the others are gone…who's gonna defend me then? I have to learn to fight my own battles."

Quinn's heart broke at the defeated sound in Rachel's voice. "That's why you shouldn't let people get away with hurting you. You have to fight back…show them that you won't take it." Quinn demanded.

Rachel sighed and sat down on a red chair in the choir room. "The worse part was that I just wanted my girlfriend to hold me and tell me everything was okay…but you weren't here."

"Rachel…" Quinn breathed as she wrapped the brunette in her arms. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Jesse but mostly I'm sorry that you felt so alone today."

She felt Rachel nuzzle into her neck as she tightened her grip on the smaller girl. "I love you, Rachel. So much. And I hate that you're hurting right now." She rubbed comforting circles on the girl's lower back. "Most of all, I hate that I'm the cause of some of that hurt."

They sat in silence for a moment before Rachel whispered. "You didn't cause it, Quinn. Apparently, they've been waiting for an excuse to tease me again."

Quinn didn't want to think about what school would be like next year without her, Puck, Santana or Finn to keep the bullies at bay. Rachel and the rest of glee would be helpless against those that bullied them.

"Be a cheerleader." The blonde stated and felt Rachel shift away from her.

Rachel stared at Quinn in confusion.

"You, me, Santana and Brittany can cheer together this year. It'll give you some clout. Plus, if glee club wins National's again this year you will have some extra bragging rights. Maybe next year will be a little easier if you're a bit more popular."

Rachel furrowed her brows. "So, in order to stop the bullying…you want me to conform?"

Quinn's eyes widened. It wasn't coming out the way she wanted it to. She was trying to protect Rachel; find a way to keep her safe. "No, not conform. I always want you to be yourself. But…you already love dancing. Cheerleading would probably be fun for you. Plus, it'd be something we could do together. And if it helps you increase your popularity, is that a bad thing?"

Rachel seemed to consider Quinn's words. "I'll think about it."

"That's all I ask." Quinn replied, placing a soft kiss on her girlfriend's cheek. "I'll drive you home so you can get your work done."

Rachel nodded. "You could…stay for dinner…if you wanted." The brunette said shyly causing Quinn to smile wide.

"I'd love to." She replied as she laced her fingers through Rachel's and together they walked to the blonde's car.

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