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It had taken him 5, 10, almost 15 years to convince me that we should have kids. I was determined, even after all that had happened, that they would have the same outcome that I had in my childhood. They would be reaped and forced to play in the Capitol's cruel games. That the Capitol really didn't burn with Snow, and they were waiting for me to have a child so they could take him or her back into their slimy hands.

Well, I wasn't going to allow it. Peeta's growing frustration with me became more evident day by day. He loved children. He loved their small stubby fingers and toes, and their big eyes and the fact that as parents, we could mold them into whatever we wanted them to be. The thought was terrifying.

"The games are over," Peeta reminded me for the millionth time today. "Kids are much safer now. You've seen Gale; Zinnia and Camille are perfectly fine- they're almost of age and haven't been touched!"

I roll my eyes. Stupid Gale. Of course nothing could harm him, he was safe in District I-blow-everything-in-my-path-up-first-so-nothing-can-destroy-me.

"If I say yes, will you leave me alone?" I mumble, shooting a glare at Peeta. This only seems to fuel his fire.

"Well, no. But I will stop asking you." He shines me a toothy grin that reminds me of the boy that wasn't hijacked; the one who has a way with words and can turn ugly colors into beautiful masterpieces.

"I think you should just find someone else to have babies with." I state matter-of-factly, trying to avoid his gaze. But Peeta just laughs.

"Yes, let me just run outside and scream across town that I need someone to marry and give birth to my children."

"I'm sure you would have plenty of suitors."

"Oh yes, they'd come running to my aid."

"A chance for a girl to be with you? They'd be sprinting, my dear Peet."

"Well, too bad I'm emotionally damaged and hijacked so no girl will ever want me. Guess I have the Capitol to thank for that." It was rare that Peeta ever mentioned the Capitol, especially after it had been so many years. Generally the topic of Prim, Gale, and Snow were kept at bay. But since he brought it up, it must be important. So I took the bait.

"Fine. I guess…" I sigh deeply and cross my arms over my chest, "I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if we…" I pause for a moment, trying to find the exact word, "…tried."

Peeta's eyes light up and the next thing I know I'm in his arms, and he's twirling me around the living room. "I knew you'd come around sometime!" He exclaims happily, and the pure joy on his face reassures me that I've made the right decision.

"Hey, I only said we'd try. That doesn't mean it'll actually happen!" I remind him, even though I can't help the small giggle that escapes my mouth from finally feeling a small hint of normalcy and happiness within me. This must be how people at the Capitol felt when they had children. Unharmed, worry-free, and completely ecstatic.

"Oh, it'll happen." Peeta says, setting me down on my feet and gently kissing my neck.

"Oh really?" I ask him, trying not to lean into his lips. "And what makes you so confident?"

"Well, for starters, you're not leaving the bedroom until I say so." I laugh at his words, rolling my eyes but loving every second of it. I enjoy Peeta's forcefulness, even if it isn't very often. It reminds me that while he may be the gentlest to me, sometimes I need a little fire in my life to make things interesting.

"What if I get hungry?" I ask, mocking him slightly.

"Too bad. I can distract you with other things."

And before I can say another word, he's whisked me off my feet and headed into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him with his foot and pushing us both onto the bed.

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