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Small white snowflakes started to fall from the black clouds above their heads. Toshiro was fairly certain he could control his power now. After the fight with Aizen he realized just how little of a grip he had on his power. So he took a two month leave of his duty and went high up in the mountains and practiced with Hyourinmaru almost non-stop.

He hadn't learnt any new techniques, rather honed on the ones he had and learned to fully control each one. Frozen Heaven Hundred Flower Funeral was his most powerful and dangerous attack.

The small snowflakes slowly descended from the sky but before they could reach their target the hilt of a zanpakuto connected with the back of the younger captains head. Toshiro crumpled to ground, unconscious. The snowflakes fell harmlessly to the ground and the black clouds disappeared.

Byakuya allowed surprise to show on his face for a split second before he schooled his features in his usual couldn't-give-a-fuck expression.

The head captain glared at the Shinigami in the field, minus one KOed captain on the ground and the tied up Rukia. Matsumoto looked ashamed.

"Matsumoto-fukutaicho, please explain to me what just happened?" The head captain growled. Matsumoto looked at the head captain, then at her captain, then back at the head captain.

"Well sir, you just pwned my taichou." She said matter-of-factly. The head captains glare intensified but Matsumoto swore she saw a flicker of smugness pass across his features. Thankfully, Byakuya cut in before Matsumoto talked herself into more trouble.

"As you can see, soutaichou, they kidnapped my sister." Byakuya inclined his head towards Rukia, who was struggling against her bindings, the thought of untying her never registered in their minds.

"Kuchiki-taichou, Matsumoto-fukutaicho, I order you to go to my office immediately, it is there that I will decide on your punishment."

"Can I at least take taichou to the fourth squad?" Matsumoto asked. The head captain sighed and gave a firm nod, then all three shunpoed away.

Leaving behind a bound and thoroughly pissed off Rukia.


When Hitsugaya finally came to, the first thing he noticed was the throbbing on the back of his head. The second thing was that he was in the fourth squad relief station, and the third was that his arms and ankles were strapped to the bed, almost completely immobilizing him.

"Shiro-chan! Are you awake?" A hesitant yet hopeful voice squeaked from beside him.

"Hinamori?" Hitsugaya rasped. What the hell was wrong with his voice? Why did it feel like he had been screaming non-stop for hours?

"Shiro-chan!" She cried and threw herself onto Hitsugaya's chest. While Hinamori was blubbering about something, Toshiro was trying to remember what the hell happened. Something about Captain Kuchiki and Hyourinmaru….what was it?

"Hinamori, what happened? Why am I here?" He asked. The girl stopped blubbering and looked up at him with watery eyes, why was she so upset?

"Well, Rangiku-san—"

"THAT DAMNED WOMAN!" Hitsugaya suddenly roared, causing Hinamori to yelp and jump away from him. As soon as the name Rangiku-san left Hinamori's lips all the memories came rushing back to him. Her kidnapping Rukia, roping him into it, being confronted by Captain Kuchiki, Toshiro kicking his ass, and then sudden pain in the back of his head.

"I will kill that demon woman! She will pay for making a fool—"

"Shiro-chan…" Hinamori said uncertainly. Hitsugaya stopped his ranting and looked over at his childhood friend, who for some reason looked almost…frightened. Toshiro's rage ebbed away and his expression softened. He was about to apologize for scaring her but then he realized one key point of information.

"Hinamori, why am I strapped to the bed?" Toshiro asked, thoroughly confused as to why they had to strap him down. Surely he had been unconscious until five minutes ago. A hesitant look flittered across Hinamori's face and she wrung her hands together nervously.

"Uh, well, you see Shiro-chan—"

"Hitsugaya-taicho." He corrected automatically.

"Of course, Shiro-chan," Seriously? Why did he even bother? "You see, after the soutaichou knocked you out Kuchiki-taicho and Rangiku-san was called to his office to explain their actions. According to what Rangiku-san said, well she basically told him how you…Um…uh…" Hinamori had no idea how to tell him what happened next. Shiro-chan was known for his explosive temper and she was honestly scared as to how he would react to what she said next.

"Honestly, Hinamori, I'm fine. I am an adult and a taicho. I can handle what you're about to tell me next." Toshiro said calmly, coaxing the timid girl into speaking.

"Rangiku-san said that you were addicted to a wide array of narcotics such as ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana I think she even added pot in there. Then she told the soutaichou that you were extremely high at the time and didn't fully realize what you were doing. She also said something about being stressed about work but that doesn't matter, Shiro-chan are you really a pot head?" Hinamori said all this in one breath, Hitsugaya had trouble keeping up with her but he got the gist of it.

Things were quiet. Too quiet. Toshiro kept staring at Hinamori blankly, not even a flicker of emotion crossed his face. Hinamori took that as a really bad sign.

"I…see. So that's why I'm tied to bed." Hitsugaya said, not an ounce of emotion in his voice.

"Well not…quite. It's obvious you don't remember but when the soutaichou knocked you unconscious you actually woke up ten minutes later but you went stir crazy and basically had a mental breakdown. That only confirmed Rangiku-san's story that you were a junkie."

"How long has it been since then?" Hitsugaya asked, still extremely calm.

"About 42 hours." Hinamori replied.

"So, enough time for my… drug addiction to become known across Seireitei."

"I guess…?"

Toshiro didn't speak for a long time. He merely stared unseeingly at the ceiling. Hinamori sat in the chair beside the bed and watched him intently, waiting for the snap. Eventually she got just that.

It started off as little chuckles, then escalated into full on hysterical laughter. Hinamori watched as her childhood friend had a laughing fit right in front of her eyes. Against her better judgement, Hinamori found herself laughing with him.

A knock on the door interrupted them, stopping the random fit of insanity.

"Hitsugaya-taicho, how are you feeling?" Unohana asked politely as she came in.

"A little angry, slightly nervous but very happy." Toshiro answered instantly, the look on his face resembling a child who just had their first bite of chocolate.

"Err, okay, that's good?" She said it like a question.

"Anyway, the soutaichou requests your presence. It's best not to keep him waiting." Unohana advised and unstrapped him from the bed.

Toshiro sprung up immediately from the bed, his head twitching rather oddly.

"I'll err, leave you to it then." And with that she left the room. Toshiro noticed his shihakusho and haori on the end table and rushed over to them. He untied the sash of his robe that he was wearing but stopped when he heard an embarrassed squeak come from Hinamori.

"S-Shiro-chan! I'm still here!" She yelped and covered her eyes with her hand, subtly peeking through her fingers. Hitsugaya blinked at her.

"Yes I realized that. If you do not appreciate my being half naked then would you kindly like to leave?" Toshiro said politely and continued to slip out of his robe. Hinamori yelped and turned around.

When Toshiro had finished dressing, he bid farewell to Hinamori and set off to the first division, still acting rather oddly.

Poor Matsumoto had no idea what was coming.

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