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Summary: There are some things you don't choose, but choose you. Life almost never turns out the way we intend, so when you lose some, you get to win some, right? Dark fic, taboo subjects, swearing, sex, etc. All human

Whiskey Lullaby

It started to rain again. The last few days have been dreary, like they mostly are when winter comes along, but now even more so. The nurses were tired, the doctors have nothing much to do and the patients are quiet, well, those who aren't drugged are quiet. There hasn't been a new patient in a few days, which is oddly strange, yet gives off an amazing feeling that no one needs them right now.

Straightening her uniform, the crisp white doing nothing for her if she was being brutally honest, her pale skin and blonde locks combined with this God awful uniform of hers, she looks like a ghost. Nurse Brown checked her watch and straightened her name badge. Its Wednesday today, which means that Dr. Weasley's brother would be visiting the great doctor herself. Sarcasm successfully detected.

Dr. Weasley. Ugh, what a bitch. She made her work on Christmas, which as you can tell, sucks. Draco was very angry, but does the bitch care? Nooooo! Throwing her hair from her shoulder and huffing, Nurse Brown felt herself blush. She knows why the wicked witch made her work on Christmas day. It was due to her behavior at the staff Christmas party.

Dr. Weasley brought her boyfriend, Harry, and her brother Ron along with her to the party. The moment Ron entered the room, she had felt all the blood drain from her face and settle in the region of her feet. His pale red hair contrasted with the marble white of his skin. His nose and cheeks had a slight red tinge to them, making the little freckles on his skin stand out more than they already do. His broad shoulders followed next as Nurse Brown made her quite obvious perusal of the top honcho's brother. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a loose red button-down shirt over it, paired with dark jeans, jeans she wouldn't mind leaving on her bedroom floor mind you, and sneakers.

Nurse Brown had made it obvious she wanted him, right from the moment she sauntered up to him, pushed her chest out and giggled more than was necessary whenever he said something funny, or not even remotely funny. She put herself out there along with a flag that yelled at him to get his attention. She had made with the touching of various parts of his body, looking into his eyes from beneath her lashes, pouted at him, touched his leg dangerously close to his crotch, basically everything she could.

However the moment she moved toward the bathroom, Dr. Weasley had taken a strong hold of her arm and directed her to the punch bowl.

"Stay away from my brother." She had hissed. Nurse Brown pulled her arm free with a scowl.

"Who am I to deny that maybe he wants to go home with me Ginny?" Nurse Brown spat right back. Ginny stepped closer to Nurse Brown and stared right into her eyes. The idea was to intimidate. She succeeded.

"Just because he wants a quick fuck from you, doesn't mean he'll keep you around. You'll be out the door by the time he flushes the condom down the drain." And with that Ginny turned around and walked back to her boyfriend and brother. Nurse Brown quickly went home after that, to the arms of her controlling, yet rich boyfriend. She doesn't mind that he wants to know when she goes to the loo. He's just an in-between while she patiently flirts with Ron. Until she gets him.

"Lavender?" Being pulled from a day dream/nightmare sucks. The fantasy she had brewing about Ron was popped before she could even imagine him naked. Turning around quickly, she came face-to-face with said beefcake.

"Oh, hey Ron." Lavender plastered a big smile on her face and pushed her breasts out for good measure too.

"Are you okay? I called your name three times before I could get your attention." Ron smiled. "Don't let my sister work you to death, okay?" He said with a wink. Lavender found herself swooning. Yes, swooning.

"I'll go on back there. No need to buzz her to come and get me. I know the way by now." Ron grinned. Lavender didn't even have time to speak before he slid past her and down the hall to his sister's office. She might have been staring at his ass in those tight jeans.

Lavender wanted to walk over to Ginny's office and eavesdrop on their conversation, just to hear Ron's voice. Knowing how much Ginny hates being caught off guard, Lavender picked up the receiver to tell her boss that Ron is just outside her office, she found herself listening to a conversation already taking place.

"I found her. She said she'll come in. She needs help Harry. Yes, yes, I know, but there's nothing I can do about it now. Just-please, don't tell Ron."

Lavender heard her voice leaving her throat before she could help herself, upon hearing Ron's name.

"Doctor, your brother is here." She could almost feel the shock combined with a scowl coming from the other end of the line. A gruff 'Thank you' was heard when the door opened. Ginny quickly ended the call with Harry and the intrusion by Lavender mere seconds from each other.

Lavender couldn't help but wonder who the good doctor had found, and why the hell shouldn't Ron know about it?

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