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Now may I present...

Eternity is a long fucking time.

When I first woke up from my three days in hell and my maker, Carlisle told me I would live forever my first thought was…

Bring it on.

Now…three hundred years later and all I wish for is death.

Knowing that there will never be an end for me is excruciating.

Listening to the other members of my coven having sex is worse.

They each managed to find their perfect mate.

So while they all go at each other like starving animals…

I run.

I crank up the volume on my Walkman and run as fast as I can.

It is pure luck that it's that quiet lull between songs when I sprint past that old motel…

Boarded up and abandoned.

And I can hear the faint noise…

A squeak.

A squawk.

A cry.

I yank the headphones out and stop.

It comes again.

I should just keep going…

I know this…

But eternity is so long.

And I'm bored out of my mind.

So...I'm not done with this yet. I have 46 chapters so far. No matter what this will finish by Sunday night.

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