Chapter 23: Justify My Love

"Poor is the man
Whose pleasures depend
On the permission of another
Love me, that's right, love me
I wanna be your baby." –Madonna

Elena felt her legs begin to tremble beneath her as she slowly crossed over the threshold into Damon's bedroom and gently closed the door behind her. Damon moved across the room swiftly and began rifling through his closet as Elena stared around at the room that she hadn't been in since the day that Damon had walked out the door and out of her life for what had seemed like an eternity. Elena took a few steps further into the room and then looked over to the bed and couldn't help but feel a bittersweet pleasure in the fact that the bed was still exactly the way she had left it only a year before. The sheets were still in a tangled mess and even though Damon stood only a few feet from her now, it took her every restraint not to run to the bed just too simply inhale the smell of him that she prayed still covered those lush onyx sheets. Everything around her was so familiar and beautiful that it almost hurt to take it all in at once, but in that moment she wouldn't have traded those feelings for anything. Being as close as she was now to what she had wanted for so long was worth any pain she could ever possibly feel and there was no pain great enough to ever keep her from Damon again.

"Here, why don't you put these on? You're all gross from Klaus' torture. We wouldn't want you staining my sheets with all that blood now would we?" Damon asked sarcastically with a smile as Elena turned and found him suddenly standing right beside her. Elena smiled and took the clothes he had from his hand and nodded slowly as she tried to gather herself.

"Yeah, um…I will just go take a shower and then I'll be right back, okay?" She asked and even though she had been in Damon's room more times than she could possibly remember, for some reason that night she found herself incredibly nervous and clumsily tripping over her own words.

"I'm going to get changed too, I'll be here when you get out." He said with a smile. Elena nodded and after a few more moments of shared uncomfortable silence, Elena finally turned and walked over to the bathroom just to the left of where they now stood.

Elena stood under the hot water of Damon's shower for what felt like forever, but she was sure was probably no more than fifteen minutes. She washed her hair and scrubbed the dried blood from her arms as she tried to keep herself steady against the lightheadedness that still plagued her from earlier that evening. Finally, Elena took in one last deep breath and then reached out and turned off the water. Slowly, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a thick white towel around her body as she moved away from the shower and near the large mirror across the bathroom from her. She stared into the mirror at the bruises and cuts that covered her flesh and then looked down at the clothes Damon had given to her, that now lay just at her feet. She took in a ragged breath and then stepped over the clothes and reached for the doorknob.

Elena walked slowly out of the bathroom and into the dimly lit bedroom to find Damon sitting in silence on the edge of his bed in a black T-shirt and pajama pants. When he heard the noise of the bathroom door opening he lifted his head and looked at Elena in slight confusion.

"My taste in clothes can't be that bad, they are just pajamas." He said with a slight grin as he raised one of his thick brows at her. Elena smiled softly and continued walking closer to him. Finally, she stopped just as she reached the front of his knees. She stared down at him and even before she spoke she felt her body begin to shake once again.

"I didn't want to wear pajamas." She said softly as she kept her gaze locked with his. Damon's grin faded and he opened his knees as he ran his tongue quickly over his bottom lip.

"You have to be exhausted." He said in a hushed voice that was suddenly thick with lust as he moved his hands to Elena's hips. Elena swallowed roughly in her throat and shook her head slightly.

"I'm fine." She whispered as she felt her legs shake even harder beneath her. Damon nodded and pulled her body closer to his in a quick and fluid movement.

"I missed you Elena, I thought of you every minute I was away." He whispered as he dropped his head and let it lay heavily on her lower stomach. Elena felt tears begin to well up in her eyes as she nodded and lifted her hands and began running her fingers through his tousled jet black locks.

"I missed you too. God I missed you." Elena whispered as she continued to tangle her fingers in his hair. Slowly, Damon raised his head and immediately his liquid blue eyes locked with her chocolate brown ones. He slowly slid his hand up over the long expanse of her towel covered stomach and stopped just as he reached the hard plate of bone that covered her fragile chest.

"God I missed the feel of your heartbeat. I missed the feeling of it beating against me when I touched you; it almost made me feel like I still had a heart." He whispered as he stared at her. Elena swallowed and felt a tear roll down her face as she slid her fingers out of Damon's hair and cradled his face in her hands.

"You do have a heart Damon, it is just still." She whispered with a smile. Damon stared at her for a moment and then in a slow movement he slipped his fingers down her chest, hooked them in the top of her towel and then slipped it off her body and let it fall to the floor.

Elena's heart beat jumped up even faster as she felt the cool breeze of the midnight air hit her naked flesh as she stood before Damon. It had been over a year since she had been with a man and being so exposed in front of him made her nervous and incredibly self-conscious. She fidgeted slightly, but as she quickly felt him pull her even closer to him, her fears began to slowly melt away.

"You are so beautiful Elena." He whispered as he slid his hand down the center of her body and then stopped just at her lower stomach. He licked his lips and then leaned forward and placed a single kiss just at the dip of her side and then pulled his head slightly away, but let his mouth linger near her hot flesh.

"Please forgive me for leaving you." Damon whispered as he tilted his head up and stared at her with pain flooding his beautiful eyes. Elena smiled and reached down and touched the side of his face.

"There is nothing to forgive." She said softly and that was all it took before words were no longer necessary between them.

Elena stood on shaky footing as Damon's hand slid up and down her bare overheated flesh. He moved his hands from her lower stomach to her collarbone and back up and down her flesh until every part of her had been warmed by his cool, but hypnotizing touch. Slowly, he moved his hands to her hips and pulled her closer to him. He looked up and locked eyes with her and then after a moment closed his eyes and began leaving heated open mouthed kisses on her lower stomach and over the jagged curve of her hip bone where he then began to lick and nibble at her delicate warmed flesh.

"Damon…" Elena moaned as Damon continued to move down Elena's smooth skin. Damon moaned as her voice filled his ears and seemed to coat his senses in pleasure that he had yet to feel in over one hundred and fifty years.

"You taste better than I remembered." He moaned and then dropped his head slightly and returned his gaze to hers. Elena moaned slightly and licked her lips as she watched him, but couldn't seem to find the words necessary to describe how she felt or what she wanted in that moment. All she knew was that she never wanted that moment to end. Slowly, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes and let the pleasure of Damon's touch consume her.

"Look at me Elena." Damon's thick voice commanded as his mouth moved slightly away from her skin. Elena slowly lifted her head and opened her eyes and looked down to where Damon sat before her. His eyes were locked on hers as he leaned down and slowly licked a hot wet line over her clit and rubbed his hand over her lower stomach.

"Damon…" Elena moaned as she tried to swallow in her now painfully dry throat. Damon licked his lips as he stared at her and then removed his other hand from her hip and slowly pushed one of his fingers into her hot wet core and curved his finger inside of her.

"God, I missed how you felt. You are so wet, Elena." He moaned as his mouth crushed down on her clit as he began moving his finger inside of her.

"Oh my God, Damon." Elena moaned as she pushed her body closer to his and watched as his mouth devoured her core and his hands brought her pleasure that no other man ever had or ever would for the rest of her life.

"Does that feel good?" Damon asked as he pulled his mouth away slightly from her overheated skin. Elena nodded and bit down on her bottom lip.

"Yes, God yes." She whimpered as she continued to watch him move his hand inside of her. Damon smirked at her and then slowly thrust another finger inside of her and began massaging the place inside of her that sent electric currents throughout her entire body.

"How about that, how does that feel baby?" He asked as he leaned down and once again licked a hot trail of fire over her swollen trembling clit.

"So good…Damon…don't stop." Elena begged as she felt her world beginning to spin before her. Damon smiled and dipped his head down once again and slowly began to suck on her trembling clit. He twisted his fingers inside of her and pressed his tongue against her flesh and massaged it against her wet clit and only quickened his movement as he heard her begin to scream out his name.

"Damon…please don't stop…Oh my God." She begged as she felt her body begin to shake violently around her. Damon groaned as he felt her nearing her release and reached down and picked up one of her legs and place it next to where he sat and pulled her closer to him once again. He opened his mouth slightly wider and began to move his tongue faster and with an intense need as he listened to her screams fill his bedroom.

"Damon, I'm…" She moaned, but Damon didn't listen, he just moved more intensely as he felt her begin to tighten around him and just as he felt her nearing her edge he stopped his movements and pulled away from her.

"Damon what are you…?" Elena began to ask as she felt the sweat beginning to pour down her face. Damon smiled and raised his fingers to his lips and licked her taste from his skin.

"Come here." He said sternly. Elena nodded and didn't even question his command. She was so close to the pleasure she had been waiting so long for that at that point she would have done anything for her release.

Damon moved back slightly on the bed and Elena climbed onto his lap and wrapped her long legs around his body. She slipped her fingers underneath the smooth cotton material of his T-shirt and then slid her hands up his body and pulled his shirt up and over his head. She stared at Damon for a moment and then trailed her hands from his collarbone down to the long expanse of her perfectly sculpted stomach.

"Make love to me." She whispered as her eyes finally found his once again. Damon nodded and all of his sly comments and condescending grins suddenly disappeared in that moment. He reached down and pulled his pants down slightly and just as he was free from his pants, Elena lifted her hips and then slowly pushed herself down onto him.

"Damon." Elena moaned as she closed her eyes and felt him fill her in the way that she had only been able to dream about for the past year. Damon groaned deep in his throat and then slowly slipped his fingers under her chin and pulled her face closer to his. He kissed her passionately and then pulled slightly away.

"Look at me, Elena." He said once again only this time it was more of a plea than an order. Elena opened her eyes and nodded and locked her gaze with his as she began moving up and down on top of him. At first she moved slowly, but then as each move consumed her more and more she found herself moving faster out of pure desperation.

"Damon." Elena moaned as she began moving faster and her body began to shake even harder.

"Fuck, Elena." Damon groaned as he pulled Elena's body closer to his. Elena moaned once again and leaned down and kissed Damon roughly as she slid her tongue over his and then over his bottom lip.

"Deeper." She whispered with her lips just a few inches from his. Damon grabbed her hips and pulled her as close to his body as he could and then began to lift his hips from the bed and deeper inside of her.

"Oh my God." Elena screamed as she felt him touching the deepest parts of her as she felt her climax begin to once again build.

"Mmm…" Damon moaned as he thrust deeper inside of her once again. Elena groaned and as he pushed inside of her once again, she felt herself completely lose control.

"Damon!" Elena screamed and then her body suddenly fell apart around her. She convulsed around Damon and she began to see stars exploding behind her eyes. The entire room shifted, shook and fell apart as she tightened around him and felt her orgasm move through every single place in her body. Damon groaned and as he felt her tighten around him he suddenly felt himself fall over the edge himself.

"Oh, fuck." He moaned as he pushed harder inside of her once again and then came hard deep inside her.

A few moments later, Elena found herself tangled in Damon's body and breathed in as if she had never breathed before. The smell of his body filled her nostrils while the feel of his now warmed skin over took every sense that she had. Every inch of their flesh was touching and no words had been uttered since he had pulled her body against his, but the look in both of their eyes spoke louder than any words they could have possibly ever imagined. Slowly, Elena reached her hand up and touched Damon's face. She remembered the nights she had spent without him over the past year and the agony she had felt ever morning she had woken up to find that he was still gone. She remembered the emptiness that had filled her every time she had driven past the Boarding House only to find the house still vacant and the driveway still void of his car. She thought of the times before he had left that she had taken for granted and all the pain she had put him through the year that she had flaunted her relationship with his brother even when she knew that deep down Damon loved her. She remembered all of this and as she felt tears rush to her eyes she stared into the bright blue eyes that now seemed to hold her entire world.

"I love you Damon." She whispered as she stared at him. Damon smiled and reached his hand over to her face and brushed a lock of her chocolate brown hair away from her skin and tucked it behind her ear.

"I love you too." He whispered. Elena nodded as her tears slowly began to trail down her face.

"I want to be with you forever." She whispered as she traced her fingers over his sharp jaw line and then down the length of his smooth throat. Damon smiled.

"I'll be here as long as you want me to." He said with a grin. Elena shook her head and held his face close to hers.

"No Damon, you aren't understanding what I am saying." She said slightly louder. Damon tilted his head and looked at her slightly confused.

"OK, clear it up for me then, I am a man, we aren't that bright." He said with a slight laugh as he pulled her closer to him. Elena smiled and then ran one of her fingertips over Damon's bottom lip.

"I am saying I want to be with you forever, Damon. I want to be with you for your forever…not mine." She said as she stared into his eyes. Damon stared at her for a moment and suddenly his joking words and lighthearted expression was gone from his face. Elena wasn't sure by his expression if he was thinking of ways to talk her out of what she was thinking, or ways to speed up the process just in case she decided to change her mind. The only thing she was sure she saw was pure shock and confusion as she stared back at him.

"Damon?" She asked quietly.

Just as Damon's name left Elena's lips she felt his mouth crush against hers. He slid his hands around her face and held her closer to him than he ever had before and kissed her with a passion that she had never imagined could have possibly existed. She found herself lost in his kiss and in the love that she felt pouring from every part of him as he pressed himself against her. The moment was perfect and the silence spoke louder than anything she had ever heard before, but just as she felt herself melting into Damon's touch, she heard the sound that reminded her of the reality that still surrounded her. Just as the silent agreement was made between Damon and Elena, a loud crash ripped through the entire house that seemed to come from the room just down the hall. Elena pulled back slowly from Damon's lips and as she looked at Damon they both realized where exactly that sound had come from. In that moment both Damon and Elena realized that their future was a lot more complicated than either one of them could ever imagine. The crash from down the hall had come from the room of the man they both had assumed was still asleep, but from sound of the crash of his hand through the wall not far from them, he was more than awake now than ever. Elena realized in that moment that no matter what had been agreed upon that night, her life with the Salvatore brother's was only just beginning.

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