Rangiku Matsumoto isn't the kind of woman you would call "observant". She likes to pride herself on other personal attributes, such as loyalty, courageousness, and of course being insanely beautiful. But even if you caught a fish, stuck it in front of her face and called it a whale, she would know something was up.

And it was exactly that way with Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki. Their obvious attraction to each other was starting to give her a head ache, and not the good kind of head ache that came after five bottles of sake and a good night out.

Everybody could see that the two Shinigamis were going through the denial stage of attraction. Usually Rangiku would be beside herself with happiness, but watching them two blush and stutter around each other was downright annoying.

So that's how Rangiku came up with a plan. Well, not a plan, more like an idea. A terribly thought out but needs-to-be-done idea. But she couldn't execute this plan alone, well she could, but she didn't want to.

"Taichou?" Rangiku sing songed as she glided into his office. Hitsugaya Taichou glanced up from his paperwork and frowned at his lazy fukutaichou. He took note of the scheming and excited glint in her eyes and automatically knew something was up.

"Matsumoto, you're late." He scowled. She just rolled her eyes and practically skipped to his desk. This was not a good sign.

"Taichou, can you do me a favor?" She asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes in an innocent fashion.

"No." He said immediately, not even bothering to hear her out. Rangiku pouted.

"But Taichou…" She whined.

"No means no, Matsumoto."

"But what if I said it included getting Ichigo and Rukia to finally get together." She said convincingly. The small captain stopped for a moment.

The substitute shinigami and the small Kuchiki were annoying him lately. He was no matchmaker but whenever he was around them he wanted to bash their heads together and scream, "Just kiss godammit!" Though he would never admit it. Toshiro leaned back in his chair, fixing his fukutaichou with a steely gaze.

"And, theoretically, if I were to agree to this favor, what exactly would it entitle?" He asked, raising one snowy white brow. Rangiku grinned, counting this a win.

"Well, the plan is simple, Taichou. Take Rukia-san on a date and get Ichigo jealous!" She squealed. Toshiro's eyes widened considerably.

"Absolutely not!" He yelled. Rangiku was starting to get desperate, she needed her captain to agree to this, or she would almost explode from the amount of sexual tension coming from Ichigo and Rukia. She sighed; it was time to bring out the big guns.

"Taichou, if you help me with this, I promise to do the paperwork for a week." She managed to ground out. Rangiku didn't notice the flicker of a smirk on her captain's lips.

"And it's not as if you'll be going in blind! There are these things in the living world called radios and you attach them to your ear and you can hear everything I'm saying! I'll guide you through it, Taichou. Just please help me." She begged.

"Alright, Matsumoto."

"C'mon, Taichou it won't be that bad—Wait—What!" She sputtered.

"I'll do it. But only if you make good on your promise to do paperwork AND buy those radios in the living world." Rangiku beamed down at her chibi Taichou and leaned over the desk to give him a giant hug, making sure to squish his head in-between her large…assets.

Toshiro sputtered and tried to break free of the woman's deadly grip.

"You're the best, Taichou!"

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