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Listen to Your Master



That was the first thing he saw when he found himself on Gallifrey. First thing he smelt. The Capitol was aflame. The other Time-Lords were behind him, still composing themselves. Rassilon lay still on the cold metal floor. The Master smirked. He had just brought the Lord President to his death bed – but not for long. The Master searched the area for a way out.

"My Lord!" One of the Gallifreyans exclaimed. They collapsed onto their knees by the President's side. Then they stood up and stepped back from the body and faced the others. "It has begun. He is regenerating."

The fire was spreading around the room. It shook as war raged on outside. The Master caught sight of the automatic doors at the entrance. A way out. The Master sniffed the air and smirked once again. "I'm starving."

The Master sprinted across the room and out the automatic doors just before it was blocked by the growing flames. His clothes where barely singed. He stopped and took a look at the battled before his eyes.


It was very loud. There was screaming; battle cries that could be heard miles away. Blasts and explosions echoed distantly in the wind. The Master looked up at the blood red sky, flecked with daleks, battle TARDISes and spaceships colliding with each other and shooting at each other.

Hell, the Doctor called it. This was hell – the battlefield Gallifrey had been reduced to.

"My kind of place," he murmured, grinning. The ground shook from an explosion a couple meters away and he was thrown onto his side. His ears were ringing as green smoke with wisps of purple clouded the area. Everything was so loud.

But it was quiet. It was so quiet. The outside was so noisy. He sat huddled on the rocky ground, covered in rubble and clutching his head. It was gone. Gone. The Master lowered his shaking hands and stared up into the blood red sky.

Quiet. His head was so quiet.

The drums were gone. The never-ending drums...


Rassilon didn't need the signal anymore. There was no way out of the time-lock anymore. The President of Gallifrey had taken out the drums. Just when he was starting to like it. Just when he had begun to accept his insanity. Gone.

He scrambled up onto his feet. The whole world was spinning. He had those drums for almost his whole life. The things he's done. The things the drums have helped him accomplished.

Gone as well.

"I don't know what I'll be without those drums." He had told the Doctor. Now he knows what he is. He can feel it with every beat of his hearts.

He is nothing.

"Argh!" The Master muffled a scream and collapsed onto the ground, clutching his sides. His chest was heaving and his breathing was shallow. His life force was fading - being eaten up. A small and pained sound slipped out of his mouth. He saw his whole body as a skeleton for a second. The Master was vulnerable. The Master was dying.

And then he heard it. A sound - an indescribable sound. The Master's head shot up and searched for the source.

Not far from him, a tall and slender figure stood with its hands by its sides. The Master crawled closer to it. Its eyes were hollow and sunken in. It stood in a black suit - from Earth. A typical Earth suit.

"You are the Master," it said in a sort of raspy voice, much like Darth Vader from that Star Wars movie he watched with Lucy Saxon in the 'year that never was', "You must return to Earth. You must seek Sherlock Holmes... and eliminate him. You will use the alias "James Moriarty"."

"And why," the Master stumbled onto his feet, trying to regain his strength, "would I do that? I can't even regenerate, people will recognize "Harold Saxon"!"

"We will restore your life-force." The alien didn't move.


"You will regain your ability to regenerate."

The Master raised an eyebrow. "Well how am I going to get to Earth?" He asked pompously. "If you haven't noticed, Gallifrey is in a time-lock!"

"There is a fracture." The suited alien said. "We have developed a machine to manipulate it."

"Oh? You're working with others?" The Master smirked. "And who exactly is "we"?"

The creature still did not move, but merely tilted its head. "We are the Silence... And you will be James Moriarty."

"Alright." The Master agreed. "Take me to the fracture."

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