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Z is for Zoo… Reader this is Chapter Four, Chapter Four; Reader

Jane stayed in his position, curled up on the couch with his eyes shut, as he heard Lisbon coming back down the stairs. He stayed in that position whilst she moved around him, tiding up all of the mess they had made. Eventually she sat down lightly on the opposite end of the couch and turned the channel over to some kind of house programme.

"Never had you down as an interior design lover" Jane mumbled against the fabric. He heard her chuckle and decided he should sit up and face her properly

"Never had you down as someone who takes to napping on other people's couches" she retorted and he couldn't help but grin.

"Well, we all do strange things sometimes my dear" he replied, not focussing on the way her pupils dilated at the term of endearment "Is Lissa asleep?"

The reply Lisbon had formed in her head was something along the lines of; yes, she fell asleep very easily once I had read her a story or two. However, what actually came out was; "What are you planning on doing then?"

Jane raised his eyebrow and swallowed his laughter as Lisbon realised the implications of her sentence and got up to get something important from the kitchen "No you don't" he reprimanded and got up to follow her "You are so not running away from that!"

She poured some wine into a glass, drank it and poured two more; giving one to Jane. "You know I didn't mean to say that, right?" She asked, worry crowning her face

"I know, I know" He murmured wondering what she would throw at him if he were to just grab her, kiss her and make violent love to her on the kitchen floor. "But you know that I do so love to make fun of you"

She grinned in spite of herself "Yeah you do" Lisbon rolled her eyes and wondered why he was talking to her, not kissing her.


"I guess. If you totally forget I ever said that." She demanded.

"Forget what?" He winked and she laughed

"Thanks" Lisbon started in the direction of the lounge when his voice stopped her

"Reece?" He questioned, softly "Um, I…er… really enjoyed today" He finished lamely

"You did?" She smiled, placing her glass on the side

"Yeah, um," he took a deep breath "Could I possibly stay here with you tonight?" he asked in a rush. So fast, Lisbon wasn't sure she had heard properly- did her gorgeous consultant actually want to spend the night with her?

"Sure Jane, although Lissa has taken the spare room"

Jane noticed the way she had reverted back to his surname "Thanks Reece, I don't mind the couch" he assured her, hoping desperately that by the end of the evening she wouldn't be so against him sharing her bed.

An hour later and both were half asleep, cuddled up on the couch (although how they got there, Lisbon still wasn't sure)

"Reece?" Jane's voice blew her hair softly

"Yeah?" she answered sleepily, fiddling with one of the buttons on his shirt

"Can I kiss you please?"

Teresa Lisbon was sleepy no longer "What?" She sat up, away from him

"I think you heard me"

"Yeah I did. Why? I mean, why now?"

"because I have spent the entire day with the woman I have been in love with for a year, three months, eight days, twenty three hours and roughly fifty minutes" Jane ignored the surprise on her face "I wanted to be with you today to find out if I really did love you, to see if you could be completely yourself and completely comfortable around me" he held up a hand to silence her "And I was a hundred per cent correct. I do love you Teresa Lisbon, now and forever more."

She swallowed and blinked, "Yes" she whispered.


"Yes you can kiss me"

Jane wound his arm around her waist and pulled her to him slowly until their noses were just touching. He kissed her so gently and lovingly at first, and she kissed him back; loving the taste of Patrick Jane, and how well they fitted together. Jane responded to her kisses with more and more passion, proving his love for her. He ran his tongue along her lips, but she pulled back and placed a hand on his chest, breathing heavily

"What?" he asked with ragged breaths

"Jane, I know where this is going to end up" she smiled shyly

"I can go if you want" Jane offered, detangling his fingers from her hair

"no." she stopped him "you just have to know" Lisbon stroked his cheek gently and looked into his eyes "I love you"

The colour blue that filled his eyes was one unknown to man, so bright and clear it almost brought her to tears. She settled for laughter instead

"Good to know, miss Lisbon" he kissed her cheek, "Because," her nose, "I love," and the corner of her mouth before pulling back slightly "You too" before kissing her with all the love and passion he had before.

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