Hey this is my first Fanfic I plan on finishing so ya it's a Dragon Age Origin/Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim crossover.

A bit of back story for The Warden to be: She killed Alduin then got recruited into the Dark Brotherhood got to rank of Listener. The back story to the Skyrim half is only going to be hinted at she going to tell stories about Skyrim story line and such eventually. She comes to Ferelden to set up a Brotherhood branch and ya. If you haven't played skyrim go buy it or go to the wiki to find out things you don't know. Most will be explained eventually in the story. Plzz R and R. Also opening part is heavily inspired by MrsArainai's The Assassin's Lover. Also SPOLIER ALERT!

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Dragon Scrolls V: Origins - The Listener

"Out of the way, Warden. This is no business of yours."

Duncan turned towards the guard who had spoken and was surprised to see him clutching a female elf by her neck. It wasn't the crushing racism that surprised him, however. Though he hated admit it, racism towards elves wasn't unheard of. It saddened him to say it, but it was far too common. It was the elf herself who surprised him. Her skin was a strange pale grey like iron, her hair as white as the snow, and fell well down, past her shoulders. But the most striking feature where her eyes. They were unlike anything he had ever seen; they were a solid vibrant orange that shifted into a dark, vermilion as you looked closer to her to her eye lids.

Also she was wearing black leather armor with a matching leather hood. Her armor and hood looked ancient but well taken care of. It had another layer of red leather covering her shoulders, gauntlets, thighs, boots, and hood which were studded with a black metal . No elf in Thedas had skin or eyes like that and the armor looked expensive.

The elf was putting a struggle against the guards before he struck her with his metal gauntlet causing her to stop her struggling and fall to the ground

Duncan glanced at Valendrian but he mouthed 'I don't know' and nodded towards the strange new elf. "She is not one of mine. There had never been an elf in the Alienage with grey skin," he explained to the guard.

The guard kicked the elf as she struggled to get back up with bounds tied tightly, fell back to ground with a sickening crunch. The guard then pull back the elf's head by her hair so we could see her face clearly. The girl's eyes glittered with malice and hate as she stared up at the guard. "She must be! She was in Denerim so there's no way she's Dalish."

"No elf has grey skin. Or eyes of such a color," he said calmly.

"Maybe she's ill with one of your filthy elf diseases. I don't know, I don't care. Just take her for now and guards will be back tomorrow morning, with Lady Liana." Duncan decided to intervene.

"Why is she in your custody, may I ask?" The guard hit the girl hard, keeping his hand firmly in her long white hair. Then she began whispering to herself quietly "Sweet mother, sweet mother…." was all Duncan made out before the guard started to speak once again.

She looked up at him coolly despite the trickle of blood rolling down her cheek from a large gash above her right eyebrow.

"Attempted assassination of Lady Liana. Said Lady wanted her killed on the spot, but the law sadly prevents us from doing that even though this filthy knife-ear deserves it. Also Since she isn't, apparently, native to our homeland, we don't want to risk tempting the wrath of any reinforcements she might have if we put her in the dungeons. If we simply let her stay in the Alienage, we can avoid that." The guard says before delivering a swift kick to her head, knocking her out.

"Very well we will shelter her tonight." Valendrian said with a tone that made it clear that he would gladly help this girl. The guard stared at Valendrian before turning on his heels and walking away with the rest of the guards.

After a few moments after the guards left Duncan heard a small grunt and turned his attention to the strange elf. She had woken up and was now looking at him.

"Now, what's your name? And where do you come from? Obviously not here, judging from your differences" Duncan gestured towards her grey skin and dark red eyes. She grunted. "You may call me Night. And I was born in Skyrim," she answered. This women Night had an accent that he had not heard before.

Duncan nodded. He knew of this place, explorers had made contact with Skyrim and all of Tamriel around 20 years ago. It was a strange land that Thedas hadn't had a lot of contact with since. This explained why Night stuck out from the rest of the elves.

"May I ask why you are here?" Valendrian asked

"It was like the guard said the murder of Lady Liana. A man, who I will not name, preformed the Black Sacrament, and the Night Mother heard his prayers and she spoke to me, telling me of this man. He hated her enough to perform the Sacrament. I met this man, took his gold, and low-and-behold here I am," Night explained out stretching her arms for effect.

"And now that you have failed," Duncan asked.

Viola threw back her head and gave an odd laugh. It was unnerving and several elves stepped back in alarm. How alien she must look to them? What with her strange eyes and her pale skin. She was shorter than most of the elves, not by a lot though.

"I did not "fail" old man," Night replied with as a dark, sadistic smile twisted her lips and it was shocked to everyone see the tell-tale hint of fangs. 'Was this elf truly a vampire, the old monsters of legend? Aren't the extinct? Maybe they were more common in this place, Skyrim,' Duncan thought to himself. He turned to Valendrian who was white as the strange elf's hair. He had obviously seen the fangs to as well as the crowd because they all took a step back and started whispering to each other.

"What makes you think that you will succeed the second time?" a young elf, with fiery red hair questioned. Shianni was her name, if Duncan could remember correctly.

Again, Night gave one of the bizarre smiles before bursting out laughing once more.

"I do not need to "try again" she should be dead in a few hours….I poisoned her larder. She should be having dinner right about now if she holds to her routine," Night said in a strange amused tone as she stood up.

"What of others, surely she would not be eating alone?" another elf from the crowd. This time it was a young boy with the same fiery red hair as the female elf, they were clearly related. "She is not. She has a husband and two children," she said matter-of-factly. Everyone went silent even Duncan. Night sighed and said, "Before any of you ask, I do not care that the others might die as long as she is amongst them," she said. Answering everyone's silent question. Duncan looked at Night as she began to sway before falling to the ground. Valendrian and Duncan rushed to the girl, she was out cold. "It must be blood loss," Valendrian said, "Duncan can you help me carry her to the orphanage."

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