Family Chaos Chapter 2

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Inside of a tall blue house in the North Browning reservation of the Blackfeet nation, a middle aged woman was sitting on a bed, tears were leaking from her eyes as she held a old dog-ear photograph, she was marking whimpering sounds.

Her name is Morgan Blackfox, and she has been this way, since the death of her drunk and abusive husband. Not long after, she fell into a depression, before she had a mental breakdown.

After failing to kill herself, she was placed into a Psychiatric hospital and loss her child to the state. A few days ago, she was released and was now living with her mother. A knock on the door sounded, as her mother, Elder Linda Blackfox entered. The 4ft tall elder, was looking at her daughter with her kind dark eyes, her face set in a frown.

Linda gently placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder, "Morgan, you have to come with me, your brothers are here, and they wish to see you," she said. The younger woman sniffled before raising her head to glare at her mother, "How and why can I face this cruel world, when my little Hanata was removed from me, and never returned".

Linda hugged her daughter, "my daughter our little peace wolf will soon return to us, just be brave and come, our family are here to see you".

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