By the end of the day, his plan was completed but for a few bits of information he would have to double-check on-line, but it was possible that replacing all the worlds helium with a hallucinogenic that would cause such worldwide chaos that he'd be able to step in as ultimate ruler was viable! He smiled broadly and leaned back, giving the plan a last look-over. "Yes!"

Pinky jolted a little, had to turn the pencil over and rub the eraser over the extra line he'd just created. Brain's smile faded. That was... odd. He looked up, blue eyes wide. "What is it, Brain?"

"My new plan, Pinky! We're going to pose as," he shuddered, "clowns."

"Oh, I love clowns!" His eyes had gone back to normal and he was back to drawing, but Brain was still a bit worried nonetheless. He set the plan aside - they wouldn't be implementing it until the following night anyway and Pinky was absolutely useless at remembering plans while they were occurring, let alone retaining one for twenty-four short hours.

Rising, he went over to Pinky and patted his head. "How are you feeling, Pinky?"

"Oh, much better, Brain! I'm almost done with my drawing. It just needs lots and lots of pretty colors!"

"Of course, old friend. I'm sure the crayons you favor are exactly where you last left them." Or where Brain had left them. Pinky had a habit of leaving crayons scattered on the countertops while Brain had to put them into their box and away in a drawer.

"Goody!" Pinky jumped up and clutched his drawing to his chest while Brain took careful aim with his pencil and made several quick calculations in his head. He threw it, watched it slam into a ruler that rested precariously on one edge of the counter. It dropped, accelerated enough to smack into an eraser that bounced over to a clipboard. It flipped, sending a pair of scissors flying right at their cage. One sharp blade fitted neatly in the keyhole and, when the scissors fell, it turned the lock and the cage door slid open.

Brain deftly hopped out with Pinky right behind. "Egad, Brain! Brilliant!"

He looked over, lips twitching with pride in his own accomplishment. It was no secret that he could've picked the lock in just about any meaningless, simplistic way, but he enjoyed showing off his skills to his friend. "Thank you, Pinky." He bent over, painstakingly shoved open a drawer, and leapt in to locate Pinky's box of crayons.

Pinky bounced from foot to foot, waiting patiently, his thoughts swirling in his mind. Brain, the real Brain, was so much nicer than the Brain had been in that nasty white maze. His Brain was all sorry after hurting his head with a pencil. And his Brain said "Yes!" and was all excited about his fun-fun silly-willy plans. And his Brain let him hug him really, really tightly and liked him and got him crayons and- "My crayons!" he cried and began to cough yet again.

Up came an extra thimble, landing just atop the box of crayons Brain had located, and then the mouse himself followed. "Alright, Pinky, take your crayons and color your drawing. I'm going to go and make you some hot chocolate for that cough of yours. I don't want your throat getting any worse for tomorrow night."

"But, Brain..." He narrowed his eyes slightly, putting lots and lots of effort into his ponderin'. "You don't like when I talk when we have tomorrow nights. You bop me on the head and call me names."

Brain was quiet for a moment. This was true. He usually bopped Pinky on the head because of something foolish the mouse had uttered. Luckily, it tended to relieve his tension and make Pinky laugh, so it was never a negative thing. But still... Without Pinky's inanity, he'd probably be a lot less frustrated throughout the implementation of his plot.

The consideration of that, however, lasted only a fingersnap's worth of time before Brain dismissed the thoughts and shook his head. "Pinky, your voice is as much a help as it is a hindrance. And I wouldn't dream of taking you anywhere tonight while your head aches and your ticklish throat causes such sporadic coughing. Contrary to whatever you hold in your empty head, I don't enjoy your suffering!" he declared and was smiled blandly at. Pinky clearly hadn't understood most of that speech, so he rubbed a hand against his expansive brow and tried to think of a way to rephrase.

"Thank you, Brain. You're my best best friend in the whole wide world!" Brain let his hand fall, gazing at Pinky with a frankly stunned expression. "I don't like when you're feeling all bad and terrible either! Troz!"

How could he love this creature? This childish mouse who had the emotional consistency of a Kardashian sister. Brain walked back to Pinky, laid his hands on his friend's arms. "You're my best friend too, Pinky. I wouldn't trade you for the world." And, when given the opportunity in the past, he hadn't.

His eyes went teary. "Oh, Brain..."

"Yes." Brain cleared his throat and quickly spun away to leap from the counter. "I'll return shortly."

Smiling, Pinky dropped down and started to color. He picked up one of his crayons and gasped. "Mellow chartreuse! Perfect!"

Brain glanced back and only shook his head when he saw the pink crayon Pinky had selected. "Idiot," he murmured fondly before slipping into the kitchen.

It wasn't very long before Pinky made his way into the kitchen, skipping across the linoleum floor and climbing up the counter to get to Brain and the boiling water. He was stirring now and Pinky noticed with delight that there were two thimbles. Oh, Brain never had hot chocolate with him! "Brain! I finished my drawing!"

He looked down from his perch atop a large coffee mug. "Good. Hand me those thimbles, Pinky."

"Are you having hot chocolate too?" Pinky's excitement palpable, Brain couldn't help but nod. There was something... gratifying about delighting his companion, no matter how simple it was to do. "Hoo-rah!" the mouse cheered and his coughing had some of Brain's pleasure dimming. He really had no business forgetting that his friend had suffered at the hands of science that day.

It was one of the reasons why his schemes never delved into the realm of actually causing injury to people. He didn't naturally gravitate towards such extreme violence, after all. The biggest reason, though, was the mouse dancing in silly circles despite his coughing fit. Brain knew, had been shown several times over, that Pinky's moral ground was firmly under his feet. And because Brain was (and how he hated this metaphor) wrapped around Pinky's finger, Pinky's moral ground was under his feet as well.

He'd come to this humbling realization sometime between the water boiling and his precarious transfer of it to a mug and had nearly scalded himself because of it. Ruling the world came first, came before everything. He'd been trying to convince himself of that, hoping that it would help him stop indulging in the belief that he could possibly be in love with Pinky.

It had done the opposite, merely further confirming and strengthening the belief. He was in love with Pinky. It was inescapable, but at least Brain had been able to convince himself that it changed nothing. He didn't actually have to tell Pinky of his pesky feelings. And now that he was there, excited simply because Brain was going to join his consumption of a beverage, he could admit to himself that... he rather liked the warm feeling in his chest.

He hopped down, the thimbles full of hot chocolate. "Well, Pinky... How about a movie?"

"Another black 'n' white one, Brain...?"

There was a little quiver in his voice and, remembering how quickly he'd fallen asleep the night before, Brain sighed. Pinky had given him a cinematic treat yesterday; he could tolerate an inane, foolish film tonight. "No, Pinky. How about the..." He took a moment to try and think of some of the drivel Pinky enjoyed. "The Care Hares?"

Pinky gasped, snatching Brain up so fast he ended up scalded by hot liquid after all. Again.


It was torture. Simple honest torture. Cartoon rabbits with happy little symbols on their chests sang happy little songs about their happy little lives and made others as sickeningly happy as they themselves were. Brain entertained thoughts of potential acid trips for the poor animators and, at the realization that the movie was an hour and half long, also entertained thoughts of his mind simply melting and dripping from his ears.

Nothing in real life was like this, nor could it be. The world would be bored within a week; Brain had gotten bored within the first four minutes. At least Pinky was happy with it. He clapped along with the songs, gasped when it was appropriate to gasp, giggled when the writers threw in a pun so lame a kindergartner would've found it hackneyed.

Sighing, Brain crossed his legs and fidgeted with the colorful drawing he'd been presented. A round white blob was being held by a ovular white blob. The only sign that it was supposed to be the two of them was the "mellow chartreuse" in the circle ears, scribbled hands and feet, and the lines that were supposed to be tails. The outline of pencil only helped so much.

But still, The Brain was touched. Around them was a big, red heart. It was a little rough at the edges, one hump at the top much wider than it's partner, but it was precious nonetheless. Pinky was precious nonetheless. The irritating simpleton had colored in every last inch of the piece of paper. There were happy little rainbows and a happy little sun and happy little clouds... It should've been as sickening as the film he was suffering through was.

Instead he was planning to laminate it and keep it forever.

"Pinky," he murmured, "you've turned me into a sentimental fool."

"What's that, Brain?" Pinky blinked at him, confused but smiling. He hadn't heard.

Brain shook his head. "I said I'm getting rather tired. I may lie down."

Pinky scrambled up while the Care Hares did cartwheels in sync with one another and threw the blanket entirely over Brain's head. Brain pushed it back, staring disdainfully at his companion, but Pinky's bright grin and the thumping of his tail convinced Brain that the scathing remark wasn't worth it, but a thank you was. He started to move to lay in his spot, but Pinky quickly scooted closer and tucked an arm around Brain's side. His meaning was quickly apparent and Brain turned red to the tip of his tail. It was acceptable for Pinky to fall asleep against him because Pinky was a child at heart, but Brain was decidedly not.

Mortified, he struggled with the choice between remaining where he was and moving away to lie down. But then he was just pulled into Pinky's lap, blanket and all, and was trapped. His cheek rested against Pinky's chest, his head tucked beneath his chin. "Pinky..."

"This is the very best part, Brain," he whispered and Brain gave in. He was whispering, allowing Brain some quiet if he wished for it. After a brief hesitation, Brain relaxed and lifted a hand, curling his fingers into the fur of Pinky's chest.

It didn't take him long to discover that he wasn't going to be able to sleep, not with the Care Hares rhyming love with every possible word they could get away with. And to think there were another forty-five horrendous minutes to go...

With a heavy sigh, he squeezed his eyes shut and tried to will himself to sleep. The warmth of Pinky against him, though, and the tremors of his body when he suppressed a giggle and the way one of his hands had begun absently stroking up and down his back was all incredibly distracting, as was the sheer brightness of what was going on just outside of his closed eyelids. He turned his head, pressing much of his face against his cagemate and let his scent envelope him. Brain relaxed further, working complicated quantum mechanics problems out in his head to distract him from the song that didn't want to end.

How many words did rhyme with love anyway? Too many, were you to ask Brain at that moment.

It went on and on and the movie itself went on and on with Brain trying to fall asleep all the while. Pinky came to believe that The Brain was asleep, so kept his enjoyment of the movie very quiet. When he just couldn't help the laughter, he muffled it in Brain's head. And when it was time to clap as the credits began to roll, he did so like Brain had showed him the one time he'd pretended to be Cher in the fancy golfing tournament.

Brain showed him things all the time, Pinky reflected. Simply wonderful things that were simply wonderful all the time when he was with Brain! Even when his plans sort of unraveled themselves, it was all such fun. They were always together.

And no badly dreamed dreams were going to convince him otherwise. Everything here had color and Brain never, ever left him behind. He never bopped him so it hurt and he even watched silly movies with him. The Care Hares were the most colorful things in the whole wide world and he was so glad that Brain would let him watch it all the way without making him turn it off even when he was tired.

He gave his best friend a gentle hug, not wanting to awaken him and make him all grumpy-grumbly. "Oh, I just love you, Brain! Narf!"

The narf was a little loud and probably would've woken Brain if he'd truly been asleep. In the state he was in, however, it did nothing but melt his heart entirely. The narf, the declaration... They combined to destroy Brain's heart entirely and steal it away for good. There was no hope now, none.

With a falsely sleepy sound, Brain adjusted in Pinky embrace as if trying to find a more comfortable spot. His arms wound around Pinky's neck and held, his cheek rubbing against Pinky's chest as gently as could be. He could feel Pinky's answering nuzzle against his head in a way that made his ear twitch involuntarily, and then Pinky giggled softly before reaching out his tail to click the remote and turn everything off.

There was a buzz of pride - Brain hadn't even had to tell him to turn things off - that mixed with the warmth created when Pinky laid them both down, covered them with the blanket, and stayed close.

Well, he stayed close largely because Brain had yet to release him and had no intention of doing so. Ever. His greatest fear was letting this mouse go. He simply wasn't ready to test that fear and was comfortable in the knowledge that he never would be.

Oh, I just love you too, Pinky. His lips twitched slightly. Narf.

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