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As usual, Twilight isn't mine…Stephenie Meyer would never do to her characters what I'm about to do to them here.

Before my story begins I must issue a warning. This is an ANGST story. It involves some particularly dark themes *hands everyone a flashlight so they can see their way through* I promise I will post warnings before any chapters that I think warrant them, otherwise…you've all been warned, so without further ado...I give you Whiskeyward.

You're yelling at me again.

It seems like all we do is fight anymore.

I don't want to listen, don't care what you have to say.

I take another swig from the bottle…just to piss you off.

You grab it from my hands and throw it into the wall.

My precious comfort now dripping on the floor.

You knew doing that would make me angry.

You always do something to set me off.

So I react…I scream, I throw things.

I think I even hit you, I can't remember, everything's a blur.

You run away crying.

Soon…everything fades to black.

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