Listen to Your Master

Chapter Three

"John, did you see that?" Sherlock beckoned over the army doctor as he stared out the window of 221B intently.

"See what?" John replied, not moving from his place on the couch.

"Well, then did you at least hear that?" Sherlock pressed.

"No." John walked over and joined Sherlock by the window. "What's that blue box over there?"

"It's a 1960's "police box"." Sherlock said, irritably making air quotations with his fingers. "An awful replica, really." He said as he left the window and made his way to the door.

"Replica?" John repeated, confused.

"Obviously." Sherlock muttered just loud enough for John to hear, taking his coat and scarf as he left without another word. John sighed and reluctantly followed.

"Obviously." He mimicked exasperatedly, going down the stairs.

"London, 2012!" The Doctor grinned, stepping out of the TARDIS. Amy and Rory followed behind him.

"Who are you?" A deep voice next to him said. Amy and Rory jumped at the sound of the voice while the Doctor whirled around to face a tall man with curly hair, a coat, and a scarf.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor," The Doctor responded with a smile, but then he frowned and stepped closer to the stranger. "Wait just a tick! I know you. Sherlock Holmes. Good to see you again! It's me, the Doctor!"

"Doctor who?" A shorter man said behind Sherlock. The Doctor moved in to shake his hand.

"And John Watson! It's great to see you both again."

"Really though, doctor who?" John asked again.

"Remember? The Adipose on Halloween?" The Doctor waved his hand in front of Sherlock's face. "No? 2012?"

Before Sherlock could answer, the Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the curly-haired man. John and Sherlock looked at the pulsing device curiously.

"Are you… bleeping him?" John said, bewildered by the Doctor's actions.

"Waving a light and a strange sound in my face isn't going to help your case." Sherlock said coldly, though anyone could see the excitement of a possible strange new case in his eyes. "John, phone Lestrade. Tell him to get –"

"There's no need to phone anyone." The Doctor pulled out his psychic paper from the inner pocket of his tweed jacket. "John Smith. Government official. I specialize in, err, landmarks. I'm bringing old-fashioned police boxes back to the streets of London."

John put away his phone and nodded slowly.

"Mr. Smith – if that's even your real name – showing me a blank piece of paper isn't going to convince me you're a government official." Sherlock brushed past the Doctor and strolled over to the TARDIS, inspecting it.

"Right, forgot that doesn't work on you." The Doctor murmured and put away his psychic paper. Sherlock knocked on the wooden doors off the TARDIS and observed the box.

"Doctor, you said you know him?" Amy said quietly behind the bow-tied man.

"Yes, I do." The Doctor replied, just as quiet.

"Then how come he doesn't know you?" Rory asked. The Doctor turned to face his companions.

"The answer is simple." He said. "Sherlock Holmes and John Watson haven't met me yet."

"May I take a look inside?" Sherlock asked loudly. The Doctor turned to the detective with a nonchalant look on his face.

"What for?" He said vaguely. "It's just a normal police box."

"That's where you're wrong." Sherlock went right up to the Doctor's face. "Who are you people? The three of you can't fit in that box without out your clothes rumpled, and all your clothes aren't. None of you were doing anything special in that box since those two are married and perfectly faithful to each other." Sherlock gestured to Amy and Rory and blatantly carried on. "None of you are making any sense, so do tell me – who are you?"

"Uh, none of your business!" Rory said indignantly, although it sounded more like a question. The Doctor smiled.

"Like he said, none of your business." The Doctor turned away from the detective. "Amy, Rory, let's go." He and his companions walked away without another word.

Sherlock watched them with narrowed eyes and waited until they turned the corner and were out of sight before he hastily kneeled down in front of the TARDIS doors and pulled something out of his coat.

"A lock-picking set?" John mused. He had never seen anyone treat Sherlock that way, and he sure as hell found it funny.

"Brought it in case I couldn't get it open." Sherlock explained as he stuck one of his pins into the lock. "It looks like and adequate Yale lock so this shouldn't take any more than a minute." John nodded and let Sherlock work.

It had been five minutes since Sherlock began trying on the lock and John was about to go back to the flat for a cup of tea.

"Nothing works! That's impossible!" Sherlock threw one of his tools to the ground in frustration. He ran his hands through his hair and dropped to his knees to put his eyes right in front of the lock, peeping into it. "That's no ordinary lock."

He stood up, put his tools back into his coat, and began walking away from the police box. "Let's go."

"Right, so what do we do now?" John followed Sherlock down the pavement – the same way the Doctor and his friends went. The "Doctor" had John baffled. If anything, he'd day they're a couple nutters who escaped from the looney bin – but John could already tell that Sherlock thought otherwise.

"We follow them," Sherlock said simply, with an excited glint in his eyes. "It's only been several minutes; they couldn't have gone that far."

The detective and his blogger had been tailing the trio for quite some time. The strange people from the police box had led them quite far from Baker Street. At the moment, the two found themselves hiding behind a crate in an old abandoned warehouse west of Thames River.

"Doctor, couldn't you have just taken us here by the TARDIS?" The mousy man asked.

"Because, Rory, I don't want the Silence near the TARDIS." The Doctor told his two friends. "We still don't know much about them. We don't know what they can do…"

Sherlock frowned. "Silence? What silence?"

"Amy… You're arm…" Rory grabbed the redheaded girl's arm gently. She gasped quietly.

"Doctor!" She called weakly. Sherlock's frowned deepened when he caught a glimpse of her forearm.

"Tally Marks." He murmured, turning to face John. "What would that mea-"

"Sherlock." John's voice was shaky. In his hand was a handgun, pointed straight at the consulting detective. "What the hell…"

"John, what are you doing?" Sherlock moved his head out of the way, startled.

Everything happened at once.

John began firing his gun repeatedly at a strange, humanoid… thing. It had quite a shocking resemblance to Golem. The Golem-like creature collapsed to the ground from the force of the many gunshots.

"John! Stop!" The Doctor shouted in a panicked voice as more of the Silence appeared.

Sherlock ran at John, who had left their hiding place to shoot at it from an even closer range, and wrestled the gun from him. "Have you lost your mind!"

"The thing," John murmured, as if under a trance, "Kill it… I have to kill it… Should – should kill them all on sight."

The Doctor's companions jumped back, surprised by the presence of more of the creatures.

"Have to kill." John continued to mutter.

"What are they?" Sherlock thought out loud, slightly fascinated by the creatures that had surrounded the five of them.

"Aliens." Rory stated as he took a marker from his pocket, keeping his eyes fixed on the so-called aliens.

Amy was already one step ahead, marking her own arm with a black marker. She muttered numbers under her breath. "… Six, seven… Seven!" She announced. " There are seven of them here."

"Kill them all on sight." John whispered harshly.

"Why is John so compelled to kill them?" Sherlock's eyes narrowed at the Doctor with a tinge of accusation in his voice. "He's not himself."

"Every seen the Moon Landing?" The Doctor replied, nonchalantly. "There's a lot more in that video than people remember." He added quietly.

"Aliens?" John scoffed – seeming back to normal. "You're joking."

"They're aliens, John." Sherlock took a step backwards, his back almost touching the Doctor's. "What other explanation is there?"

"You have to believe us." Rory said, voice low and serious.

"Yeah? Why should I?"

"Because you're life depends on it!" Amy snapped at John, apparently losing her patience with him.

"Listen to them John." Sherlock said. "There are no marks or peelings at these creatures' jaw-lines suggesting these are masks. And what other reason would you be mindlessly shooting at them for?" He pointed at the army doctor's ready hand. "See! You've even gotten your gun back." John's eyes widened and he put the gun back in his jacket pocket.

"Fine. Maybe you're right."

The Doctor cleared his throat. "The Silence, yes?" He spoke pointedly to the alien in front of him. "Why have you lot brought us back to Earth?"

"He has returned." The alien loomed over the bow-tied man.

The Doctor swallowed. "I know."

"Who's returned?" Amy asked quietly. "… Doctor?"

He didn't answer her. "How did he escape?"

"We simply aided him," Spoke the alien, "on his way to Earth. To your destruction." Nobody could really tell whether it was talking to the Doctor or Sherlock at that point.

Sherlock stepped forward. "Who's returned?" He demanded. "Give me a name!"

"He knocks four times." It said slowly. The dim lights of the warehouse flickered off then back on, and the Silence were nowhere in sight.

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