HalfafanD: Maddie and Jack go out to hunt for ghosts when the see the ghost boy in a tree in the park. And what's even more surprising is what he's doing.

Phantom Melody

Maddie slowly parked the ghost RV into an empty spot by the park. She was glad she was able to convince Jack to let her drive. And by convinceā€¦ she gave him a cookie. They were hunting for ghosts today and the Fenton Finder said that there was a ghost in the park.

"Come on Jack. Let's go catch that ghost." Maddie said, drawing her husband's attention from his plate full of cookies. His smile brightened like a kid on Christmas.

"Yeah! I can't wait to try the Fenton Ghost-Proof Net on him!" Jack shouted in excitement.

The two then stepped out of the RV and entered the park. They then realized that the ghost they were tracking was in the tree up ahead. They crouched down in the bushes so the ghost would see them coming. But it was from that angle that they realized who was in that tree.

On a branch, sat a teenage boy no older than fourteen. He had snow white hair falling slightly over his face witch somewhat covered his emerald green eyes that were closed. He wore a black jumpsuit with white boots and gloves, along with a white collar and belt. And there was a logo on his chest in the shape of a speeding 'D' with a 'P' inside of it. He was known by many names like Inviso-Bill, Ghost Kid, or Ghost Boy. But his real name witch he has been rarely called by others was Danny Phantom.

The two hunters looked at the ghost boy who seemed to not notice their presents. He had a small devise (HFD: It's called an i-Pod Nano) in his hand with a cord that lead up to his ears. And seemed to be saying something, but Jack and Maddie were too far away to hear.

"What do you think he's doing?" Jack asked, whispering.

"I don't know, but he doesn't seem to notice us. Let's get closer." Maddie suggested.

The two made their way toward Phantom until they were practically right next to the tree. And to their surprise, he wasn't talking, but singing. His quiet voice was hard to hear far away, but now it was crystal clear.

"I'm awake, I'm alive

Now I know what I believe inside

Now it's my time

I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life

(Here, right now)

Right here, right now

Stand my ground and never back down

I know what I believe inside

I'm awake, and I'm alive."

Maddie and Jack were awe struck. They had never seen a ghost sing, let alone Phantom. And he was a great singer too. The two looked at each other, wondering what to do next. Maddie then had enough as she took a deep breath.

"Hey Phantom!" That caught his attention. He suddenly jumped up at the sudden sound, causing him to fall out of the tree and flat on his back. He then looked up to see the Fentons, losing all color to his face.

"Wha-What are you doing here?" He asked, stuttering.

The two ghost hunters looked at each other for a second before Maddie spoke up. "We could ask you the same thing. Why were you singing up there?"

"I, I wasn't singing." Phantom replied, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

Maddie gave 'a look'. She knew Phantom was lying. But what bothered her was why he would lie about something silly as him singing. He even seemed nervous about it. But ghosts don't have emotionsā€¦ do they?

"Okay, okay, I was singing. Just don't give me the 'look'." Phantom admitted. Maddie was a bit surprised by his reaction. She would always give the 'look' to her son whenever he was in trouble. How did Phantom know about the 'look'?

"Why?" Jack asked.

"It's what I do on my free time. Sometimes I fly around the town, or maybe relax in the tree for a few minutes. Sometimes when no one's around, I play a bit on the playground." The ghostly teen replied. Maddie and Jack were stunned. From the way Phantom sounded, he was like a regular teenager. He liked to play. Not terrorize play like other ghosts, but innocent play.

"That's what you do when you're not terrorizing?" Maddie asked.

"Would you guys stop saying that," Phantom snapped. "I'm sick and tired of you thinking I'm evil. All I do is catch the ghost in the thermos, then go about my normal business. I'm not even doing anything and you still think I'm terrorizing." Mattie was lost for words, wishing that she took back what she said. She took a closer look at Phantom. Now that she was close enough, she could see the dark circles forming under his eyes. His body was somewhat slumped as if ready to fall over. His hair was even messier than usual.

"Sorry, what song was that?" Maddie asked slowly, making sure she said the right words.

"Awake and Alive by Skillet." He answered.

"You like Skillet?" Jack asked. That's weird, Jack thought. My son likes the same band.

"Yeah, especially their song, Hero. They're a really good band." Maddie smiled at the ghost boy's mood. He was now acting like a kid who just met a movie star. Take away the glow and the jumpsuit and he could pose as a real teenager. She turned her eyes to the ground, upon realizing an object on the ground. She then picked it up. It was a white i-Pod Nano with a black button set. On the back was his emblem in a bold black color. Quickly, she handed it to Phantom.

"Here, you dropped this." Phantom retrieved the Nano from her hand. He wound up the ear phones around in and placed it in his pocket (HFD: That's what I do with my Nano when I'm not using it).

"Tanks. I don't know what I would've done if I lost it."

"Hold on ghost. How did you get a Nano like that? They're not sold in stores like that. And if they were, it would cost a lot of money to get it." Jack asked suspiciously.

"Well, my birthday was a few weeks ago (HFD: I don't know his birthday. But I know it's in august by fact), and my friend who happens to be rich thought I should get something special. So she ordered a Nano to be custom made. I told her she didn't have to do it, but she insisted."

"Is she human? Cause I doubt a ghost could have money." Jack asked again.

"Yes, she is. I wanted to get her something special as well to show my thanks, but she said she would suck me into the Fenton Thermos if I did." Maddie was able to hold back a snicker. Phantom's friend seemed to be compassionate but tough as well.

"I never knew a ghost can have human friends." Maddie said.

"Well, not all ghosts are evil, you know." Phantom noted.

"Would you please tell us more?" Jack asked eagerly. Phantom smiled and explained everything he knew about ghosts. The two hunters were amazed by his knowledge. They were even thinking that Phantom could be their ally. But one thing was for sure: life was going to be great from now on.

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